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Autumn Term News

Week beg 14.12.15

                                                            Image result for christmas jumpers

What a super term it has been!!!! I think you'll all agree that the Nativity performances went really well - we were very proud of each and every one of them! We will be finishing our letters to Santa this week as well as seeing the man himself! We will be doing lots of Christmas crafts too.

Don't forget:

-Nativity at White Post Farm Tuesday 15th December- warm coats essential!!!!!!

-Treat Day on Wednesday 16th - it's uniform as normal but the children can bring in a cuddly toy to snuggle with.


          We'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year... 2016 here we come!!!!

Mrs Bailey and Miss Chivers  xxx












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This week we are feeling the nerves as we prepare for our nativity performances but we're feeling excited too and can't wait to show you all how hard we've been working.

In class we are continuing with the Christmas story and thinking of different ways to re-tell it.

In Maths we are still looking at coins. We now know what most of them look like and how much they are worth but we are trying to think of ways to make different amounts such as 3p, 4p, 11p etc.

We have started collecting for our Christmas hamper - our theme is 'Green' so if you can spare anything we'd be really grateful and it's all for a good cause. 

Letters about our Christmas charity gifts went out last week so they can be brought in anytime and given to either Mrs Chivers or Mrs Bailey.

Story Sacks have finished until next term!! After Christmas you will either get a new one or a reading book. Once we have got back into the swing of things we will have set days for changing books so we can have more of a routine!!

                       Have a great week everyone!




Week beg 30.11.15

Image result for nativity

This week we are starting our Nativity 'run throughs' so things are slightly off timetable! We are doing well with our songs and are getting the hang of sitting still. Tickets are available now so please return your slip to school - any queries about tickets please see me (Mrs Bailey). 

In Literacy we will be looking at the Christmas Story and re-telling it in a variety of ways.

In Maths we will be beginning to look at money and the language related to it, Can your child recognise the coins???

Phonics will be continuing with Phase 3 so far we have done; j v w x and  Phase two: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck  e u r h b f l ff ll. See how many words you can make with those! This week's tricky words are we, the, he, go, is, I, me, be (tricky word means it can't be blended so has to be learned as a whole word).

                                             Have a super week!




Week beg 23.11.15

                                                     Image result for light and dark

We will be looking at non-fiction texts this week, sticking with our topic of Light and Dark. We will be discussing the front cover, contents page, index page and seeing how they appear in deifferent non-fiction books.

In Phonics we have started Phase 3, so far we have done; j v. Phase two: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck  e u r h b f l ff ll. See how many words you can make with those! This week's tricky words are we, me, be (tricky word means it can't be blended so has to be learned as a whole word).

Last week we made electric circuits and Class 14 MADE LIGHT!!! It was a magical moment of discovery for all of us!

In Maths this week we will be introducing 'weight'. Ordering two or more items by weight and exploring the language involved such as 'heavier' 'lighter' 'same as'. We will be looking at how balance scales work - a perfect opportunity to do some baking at home if you get chance!!!

We are busy practising for our Nativity performance so look out for tickets coming home in the next few weeks. Also if you have not returned your concent form for White Post Farm please do ASAP.


Have a great week everyone!





Week beg 16.11.15

Owl Babies      Image result for owl babies

Continuing with our Light and Dark topic we have looked at Plop the Barn Owl last week and now we are moving onto Owl Babies. Do you know any other animals that come out at night? What is the name for night animals?

We are moving onto Phase 3 in Phonics this week and we are raring to go! Our Phase 2 sounds are: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck  e u r h b f l ff ll. See how many words you can make with those!

Our focus in Maths is addition. Can you combine two groups of objects or two numbers?

                                         Have a super week!






Remember Remember the 5th of November...

                                                     Image result for guy fawkes

This week we are looking at the Gunpowder Plot and the children have really loved the story. We have been sequencing the events and discussing the links between what happened then and our fireworks nights now. We will be making fireworks by box modelling and decorating and if you poke your head in the classroom door you'll see them zooming up the wall. We have also turned our role play area into a dark bedroom complete with sleeping bags!! Our wider topic is now Light and Dark so we are continuing to explore both.

In Numeracy we are still exploring shape which is handy when choosing the right boxes for our fireworks.

Poppy 'items' are for sale every lunchtime and can be bought with a small donation and worn with pride in school - we will be looking at why we wear them on Friday 6th Nov.

Have a great week and stay safe with those fireworks!








Image result for diwali


Happy Diwali everyone!  This weel we are celebrating the Festival of Light, Divali.  we are learning about the story of Rama and Sita, making clay diva lamps and designing our own mendhi and rangoli patterns.  There is a lovely video of Divali on Cbeebies if anyone wants to watch it at home.

In numeracy we are looking at shape and learning about patterns being made of repeating shapes and colours.

Alonside this we are assessing the children's progress in phonics and reading information books about Divali.


Our children are getting very tired now- they have nearly made it through their first ever half- term.  The time has flown by and we have loved getting to know our new children and families!  Look out for letters coming home this week all about Treat Day on Friday 23rd Oct which the children have earned through their fab behaviour and attitude.

Have a GREAT half- term everyone!

From the Class 14 Team


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Harvest- 12.10.15

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Harvest collection, it looks really impressive in the hall with the table piled high!  We are looking forward to Reverend Hodder, aka Lucy's daddy, coming in to hold our Harvest assembly later today.

In keeping with Harvest we are reading food related stories this week such as Oliver's Fruit Salad, Don't Put Your Finger in the Jelly Nelly and Oliver Jeffers 'Incredible Book Eating Boy' (!) We are also really looking forward to making our own yummy fruit salad later on this week- ask your child what fruit they tasted afterwards, there is a real mix!

