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Autumn Term News

Week beginning 14th December

I can't believe the last week of the children's first-term at Jesse Gray has arrived!! It doesn't seem that long ago since they all started! We have certainly filled the term with getting to know each other, lots of work and exciting activities.

It was lovely to see you all at the performances of 'It's a Baby'. We were all very proud of the children and the way they sang and performed. I'm sure you all were too! There are some lovely photos of the children from the Nativity in the gallery on the school website.

The carol service at St. Paul's on Thursday evening was also a lovely occasion and definitely gave us the Christmas spirit. It was great to see some of you there too.

We have the visit to White Post Farm on Tuesday with another Nativity to take part in and a visit to see Santa. The children can come in their own clothes and please remember  warm waterproof coats, sensible footwear and a snack to have when we arrive. It is always a super day.

A quieter day on Wednesday ready for our party day on Thursday! I'm looking forward to being able to wear my party outfit! Friday is Christmas jumper day! I wonder how many different ones there will be?

We are visiting Santa in his grotto at school tomorrow and if you can donate a small present we will be very grateful. It is also the draw for the class hampers tomorrow too. I think who ever wins Class 15's hamper is in for a great treat! It is definitely jam packed with gorgeous goodies!

Once again we would like to thank you all for your continuing support and generosity. We hope you all have a lovely peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year and enjoy some super family time.

Love from Mrs Wenborn and the Team


Week beginning 7th December

The week has arrived ~ it is our Nativity production week!!

The children have been working very hard to sing the songs, remember their words if they are a narrator or have a speaking role and to learn the stage directions! Thank you for the lovely costumes that you have made and provided. We are looking forward to seeing you all on either Wednesday or Thursday to watch 'It's a Baby'. Have your tissues ready ~ there might be one or two tears! I know all the children will be brilliant on the production days and you will all enjoy the performance.

 It is also the school carol concert at St Paul's church on Thursday evening. This is always a lovely family evening and reminds us that Christmas is nearly here.

A great big thank you to all of you for the amazing contributions for our RED hamper. It looks FANTASTIC! Raffle tickets to try and win one of the hampers will be on sale this week, ready for the 'Hamper Draw' assembly next Monday 14th December. 'Santa's Grotto' is next Monday too, when the children are able to meet Santa and if possible bring a gift for a child less fortunate.

In between our Christmas activities, we are continuing with re-telling the Christmas story in 'chapters' to make a Christmas book. In our Maths work we are recognising coins and seeing how they can be put together to make small amounts.

In the final week of school before we break up for Christmas, we have our visit to White Post Farm on Tuesday 15th December and our Christmas party on Thursday 17th. On the afternoon of Wednesday 16th, we would like to invite you for a drink and a mince pie and to enjoy some Christmas cheer with us all in FS2.

As always, thank you for your support.

Love from Mrs Wenborn and the Team



Week beginning 30th November

I can't believe how quickly this half-term is going ~ only three weeks until we break up!

Last week was full with identifying sources of light, weighing, recognising 'tricky' words and our first Nativity rehearsals. I wonder if you've heard any snippets of the songs yet !Thank you for your quick return of the ticket requests.

We have already got some lovely RED things for our hamper. Thank you if you have sent in a contribution.

Congratulations to Megan who was 'Star of the Week'.

This week is going to be very busy with 'It's a Baby' rehearsals and starting our Christmas story books. We will also be looking at recognising coins in our Maths work.

As Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is very busy, when the Story Sacks are returned this week, we will be collecting them in and not issuing any more until we come back to school in January. One less thing to look for over the Christmas festivities!

If you are providing a costume for one of the 'performers' in our Nativity, please could it be sent into school by or on Wednesday 2nd December.

As always, thank you for your support.

Love from Mrs Wenborn and the Team


Week beginning 23rd November

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

It was another busy time in Class 15 last week!

The children were puppeteers, re-telling the story of 'Owl Babies' with the owl puppets in various outdoor settings around school. The story telling was recorded, along with real sound effects ~ mainly the wind! The children have enjoyed watching themselves on the white board. They were also 'scientists', working out how to make a bulb light up or a fan to turn, by making a circuit as part of our work on 'Light and Dark'. In Maths, we have continued with the concept of addition where the children have been making and writing their own addition number sentences. Our phonics work is on-going,  including recognising the 'tricky' words and using all the phonemes we know to blend and segment words.

This week we are looking at non-fiction books on 'Light and Dark' and their features, including the contents page, index, alphabetical order, labels and the use of photographs. The children will also be identifying and labelling different sources of light.

