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Autumn Term News


Well we are nearly at the end of term! What an exciting last couple of weeks we have had. Trip to Lakeside last week and a great party to end this week.

Monday is going to be RE most of the day. You will be finding out why light is such an important symbol for Christians. There will be singing and also the Hamper Draw assembly.

Tuesday you can bring something to play with. NO ELECTRONIC TOYS. It needs to be something that you are willing to play and share with others. Board games are always good. I like Twister! 

Have a great 2 days. I will pop in and out as I don't want to miss all the fun!

Mrs T x

SWIMMING 15TH DECEMBER- Group in deep end need to bring clothes to swim in- no pyjamas or denim!


I hope you have had a great weekend. I feel very Christmassy now. The Thompson tree went up today and it is beautiful to look as I sit here! This week at school becomes very festive too. 

Tomorrow you will see the Christmas nativity and go through the songs for the Church Service on Thursday. Christmas post box collection starts tomorrow too. 

In Literacy this week, we will be writing our own non chronological report about a prehistoric animal. In Numeracy we are having Times Tables Week in KS2. As Year 3 we must know our 2, 3 4 5 8 10 times tables. If you know them 'fluently and instantaneously' you can try the others! We need to finish off our Modigliani portraits this week in topic.

Don't forget the Christmas Church service on Thursday at 6.30pm. It would be great to see you there. 

Our week ends with our Christmas Party! You have all been given a 'type' of food to bring in, enough for 6 children. We will be in class in the morning, making stuff and in the afternoon we will be partying with the rest of Year 3 and 4 before eating lots of food.




Yay!! Back to school tomorrow! I haven't see you for a whole week! I think I need to pop in tomorrow to say hello as I have missed you! You won't notice, but a lot of work has been done in school the last few days. This means that we can make sure that the end of term can be continued. Some things have changed, like the YEAR 3 ASSEMBLY. It is now on Friday January 13th . That means a lot of time to learn the words of the Stone Age song!

Learning is going to be 'normal' this week. 

Topic; Drawing portraits in the style of Mogaldini.

Literacy- getting stuck into the language of non chronological reports.

Maths- Continued work on addition. We need to be 'experts' at using the expanded method. There are practice questions in Autumn Resources if you would like to have a go.

Have e a fab day tomorrow. 

Mrs T


Year 3 Assembly is postponed. We will rearrange and let you know of new times when decided!

Work for Year 3;

MATHS Booklet- SEE ATTACHMENT IN YEAR 3/4 RESOURCES- YEAR 3 ADDITION             Upto page 15. You do NOT have to print the pages off, work from the screen but show working out on a piece of paper. Get someone at home to check your answers or bring it in to show us.


Follow the link above. There are lots of Christmas adverts to choose from. Choose your favourite and write the story it tells. We challenge you to use; adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions. Use the attachment YEAR 3 conjunctions-adverbs-and-prepositions-word-mat  in Year 3/4 resources to help you.  See if you can improve your writing by  using   to improve your vocabulary. We would love to share them in class, so bring them in to read out aloud. 

We hope to see all of you very soon!

Love Miss Barratt and Mrs Thompson




RECENT ATTACHMENTS  in Y3/4 Autumn Resources;

YEAR 3 EXTRA MATHS - SHAPE. Only Lines/2D Shapes/3D Shapes. We have NOT covered Position.

YEAR 3 GRAMMAR word mat. Please encourage your child to use these conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions when writing. 


Hope you extra long weekend is going well. Teachers were in school yesterday and we have come up with a fabulous topic for next term... even Lionel Messi would be impressed ;)

Next week- ASSEMBLY!! Practice on Monday afternoon so we know where we are standing and what order things are happening in! 

Literacy- we are focusing on you writing your own story showing off all the writers skills you have learnt in Year 3. You will be planning, creating editing and improving your story without us telling you what to do!

Numeracy- Further practice with addition. Make sure you are fluent with number bonds to 20 i.e. 16+ 3=. This really helps with written methods.

Topic- Art. Finishing off portraits and having a go at drawing different expressions. 

Have a good weekend all

Mrs T



Hope you had a fab day on Friday being spotty with Mrs Hazelden! I bet Leila's brownies were beautifully tasty! A big THANK YOU for making the effort to raise even more money. I watched bits of the TV programme last night and it truly makes you realise how lucky we are! 

Next week's learning;

Numeracy; Addition and subtraction mental and written calculations. Keep on top of counting in 4's and 8's. If you feel comfortable with those try your 3's and 6's! We are aiming for instant recall!

Literacy; Writing our alternative ending for Lost Happy Endings. The Endings WILL be returned. The witch WILL be punished. But HOW is entirely up to you. We are focusing on sentence structures- adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions as well as fabulous adjectives and Verbs to describe what is going on.