Alongside this we are practising letters e,u,r and practising segmeting and blending CVC words.  We are also practising number recognition to 10 and beyond, and filling in missing numbers from our number line- I hope we have got some good number detectives out there!

Last week was super busy too- our theme was 'Stuck' as part of our work on Oliver Jeffers!  The children had to think very carefully about rescuing all sorts of things that were stuck- toys in ice, toys in jars of gel, designing ladders using different construction kits to rescue kites, cars pushed down pipes at different angles to see which went furthest- all sorts.  It was fab to see how they worked thigs out and persevered- so well done Class 14!

  • Storysacks- please can parents remember to include the reading record in the plastic wallet when returning story sacks. These books need to be brought in everyday as a means of communication and particularly on storysack swapping day.

Image result for birthday

Happy birthday to Bronte, our latest 5 year old!

Have a good week!

The Class 14 Team


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We're REALLY getting stuck- in this week!  The children have loved reading STUCK this week- about a little boy called Floyd who throws lots of objects up a tree.  We listened to the story and thought about what WE would do if this happened to us.  Today we tested out our ideas after I accidentally tangled my minion kite in the tree in the playground!  There are lots of photographs to come (the photocopier isn't playing ball at the moment!) but in the meantime why don't you ask your child what their idea was- and did it work?!

Alongside this we have been practising the sounds m,d,g and will be learning o and c,k,ck in the next few days.  The children are getting better and better not only at learning the individual sounds but how to sound out and blend simple 'CVC' words such as dog, cat, tin etc.  Fantastic!

Image result for childrens reaing with family books clipart

Look out for the story sacks which will be coming home this week!  Half the class took them home today and the second half will receive theirs on Thursday.  We hope you enjoy sharing them with your child!  

Thanks to everyone who came to the Curriculum Evening, we hope you found it useful and it was great to see so many of you.

Have a fab week!

The Class 14 Team


Image result for children playing clipart


We are looking forward to another busy and exciting week this week!

 We are continuing with our theme of 'The Day the Crayons Quit' as the children have enjoyed it so much!  Thank you to all those families who have done the 'Crayon Family' homework- the children have been proudly showing their pictures and we are now making them into a class book.  You'll see the book and the beginnings of our Oliver Jeffers display if you are coming to the Parent Curriculum evening on Thursday!

We are continuing to practise our letters and sounds- this week the focus has been on p,i,n as well as continuing to reinforce s,a,t.  Class 14 are brilliant at thinking of words with these sounds in them!

Image result for stuck oliver jeffers

Next week we will be reading the book 'Stuck' and the children will be doing their own problem- solving to get the stuck items down from the tree.  We'll let you know how we get on!

Alongside this, the children have completed their self- portraits which are also now on display.  Each child had to look at their reflection in the mirror carefully before choosing the correct colour tones to use and had to think about their facial features (harder than it may sound sometimes!)  Come and find your child's portrait!

In numeracy we are being 'number detectives' this week, thinking about WHY we need numbers and how useful they are.  We all enjoyed reading 'Nigel's Numberless World'! The children have been on a number walk around school to find different reasons for using numbers- perhaps you could do the same at home?

Image result for happy birthday clipart

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Freddie- our 1st 5 year old in Class 14!  We hope you have a happy day! 

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday at 6.00 for the Curriculum Evening.

2 special requests:

* PLEASE keep labelling clothes- there are so many without names in and both the children and staff get in a muddle trying to match the right clothes to the right child!!

* Please keep practising with a knife and fork at home to help the children's           independence at lunchtimes.

THANK YOU!  And to all the parents celebrating EID this coming week, we wish you EID MUBARAK! 

Image result for eid cards

From the Class 14 Team



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Wow everyone!  Here we are already in our first full week of school and the children are doing so well settling in and making friends!  Now that we are here all day, every day brings something new and the children are rising to the challenge brilliantly.  So far they have experienced staying for dinner, going to the computer room and using the computers, KS1 assembly, whole school assembly and P.E.  (Getting changed for PE is interesting!!) No wonder some children have been exhausted by the end of the week!

This week and last we have been practising our listening skills, playing listening games which will help us to hear the letters and sounds introduced in phonics sessions.  This week we have  introduced 's,a,t' so far and have been very impressed with how well the children have joined in!  In numeracy we have been learning which numbers the children can recognise and playing number games and songs.

We have also introduced our author- based topic, looking at books written and/ or illustrated by 'Oliver Jeffers'.  The children are loving 'The Day the Crayons Quit'!  Look out for some homework which the children will be bringing home next week- they will be asking you a question or two! 

Image result for the day the crayons quit

A few reminders-

* Now the weather has turned (it's pouring as I type!) please remember raincoats, some children have come without them

* Please encourage your child to use a knife and fork at home as some children are struggling at lunchtimes to use them

* Remember to label ALL clothes

* Our curriculum evening is 6.00 next thursday 24th, we hope to see as many of you as possible!

Don't forget, if you have any queries or concerns you can email us- addresses at the bottom of our page.

From The Class 14 Team


Welcome to Mrs Chivers' and Mrs Bailey's Class page of 2015/16.

Image result for back to school

Welcome to Class 14 everyone!  We hope you have had a brilliant holiday and look forward to hearing all about them and sharing your holiday diaries with you!

We are really excited about getting to know everyone over the coming weeks. Please bear with us while we also try and match parents/ carers to children at the end of each session! 

We'll post more information about our school day and routines in the near future so check back on this page soon.

In the meantime,   it will be Miss Chivers starting with the children on Thursday- we have swapped a day as Thursday is also Mrs. Bailey's daughter's first day at school!