 In Maths, we will be doing practical activities on weighing, finding out which objects are the heaviest and which are the lightest using a variety of scales.

Congratulations to Norah who was 'Star of the Week'.

Look out for a letter in the children's book bags this week about Class15's  'Christmas Hamper'. The theme for our hamper is RED and any donations you would like to send in will be gratefully received.

There will also be news about our  Nativity production. Creativity and costume making will be needed by some!!

Love from Mrs Wenborn and the Team


Week beginning 16th November

It was lovely to see you all last week at Parents Evening. I hope you enjoyed looking at all the hard work the children have done both in their books and also creatively to make our classroom look great.

The children have loved listening to the story 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark' both the picture book and the chapter book, which they are listening to really well, where we have reached Chapter 5. They all chose their favourite part to draw and write about and have also been busy making their own collage owl using different types of paper. This week we will be reading 'Owl Babies' as well as comparing day and night and looking at different sources of light.

In Maths we will be continuing with addition. Adding together groups of objects, including 'Pudsey on the bus' and learning how to write addition number sentences.

All the children looked great on Friday for Children in Need Day. We had Super Heroes, Princesses and a lovely range of Pudsey t-shirts and own clothes. Thank you all for your generous donations.

Congratulations to Oliver W. who was 'Star of the Week' and Happy Birthday to Alex and Niav who will both be celebrating their birthday this week.

Love from Mrs Wenborn and the Team


Week beginning 9th November

We had a great time last week finding out all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. The children were really interested and remembered lots of information which helped them sequence the story. They also enjoyed 'spinning' their firework colours and making 3D box-model fireworks. This work was a super start to the 'Family Firework' night, which was great, and it was lovely to see so many of you there.

This week we are going to begin looking at 'Light and Dark' by reading the story 'The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark'. We have also changed our role-play area into a 'night time bedroom' complete with dressing gowns, teddies and a star lamp.

In our Maths work we will be adding groups of objects together and learning how to write addition number sentences.

It is Parents Evening on Monday and Tuesday. I look forward to meeting you and I hope you enjoy looking around the classroom at the work the children have been busy producing.

Congratulations to Max who was our 'Star of the Week'.

Don't forget it is Children in Need next Friday. Please look out for further details during the week.

Love from Mrs Wenborn and the Team


Week beginning 2nd November

Welcome back to school!

We hope you have all had a super holiday and enjoyed some lovely family time.

Congratulations to Lucy who was 'Star of the Week' before the half-term holiday and also Happy Birthday to Reuben who celebrated his 5th birthday last week.

This week we are going to be looking at why we celebrate Bonfire Night and finding out about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

This fits it very well with the Family Firework Night on Thursday. We are looking forward to seeing you, so come along and enjoy 'bonfire food' and watch a fantastic firework display.

The children will also be creating some colourful artwork using different bright colours to represent fireworks. In Maths we will be looking at 3D shapes, describing and naming them, and then using different shaped boxes to make model fireworks.

We will be continuing with our Phonics work, re-enforcing the Phase 2 phonemes and using them to sound out and blend more words.


As we are beginning the second-half of the Autumn term, the children will be starting to learn the songs for our Nativity production in singing. Which can only mean one thing ~ that Christmas is just around the corner!

A little reminder ~ it is Parents Evening week beginning 9th November. I look forward to seeing you all and discussing how your child has settled in to life at Jesse Gray.

Love from Mrs Wenborn and the Team



Week beginning 19th October

I can't believe we have arrived at the last week before half-term!

The term seems to be flying by!

Last week was spent being busy with fruit ~ examaning it, labelling it,  peeling and chopping it and finally tasting delicious fruit salad!

All the children really enjoyed making the fruit salad and then eating it.

These activities linked to our Literacy work on the text, 'Oliver's Fruit Salad'

Another exciting activity was 'exploring pumpkins'. The children used a variety of tools to investigate the inside of the pumpkins, finding and extracting the seeds, which are now drying ready to be used in both creative activities and also to be planted, hopefully to grow into more pumpkins for next year.

Thank you for your generous contributions to our Harvest Festival, which were greatly recieved by the Friary Drop-in Centre.

Congratulations to Hattie who was our 'Star of the Week'.

The class have been busy working together to earn 'marbles in the jar'. They are only a couple away from achieving their 25 target, so I'm sure this week they will be celebrating their first 'Treat Day'. Look out for the 'Treat Day' letter in the children's book bags.

Also coming home this week will be PE bags ready to be sorted for after half-term. Hopefully they will just contain your child's kit but from past experience you never know what might be in there!

