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Autumn Term news

Welcome to Mrs Durkin and Mrs Moore's Class of 2015/16 !

NEW VALUE OF THE MONTH (December): Resilience

The 'Christmas Countdown' has begun......

Week commencing 14th December 2015

Here are some key dates and useful information for the final week:

Tuesday 15th December - Year 5/6 Party Day. Children may wear their own clothes and bring in the food item that they were allocated please.

Wednesday 16th December - Inter-house Times Table Challenge Heats - a.m.

D.T. Catapult design/build - p.m.

Thursday 17th December - Treat p.m. Children may wear their own clothes and can bring in a toy/game to play with. Please don't bring in expensive, electronic items.

Friday 18th December - Christmas Jumper Day!

SPACE themed homework - a huge thank you and well done to Class 4 for creating some stunning pieces of homework. The standard, variety and quality of these pieces is most definitely 'out of this world'! A selection of the projects will feature on a display in our classroom.


Week commencing 7th December 2015

The Christmas festivities have well and truly begun... Today, we were lucky enough to watch the KS1/Foundation nativities and now we are certainly in the Christmas mood! In Numeracy this week, we finish off our unit on 'Calculating: Addition and Subtraction', with a focus on solving multi-step problems involving addition and/or subtraction.

Next week, we have a whole school 'times table' challenge week so get practising those tables in preparation...

Over the final two weeks in our Literacy lessons, we will study elements of poetry. Our main objectives will be: to be able to interpret a poem, to be able to find/create rhyming couplets and to compose our own poetry.

On Friday 11th December, the children have an R.E. day and will be considering 'Peace at Christmas'.

Don't forget the dealine for the Science homework is Monday 14th December - we can't wait to see what you have produced for our display!

Request: For our Party Day on Tuesday 15th December, please could children bring in a cardboard tube to enable us to create some Christmas crackers - a kitchen towel tube would be ideal - thank you. Also, thanks so much for all of the kind donations to our class Christmas 'Pamper Hamper' - it will make a fantastic prize!

Week commencing 30th November 2015

Please note - Literacy homework is only spelling practise this week due to the additional piece of 'Space' homework that you are working on! Next Literacy homework will be given on Weds 9th Dec.

This week: Mrs Durkin (Mon, Tues, Weds and Fri) Mrs Moore (Thurs)

The theme for our class hamper this year is: PAMPER! We are thrilled with the donations that we have received so far, please keep these coming in - our Pamper Hamper will make a super prize!

Well Class 4, you are working so hard and impressing us both with your positive attitudes and behaviour - we have  ALMOST completed our first class treat square and this means a treat afternoon is not far away...YOU CAN DO IT!

In Literacy this week, we continue with our focus on 'biographies', with the children researching a particular person and writing their own biography using an APP on the ipads.

In Numeracy, we will apply our understanding of written methods of addition/subtraction to multi-step word problems. As always, Mathletics homework will be set on a Tuesday and I will be increasing the levels of difficulty as we move towards Christmas.

The children have embraced our Space themed topic and some of the homework pieces have already arrived in class - you have until Monday 14th December to complete your task! Today, a moon diary has been sent home. It would be great if everyone could observe the moon over this coming month - is it waxing or waning?!

Date for the diary: Year 5/6 Christmas Party - Tuesday 16th December.

Week commencing 23rd November 2015:

This week: Mrs Durkin (Mon, Tues, Weds and Fri) Mrs Moore (Thurs)

We have a relatively straightforward week ahead of us... if we face a challenge along the way, we will say...'I'm not quite there... YET!!!

Numeracy: We will be revisiting written methods for addition/subtraction, with an aim to deepen the children's understanding through problem solving activities.

Literacy: We continue to focus on writing biographies - using time connectives to open and link paragraphs.

Science: Already today, we have answered the question: Does the sun move across the sky? Maybe your child could explain their answer to you?!! We have also learnt about how the Earth's rotation is linked to night and day.

We have set an extended homework challenge linked to the Earth, Moon and Sun - the deadline for this project is Monday 14th December. All is explained on the sheet given out today - we can't wait to see what the children produce as they were raring to go!

Topic: This week's lesson will cover the origins of democracy and living in a democratic society.

Art: We begin to study the astist William Morris....we look forward to seeing some fabulous designs from our class later in the term. If the Greek vase sketches are anything to go by, the William Morris style art will blow us away!!

Week commencing 16th November 2015:

As it is Anti-Bullying week this week, the children will learn more surrounding this topic through assemblies, P.S.H.E. lessons in class and will also watch a performance linked to Anti-Bullying on Friday 20th November.