Topic; We have finished our HISTORY topic! Awww! I really enjoyed teaching it and I think you got a lot from it. It was amazing how Early Man managed to survive and even more awe inspiring, the things that have been left behind and discovered by archaeologists! Cheddar Man! Stonehenge!

We are moving onto Art and sketching. We are sketching portraits before we go onto study the portraits of a particular artist.

You have all been given a line for the Year 3 assembly. Please learn them off by heart!

We will start practising this week. The other thing I would like you to look at if you have time is the Horrible Histories song - follow the link below. We do NOT need to know it by heart!

Next week I will NOT be teaching on Thursday morning. I have to go to a meeting at a place called Ollerton, which is in North Nottinghamshire. Mr Keating will be taking you swimming and doing spelling test.

I will pop in on Monday to see you and get stories of your Spotty photos. Enjoy the weekend. 

Mrs T x


13.11.16      Another busy week coming up.

Numeracy- continue to look at properties of shapes, but now 3D!

Literacy- We will be using the writing style of Carol Ann Duffy- beautifully descriptive language, to write an alternative ending. Will the witch get what she deserves? Will the Happy Endings be returned?

Topic- So after building Stonehenge from Lego, wooden blocks and biscuits, we are investigating levers and pulleys. Early man must have used such mechanisms to get the stones in the positions they are now, especially the horizontal stones. A whole day of investigating and making on Tuesday!

The week is a bit different this week. We will have some student teachers working with us in the mornings. Also Friday is Children In Need. You will need to be spotted wearing something Spotty. Unfortunately I am not here, I am at a conference with Mrs Moore. I know that you will have a super day!

This week I will also be giving you the 'script'  for our Year 3 assembly. Lots of you want speaking parts so I have to get writing now! You will have to learn the lines by heart!

Assembly is on Friday 2nd December at 9.15am. Letter will be going out to parents sometime this week. 

See you tomorrow

Mrs T



Some of you had very busy half term holidays from what I have been told- visiting Cresswell Craggs or going to London to see Mary Anning's Fossil collection and Cheddar Man! How exciting is that!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Bonfire Night last night! We have had Halloween, Bonfire Night and the next big celebration is...CHRISTMAS!!

Before then we have a few weeks to finish off our Stone Age Topic. We will be  finding out about Stonehenge- who put it there? Why/ HOW!? 

In Literacy we are continuing with our Lost Happy Endings story- Carol Ann Duffy uses fantastic language to describe and great sentence structures and we will continue to use these as our model.

Maths- after a fab week of identifying parallel and perpendicular lines and making an ibook about them, we are moving onto looking at properties of different shapes. 

Well done everyone on keeping on top of your homework. 4th piece is due this coming Friday 11th, some of you have already done it!

I am looking forward to seeing your parents either on Monday or Tuesday. It will be great to share with them what a fab start you have had to year 3.

See you tomorrow

Mrs T

Don't forget to learn your 4's and 8's times tables- no mathletics this week!




Look who is coming to visit this week!

Thursday at 9.15 we will have an assembly with the author Alan McDonald and then at 2 pm Year 3 are having a workshop, learning how to draw dirty Bertie and write a Dirt Bertie story! 


Literacy- Mary Anning biographies are well underway. We will be continuing them next week and improving them. Instead a list of facts, we need to make her story more interesting by adding details. How big was the rock she found that had the famous fossil? How long did it take to reveal? How did she do it?

Maths- Last few days of  counting in 4s and 8s and solving problems- If there are 36 children, how many groups of 4 will there be?

Topic- We will finish our facts about different prehistoric sites. It is amazing thing to think that people were living at Cresswell Crags in the last ice age between around 43,000 and 10,000 years ago!! And how amazing was Cheddar Man! A skeleton of a man who lived 9000 years ago!! I can't wait for Charlie to report back from his visit to Cresswell Crags in the holidays.

Homework is due in this Friday, which marks the end of your first half term as year 3!

Remember to keep reading and learn spellings. We will be going to an assembly this week in our spelling slot before swimming. We will have to find an alternative time to do spelling test. 

Mrs T


Mary Anning

The class have requested the link to the video and information we used today to learn about Mary Anning!


Class 8 are certainly getting into the idea of Creative Homework. Look what I got! And there was a video to go with it. This is just an example of the brilliant homework I have received this week. I am sooo impressed Class 8. Long may it continue!

Literacy- Class 8 have been getting to know Mary Anning, I bet they can tell you lots about her.We are writing her biography next week so it would be good practice to tell someone all you know.

Numeracy- We are continuing with counting multiples of 2 3 4 8 50 and 100. We need to be fluent and also recognise if a number is a multiple or not. We will be using them for reasoning and problem solving.

Topic- Were there Stone Age people in the UK? Did any live near us?