Please can you check that the children have warm outdoor PE kit in their bag, joggers and a sweatshirt/ hoody, ready to wear during the colder months as we try and go out every week.

This week we are going to be learning and thinking about the Hindu Festival of Diwali. We will be reading the story of Rama and Sita and doing a variety of craft activities, including making clay divas.

We are continuing with our Phonic work, recognising and learning the Phase 2 phonemes and using them to make CVC words, e.g. mug, ten, tuck, etc.

Thank you for all your support during your child's first- half term at Jesse Gray.

We hope you all have an enjoyable half-term holiday. Let's hope the weather is kind to us so we can all get out and about.

Love from Mrs Wenborn and the Team



Week beginning 12th October.

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunny weekend!

Last week was extremely busy with the children doing lots of problem solving activities.

They thought of some great ways to get the 'creatures' out of the ice where they had been frozen by the 'Wicked Fairy'.

There were lots of different tools used, as well as the power of the sun and how salt could also melt the ice. Fortunately, due to the children's hard work, all the 'creatures' were rescued! This followed on from our problem solving work the previous week when the children had to think of ways to get the kite down which was 'Stuck' in a tree in the playground.

In our Maths work we looked at measuring and finding objects which were longer and shorter. Lots of the children had a great time using the links to make the longest chain they could.It nearly stretched all the way down the corridor!

Tomorrow, Monday 12th October, we are holding our Harvest Festival celebration in the hall. We will be singing the lovely Harvest song we have learnt. We are collecting donations of tinned and packet food. If you wish to donate anything, please can you send it in tomorrow morning with your child and they can add it to the display in the hall. Any donations will be greatly recieved, thank you.

One of our activities this week is to make fruit salad when all  the children will be helping to peel and chop a variety of fruits to taste later.

We had super celebrations this week with two birthdays, Leah and Rebecca are both now 5.

Congratulations to Rafferty and Stanley who have been our 'Star of the Week'.

We are continuing with our Phonic work, recognising and learning the Phase 2 phonemes and using them to make CVC words, e.g. cat, got, sock, etc.

Love from Mrs Wenborn and the Team


Here comes Week Beginning Monday 28th September

Another busy week in Class 15

The children are working very hard to recognise and learn the Phase 2 phonemes

s a t p i n m d

They are starting to use them to build words such as

sat, pin, mad

We have also looked for numbers in the environment and been practising how to write the numbers from 1 - 10 or 1 - 20

The children have also been learning a super song for our Harvest Festival

They are enjoying PE and lots of children can now get changed on their own.

Our 'Mr Chatterbox' and 'Little Miss Chatterbox' speech bubbles are proving to be very popular, which is lovely to see. We are using them as part of our Communication and Language area of the curriculum during 'Show and Tell'. At the moment we are doing this just on Monday morning as it fits neatly with weekend activities you might have done as a family. Thank you for your co-operation in this area.

It was lovely to see so many of you at the Curriculum Evening on Thursday. We hope you found it informative and enjoyed looking round the classroom, especially at our "Portrait Gallery"

Please find attached a copy of the Powerpoint presentation.

Happy Birthday to Megan this week and congratulations to Neve for being Star of the Week

Lots of love

Mrs Wenborn and the team

P.S. Don't  forget it is inset day on Friday 2nd October, so enjoy your long weekend!!


Ready for Week Beginning Monday 21st September

A big welcome to everyone in Class 15!

The end of our first full week!! I wonder who is more tired ~ the children or the staff!!

A great big thank you to all the children who have come into the classroom on their own this week.

Congratulations to Leah, who was this week's 'Star of the Week', after being so brave and bouncing back after her accident.

It was a Happy Birthday week for Norah who was the only birthday in this week's birthday assembly.

We hope you all enjoy doing the activity the children have brought home to complete on your favourite colours which is part of our topic work.

The children have been very busy all week practising phonemes, recognising numbers and painting their portrait.

Please can you encourage the children to us a knife and fork when eating their meals. This would be greatly appreciated.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and cheer on England in the rugby!!

Love from Mrs Wenborn and the Team


Dates for your diary ~

  • FS2 Curriculum Evening ~ Thursday 24th September ~ 6-7pm
  • Inset day ~ Friday 2nd October
  • Harvest Festival ~ Monday 12th October
  • Week beginning 9th November ~ Parents Evening
  • Nativity Performances ~ 9th and 10th December
  • White Post Farm visit ~ Tuesday 15th December
  • Party day ~ Thursday 17th December

We hope it is the start of a long and happy friendship during your child's journey through school.