During our Literacy sessions this week, we are continuing to focus on non-fiction, chronological writing, in the form of 'biographies and autobiographies'. We will study key features and note the differences between the two, building up towards the children writing pieces of their own in the following week.

Our focus in Numeracy has moved onto- 'Mental strategies for addition and subtraction' written workings allowed! We will cover methods such as: counting up to the next muliple of 10, 100, 1,000 for finding differences and using doubling/halving as strategies to aid mental calculations.

Our Ancient Greek theme continues into our Art sessions, where we study the history of Greek pottery and try sketching some Greek vases of our own!

Week commencing 9th November 2015

Don't's 'Children in Need' day this Friday 13th November!

Children may wear their own clothes, Pudsey accessories or even come dressed as their favourite superhero to support this worthy cause.

Thank you to all the parents who came to Parents' Evening this week and for your understanding when we fell behind schedule at times.

More information concerning week commencing 16th November will follow shortly.

Welcome back to the Autumn Term- Part 2!

We hope everyone had a great half term break and feels ready for the learning in the lead up to Christmas - there's lots to look forward to and we know you're up for the challenge!

On Thursday, we have the JGA firework night - many have bought tickets for this event and we hope you have an enjoyable evening. This Friday 6th November, Years 5 and 6 are off to the theatre to watch the performance, 'The Groovy Greeks'. We can't wait to learn even more about Ancient Greece.

During our Literacy sessions this week, we have been studying the features of recount texts. Hopefully, our trip out on Friday will provide us with inspiration to write up accurate, detailed recounts of our own.

Next week, we have our Parents' Evening sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

On Tuesday, we also have an R.E. day where we spend some time considering 'inspirational people' and what/who inspires us. Our science focus for this half term is 'Earth, moon and sun'...  we can't wait to get learning!

Image result for earth moon and sun



You are awesome!

What a brilliant end to a brilliant half term!

What an assembly!

Year 5 are epiccccccccc!

Half Term Homework WB 26TH October 2015: Please note that there will be NO homework-Spellings/ Sentences or Matheletics set during half term....Have a rest and keep up with your reading and HAVE FUN!!

What an amazing final week Class 4! Your myths are incredible. We will select a few to show Miss Law. No doubt, she will be very impressed. Your maths has been challenging, in places, but remember...When you're stuck it means that you're ready to learn! We have absolutely loved this half term with you. You are an awesome class who are a pleasure to teach....Keep this up!

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Have a wonderful break with your family

Mrs Durkin and Mrs Moore x

Autumn 1 Week 8

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Week Beginning 19th October 2015

Class 4, another GREAT learning week! You have learned all about roman numerals and how to make up different numbers and then you have applied that knowledge to solve different problems.

Image result for roman numerals

We just need to remember to be sensible when we are swapping over for maths as sometimes we become slightly distracted.

Image result for distracted

In literacy you have been looking at the key features of a mythical story….What are the key features? What makes a great myth? What is a myth? What has been your favourite myth so far? I have particularly liked Daedalus and Icarus…A tragic myth! Your questions were very emotive and this enabled your understanding of the character to increase. You have completed your own myth story maps so next week it’s all about the story! Yes, Class 4 you will be writing your own myths! We can’t wait! Your plans are good but follow the next steps in order to inform your story. You all enjoyed Science and the discussions that you had with Mrs Durkin and Mr Brownley.

Some reminders for next week:

  1. Black clothes for assembly on Monday please

  2. Literacy homework for Wednesday, please

  3. Parent Consultation Appointment Time request slips….Back ASAP-Parent consultations will be with both Mrs Durkin and Mrs Moore. We will be feeding back key points from Mr Brownley, if your child is in his Maths Group


  5. Image result for speak clearly

Here's your preeview for next week:

 Monday: Mrs Durkin -Numeracy/Drama

Tuesday: Mrs Durkin-Music/ICT/Science

Wednesday: RETURN HOMEWORK-Mrs Moore - Topic...Catapults!


Friday: Mrs Durkin-Year 5 Assembly

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember.........

Mrs Durkin and Mrs Moore

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Week Beginning 12th October 2015

Well Class 4, yet another great learning week! You worked really hard on your Literacy skills and definitely know how to avoid repetition in your writing by using pronouns. Your Numeracy skills are also continuing to improve and hopefully your knowledge and understanding of the number system is increasing. Next week promises to be just as great. Here's your preview:

 Monday: Mrs Durkin -Numeracy/Drama/Harvest Festival

Tuesday: Mrs Durkin-Music/ICT/Science

Wednesday: RETURN HOMEWORK-Mrs Moore - Topic...Catapults!

