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Autumn Term News


We have had great fun this week practicing our Reindeer dance! We can't wait to show you it next week. We have done lots of rehearsing. I was very impressed with all the stories the class wrote about Buster the dog. 

In Maths we did some general maths practice to see what we have remembered so far and again I have been impressed.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Christmas Fayre tonight.

SPELLINGS : We haven't given spellings out this week as we have been busy with the  Christmas play. We will return to sending them home in the New Year.


What a different week this is! We are missing you all! Fingers crossed we will see you soon! Here are a few things that we hope you will enjoy doing at home:

Maths: This week we are trying to tell the time. In class we recapped making O'clock and half past times. Have a go at making quarter past and quarter to times. If you can do quarters, move on to using 5 past and to the hour. We have put on a powerpoint in the attachments at the end of the page, and there's games for you to play on the link below.

English: We watched the John Lewis 'Buster the Boxer' advert and planned a story based on what the characters are feeling. Can you retell the story verbally, to an adult, using suffix words?  Remember, you are Buster the dog! E.g. 'I sat calmly beside the bed and watched Sarah jumping excitedly! It was nearly Christmas day! When she fell asleep, I quietly stared out the window and saw a fox sneakily climbing up Sarah's present!

We have attached our story board to help you retell each key part. 

Have a go at drawing Buster! 

Buster sees lots of nocturnal animals. What does nocturnal mean? Can you research it and find out facts about one of the animals from the advert?

Keep practising your lines for Ralph the Reindeer, and singing the songs. If you can, make up a dance that reindeer might do. Have a go at keeping your balance, like we do in P.E.


Please help!

Would any parents/carers be available and interested in coming into school for half an hour a week (or so) to help hear children read? You would need to be DBS checked (safe to work with children) and we can help you do this. We would be very grateful if we could generate a rota to hear the children read regularly. If you are free and interested, please pop in to see me at the end of the day and we will go from there.

Thank you!


This week we have been doing some drama on Edith Cavell and used the ipads to write about Florence Nightingale. We made our own books on Book Creator. We did some finding the difference in Numeracy. We will move onto telling the time next week. Please see if you can tell the time at home over the long weekend.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, is our class treat day! We have been working so hard on earning our marbles and it's finally here! You can wear your own clothes if you want to, and bring in a small toy/cuddly toy to play with.



Thank you to all the children who dressed up in their spotacular clothes to support children in need. We had fun writing a Pudsey comic strip as Pudsey had lost his bandana - we had some fantastic ideas , he looked everywhere! We counted Pudsey's on a pictogram. Thank you for all your donations.


Reading Books- At the end of the day I noticed that the children's reading records were not handed out.  Unfortunately I was not in class today and I will send them home on Monday. Spellings are attached at the end of this page if you would like to practice over the weekend. 

We have enjoyed finding out about the soldiers from the Crimean war and how Florence Nightingale cared for them this week. We have written letters from Florence and drawn her pet owl Athena. Next week we will be reading all the replies about life in your Grandparent times - thank you for helping the children with this.

In Numeracy we have been starting to use column addition and subtraction. Next week we will use money - can we count any money you have!!


WOW what a week we've had! We are learning about Florence Nightingale and have a collection of artefacts to look at connected to her life- medals, clothes, glass medicine bottles and even a pet owl! The children used these to guess who they were going to be learning about and have sketched them too. 

We also had a visit from the RHYME ROCKETS who were great fun, the children loved laughing and shouting out rhymes, 

End of half term.

We really enjoyed meeting Alan McDonald who wrote the Dirty Bertie stories this week.






Year 2  spelling lists are at the back of the children's reading records. These words are linked to our class phonics lessons. The highlighted words are the ones that must be learnt. If there are none highlighted, then we would like those children to try to learn the whole list. Spellings will be tested every Friday and new lists given out.


This week we have fitted in an amazing amount of learning! In our English we have written from the perspective of the toucan from the Tin Forest. We have had some beautiful language used: 'I glided peacefully through the air and perched on a comfy tree branch.' We've also written acrostic toucan poems for World Poetry Day, describing how the toucan moves.

In maths we've been looking at patterns and cycles, learning our months of the year, looking at repeating patterns in shape and in number. We then applied this to our knowledge of odds and evens and tried to reason about what we'd found out.

We also conducted a cool Science experiement! We had to find out which material would be best to make a coat for the Old Man out of the Tin Forest. We ensured that the test was fair by using the same amount of water each time. 

Have a great weekend! Mrs Winfield


We've had an absolutely great week - so much learning has taken place in Class 11!  In our English, we've used drama to act out the changing forest, as it grows and comes alive out of the rubbish. We also wrote a book review of The Tin Forest, before changing the setting and  writing our own introduction to the story. There was some wonderful examples of language being used: 'There was once an exotic and tropical place, close to a city and near to friends.'

In our maths this week we've looked at spotting number bonds, 'friendly pairs' to help us solve addition sentences. So for example, we can re-write 7 + 2 + 3 = as 10 + 2, because we know our number bonds to 10.

This is a fun website that is good for developing quick mental skills:

We've handed spellings out this week - stuck in the reading records. I really recommend putting these words into sentences when practising as it helps to embed the meaning, rather than being learnt as a standalone word. As always with learning anything, little and often is the best way! We will be checking the spellings on a Friday before handing out new ones.

For those of you that are running the mini marathon on Sunday - good luck! I hope to see lots of you with winning smiles :)

Have a great weekend, Mrs Winfield.

Useful websites for phonics

Here's a list of useful websites that I recommend using to help with phonics, sounding and blending. Some of these websites and associated apps do have 'subscription only' sections. Please don't feel that you have to pay - the free sections are a great way of consolidating what we're doing in class!

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - videos and guides, along with games.

Phonics Play - A selection of interactive games for all phonic phases.

Alphablocks (cbeebies programme)

BBC website

ICT games - a great selection of games that link well with games in Letters and Sounds.

Welcome to Class 11

Mrs Winfield

Hello and welcome to Class 11!


Literacy : We have made a start on our new book The Tin Forest by Helen Ward. We have been brilliant at retelling the story using actions and writing story maps. In art we made flowers out of tin foil too.

Numeracy :We we able to show the value of numbers this week using our tens and ones. We have been practicing our number bonds too.


We've had a fantastic first week in class, the children have settled in incredibly well and produced some wonderful artwork as part of our Jesse Gray days. This week we have all got to know each other - thank you to all the children and their parents for being so welcoming and friendly to me in my first week at Jesse Gray! Please do bear with me while I get to know all parents/carers for letting the children go at the end of the school day - I will get there soon!

On Monday afternoon we have 'Meet the Teacher' at 2:30pm. It will be a chance for me to go over what we will be doing this year, including our learning, expectations and standards for Year 2. If you can't make it, please don't worry, I will upload the powerpoint for you to take a look at.