Science- continuing withe experimenting with rocks.

REMEMBER- brush your hair extra carefully on Monday, it's photos.

Continue to read and learn spelling please.

See you next week

Mrs T



Hope you had a fun weekend.

Highlights for this week;

Maths- counting in 4s 8s 50s and 100s. We need to know our 2, 4,, 5 and 10 times tables. Get learning!

Literacy- after a fantastic alternative version of Stone Age Boy, which you edited really well, we are moving onto biography's. A really interesting woman who 'liked' fossils! Intriguing!

Topic- A week off topic to make Christmas Cards!? Yup...its nearly Christmas.

Science- More fossils/rocks

Remember next Literacy homework due in this week..Friday 7th October.

I am in a meeting at West Bridgford School on WEDNESDAY morning so you will have Mr Keating. See you after music on Wednesday afternoon!

Mrs T x



I hope those of you who were at the mini marathon enjoyed it and are proud of yourselves! Bring in your medal so you can share it tomorrow!

After a particular hectic week last week :) we get back onto our normal routine.

In numeracy we are making sure you really understand place value through investigations. Place value is VERY important as it is a part of many maths topics like fractions and addition.

Literacy -you will start to write the story you have planned. Your character wakes up in the stone age after falling out of bed, bumping his head and lots of other great ideas!

Science- more fun with rocks with Mrs Hazelden.

History- How do we know about the Stone Age when it was so long ago. We found out this week just HOW long ago was the stone age. So if there was no books, writing, computers etc how do we know so much about life at that time? Any guesses.

Spellings were fab on Thursday- keep learning. 

Well done on handing in your first homework. Some brilliantly creative minds in Class 8. Don't forget Mathletics homework too. I check on Wednesdays to see if you have done it!

Have a lovely Monday and Tuesday and I will see you on Wednesday Class 8

Mrs T X

A fab first week of running Class 8 normal timetable! We are beginning to get used to the routine of being in class 8.

Exciting things included going swimming for the first time. Behaviour walking to the pool and while we were there was brill. Lots of good safe listening. The instructors put you into groups based on a quick assessment, these can change as they you become more confident and stroke technique improves. Thank you to parents who helped.

Homework- you have you a literacy sheet with 9 Literacy homework tasks. (Y3/4 Aut Resources). Pick 3 you DON'T want to do and then hand one in every other Friday. Dates are on the sheet. Remember I am looking for creativity, presentation and going that extra mile.

Maths homework is MATHLETICS. Your password is stuck in your planner. If you have an IPad you can download the App. You have 2 place value tasks to complete by Tuesday.

Spelling- You have a new spelling list stuck in your planner. Please learn, use whatever strategy that suits you- write them, talk them, sing them! Test with partner will be on Thursday.

NEXT WEEK-Literacy- After looking at characters in STONE AGE BOY, this week we will start writing our own versions.

Maths- More place value. We are focusing on knowing value of each digit and partitioning. We are also working on being fast and fluent with number bonds and adding 10 more/less to a number

Science- making rocks from chocolate- FUN!

Topic- After watching FLINTSTONES and discussing how it is not an accurate picture of the stone age, we are going on to discovering exactly how long ago was the Stone Age.

Lots and lots to do next week!

See you tomorrow

Mrs T


What a fab first week! You have really taken to being 'Year 3' and the expectations we have with handwriting and presentation. You have created some brilliant art work inspired by Seurat and pointillism as well as the poem 'Daffdowndilly' by A.A.Milne. We have created Dotty Daffs! I will put them on display as soon as I can they are so marvellous.

Next Week;

Meet and Greet at 2.30pm. Looking forward to meeting your parents but don't worry if they can't come as everything will be on this webpage or Y3/4 Autumn Resource on the right side of this page.

Literacy- Stone Age boy. We will be looking at characters and their feelings.

Maths- Place value. We are focusing on reading and writing numbers in words and figures and ordering and comparing numbers. Remember to keep your skills sharp with Y2 maths- knowing your number bonds to 10/20/100 as it will be VERY useful.

Science - with Mrs Hazelden. Topic is Rocks and Soil

Topic- Yabbadabbadoo! Meet the Flintstones!

Swimming on Thursday. Thank you to all parent that volunteered to accompany us. We will need 2 each week. I will let you know the rota on Monday.

I will pop in and say Hello on Monday morning and see your parents at 2.30pm!

Have a brilliant weekend.

Mrs T



UPDATE; SCHOOL SWIMMING BOOKLET with info in  3/4 Aut resources. It provides further info and clarification.

Hope you have had a fantastic summer, lots of playing and doing and enjoying being out in the sun.

We will be lining up outside the DT room tomorrow on the playground as we don't have an outside door. It is a Mrs Hazelden day tomorrow but I will come and say 'hello' too.

Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing you!

Mrs T X