Thursday:Mrs Moore - Outdoor PE Remember a plastic bag for your muddy trainers/French/PSHE/GUIDED READING GROUPS/SPELLINGS

Friday: Mrs Durkin-ART

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Keep up your brilliant attitude to your learning Class 4!

Mrs Durkin & Mrs Moore


Week Beginning 5th October 2015

Class 4, what another brilliant learning week you have had! You absolutely loved finding out about battles during ancient Greek times, as well as, the average life spans of different animals in Science. Furthermore, your sentences that included embedded clauses were excellent and your understanding of the number system is definitely improving. Well done to ALL of you for completing your homework (on time) and for learning your spellings. Keep this up!

Next week promises to  be BRILLIANT too! Here's your preview:

Image result for camera

Monday: Mrs Durkin -Science...Changes /Special Mentions/SCHOOL PHOTOS-Individual...SMILE! Say CHEESE!

Tuesday: Mrs Durkin-Music/ICT

Wednesday: RETURN HOMEWORK-Mrs Moore - Topic...The Marathon

Thursday:Mrs Moore - Outdoor PE Remember a plastic bag for your muddy trainers/French/PSHE/GUIDED READING GROUPS/SPELLINGS

Friday: Mrs Durkin-ART/BIG WRITE

Literacy Focus: Nouns, Pronouns and Proper Nouns 

Numeracy Focus: The Number System (Muliples/Square numbers)

Image result for be the best

Image result for be the best

Have a lovely rest, this weekend. We'll see you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday.

Mrs Durkin & Mrs Moore




Week Beginning 28th September 2015

Homework Solution

Image result for homework

Remember...It states circle the auxiliary verbs...It does not state that every sentence contains an auxiliary verb...EASY TIP:Remember an auxiliary verb is a link verb (or helping) and always 'links' with another verb:

Auxiliary verb in bold font

am waiting for the bus.

The letter was written in green ink.

Everyone has gone home.

did not take your calculator.

Image result for amazing

What another amazing week! You are all focussed and engaged in your learning. We are definitely taking your learning to the next challenge; learning all about auxiliary and root verbs. Your understanding is deepening by the day and the tasks are really making you think hard. In Numeracy, you have been learning all about column addition and using decimal numbers. Science has been great and you loved the investigation finding out about the relationship between your head length and body leangth...What was the ratio? History was very intersting, finding out all about why and how the Greek Empire grew. Who was Alexander The Great? You really enjoyed completing the timeline. Furthermore, your Christmas cards are EXCELLENT! The best we've seen.

Image result for homework


It was slightly disappointing that some children did not return their homework book on Wednesday. Remember your homework must be returned every Wednesday. If you're unsure about something always ask. Don't forget your Matheletics is set every Tuesday.

Another busy but 4 day school week this week...Here's your preview:

Monday: Mrs Durkin -Science /Special Mentions

Tuesday: Mrs Durkin-Music/ICT

Wednesday: RETURN HOMEWORK-Mrs Moore - Topic...The Greek Fighters

Thursday:Mrs Moore - Outdoor PE Remember a plastic bag for your muddy trainers/French/PSHE/GUIDED READING GROUPS/SPELLINGS

Friday: INSET DAY-School Closed

Literacy Focus:Embedded Clauses...And we don't mean Santa!

Numeracy Focus: Multiples and Factors

Have a wonderful weekend. Play well and sleep well.

Enjoy the rugby (if you're following the World Cup)!

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Mrs Durkin and Mrs Moore





Did You See Owley?

Image result for owl cartoon

Wow! Class 4! What another BRILLIANT week. We continue to be amazed at your respectful attitude and eagerness to learn. Keep it up as you are definitely proving to be the best. Your literacy learning, this week, was very impressive. The sentences you produced were so descriptive (you're even learning about different types of adjectives from intensifiers and cohesive devices ~ they may be known as connectives!).

6, Year 5's, even shared their brilliant writing with Miss Law!

Image result for great writers poster school

Again, Numeracy groups have been working hard on decomposition when using column subtraction and problem solving. Keep it up! Our topic has been very good...Can you name a human and physical feature of Ancient Greece? What about modern Greece?

Image result for ancient greece cartoon

You are enjoying Science and the human life cycle. You were all beautiful babies arhhhhhhh..Next week it's all about childhood.The stage you are at RIGHT NOW!

Image result for the human lifecycle

We hope you've started your homework and you shared the letter of explanation with your parents. Any worries please see us. It should be enjoyable, with low stress and high challenge.

Image result for homework

Next Week's Focus

Literacy: Tenses: PAST/PRESNT/FUTURE

Numeracy: Addition

Monday: Mrs Durkin -Science /Special Mentions

Tuesday: Mrs Durkin-Music/ICT

Wednesday: RETURN HOMEWORK-Mrs Moore - Topic...Who Were The Ancient Greeks?

Thursday:Mrs Moore - Outdoor PE Remember a plastic bag for your muddy trainers/French/PSHE/GUIDED READING GROUPS/SPELLINGS

Friday: Mrs Durkin-Indoor PE/Assembly

Have a lovely weekend...Play well and sleep well.

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Mrs Durkin and Mrs Moore

Week Beginning 14th September 2015

Who is our new Class Mascot?

Image result for cartoon owl

Why did we choose this?

Literacy Focus: Accurate Sentence Structure

Numeracy Focus:Place Value

What an amazing first full week in Class 4! You are being the best! Listening and learning brilliantly! We are soooooo impressed. Keep this up Class 4!

Image result for hugo book

We have really enjoyed reading your responses to our novel, Hugo. It's so mysterious! Why is the note book so important to him? Also, your sentence structure is improving. You now need to proof read and edit your written work on completion. Is it the best it can be?

Both Maths groups have been working hard on their place value understanding...We will deepen your understanding, further, next week.

Science has been brilliant...You are loving learning all about the human life cycle...Don't forget your Baby Photo this Monday! Are you enjoying The Ancient Greeks? What about the artefacts?

Homework will start this week:

Tuesday: Maths - Mathletics- Set on a Tuesday to be finished by the following Monday-Any queries please see Mrs Durkin.

Wednesday: Literacy - Spellings/Sentences sent home on a Thursday to be handed back to Mrs Moore the following Wednesday.Any queries please see Mrs Moore.

Image result for HOMEWORK

It was lovely meeting and seeing so many parents at Meet and Greet :-) Please find a copy of our Curriculum Map attached. Here's Your Preview for next week:

Monday: Mrs Durkin -Science BABY PHOTO/Special Mentions

Tuesday: Mrs Durkin-Music/ICT

Wednesday: Mrs Moore - Topic...Where is Greece?

Thursday:Mrs Moore - Outdoor PE Remember a plastic bag for your muddy trainers/French/PSHE

Friday: Mrs Durkin-Indoor PE/Assembly

Remember to ask your parents to sign the Home School agreement in your planners and ensure that your parents sign your planner (week by week).

Read well this weekend and rest well too!

Continue to:

Image result for BE THE BEST

Mrs Durkin and Mrs Moore

Week Beginning: 6th September 2015

Image result for back to school

Welcome back! You're all officially now Year 5s! Woo Hoo! It's so exciting being in a brand new Year Group! And 2 brand new children...Welcome to Tom J and Millie!

We hope you are enjoying Year 5 so far and the great news is....It's going to get even better! Who is our new School Council Representative? Who are our House Vice Captains?

Image result for house vice captain

Image result for school council


We have been very impressed with the start you have made. You are all listening well and making very valuable comments during our class discussions. Keep this up!

Image result for animated listener

Our first, full week, is going to be very busy and very exciting....Here's your preview:

You will continue to have Literacy and Numeracy lessons on a daily basis and Guided Reading every fortnight. Don't forget your planners everyday.

Literacy Focus: Sentence Structure

Numeracy Focus: Place Value

Monday: Mrs Durkin -Science/Special Mentions

Tuesday: Mrs Durkin-Music/ICT

Wednesday: Mrs Moore - Topic...Who were the Ancient Greeks?

Thursday:Mrs Moore - Outdoor PE/French/PSHE

Friday: Mrs Durkin-Indoor PE/Assembly

Image result for ancient greeks

Polite Reminder for parents...

FRIDAY 11TH SEPTEMBER 2015 - Meet and Greet at 2.45pm in Class 4-This is a great opportunity for your parents/carers to come and meet us and to find out about what we expect, from you, in Year 5 as well as information about routines and our Year 5 Curriculum.

As the next few weeks progress, there will be more useful information added onto our web page from Curriculum Maps, spellings and Diary Dates...So don't forget to check our webpage during each weekend. We will be updating it every Friday.

Let's Be The Best!

Image result for be the best

Mrs Durkin and Mrs Moore

Hi Parents/Carers

Any queries/concerns please pop in and see us or leave a message in your child's planner or alternatively contact us via our e-mail addresses: