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Autumn Term News


Our last week! We have been having fun doing times tables challenges amongst the Christmas events.

Our scones were delicious and we have nearly finished our books on the ipads based on The little Match Girl. 

We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts from the children.




A reminder of events coming up over the next week!

Thursday 10th - Church Service @  6pm

Friday 11th - Class 8 treat day (non-uniform) Also, last swimming session of 2015!

Monday 14th - Baking

Wednesday 16th  - Christmas Party (non-uniform and snacks to be brought in - please be aware that we do have nut allergies in school)

Friday 18th - Christmas Jumper Day and last day of term!


We are looking forward to watching the dress rehearsals of  KS1 and FS2 Nativity this week. It is also Miss Amrouri's last week with us, she is a student teacher and has been with us since half term, we wish her good luck in her teaching career. She has helped the class with their work and made these posters in PHSE to explain to the children what a germ is and how we can stop germs spreading.


We are excited to start using the ipads this week to make our own books based on the story of The Little Match Girl. On each page we will create our own exciting images using puppet creator, sketches and i motion.  They will be brilliant!


We are continuing with column addition and subtraction and will be finding the missing numbers to solve the sums.




Our finished ogre reports are proudly displayed in our classroom. The children were very pleased with their work and have made some lovely comments about each others' reports!

This week we have been working more on grammar, including how and when to use apostrophes, dictionary tasks and a focus on some spelling rules. 

Next week we will begin another short non-fiction unit on a classic story by Hans Christian Andersen. We will look at descriptive language, varying sentence structures and, more excitingly, how to present their retelling of the story using the ipads!

Here's a clue to the story...


In numeracy this week, we have been using rulers to measure accurately in both cm and mm, looked at angles and how many right angles are in turns on a compass and developed our reasoning skills to explain and deepen understanding. 

Next week, and beyond,  we will be moving on to addition and subtraction. Initially, we will focus on mental methods and strategies before moving on to written methods using a number line.


The children are brilliant at describing many of the features of Victorian architecture and have even commented on what they have spotted in West Bridgford! So far they have ordered different homes along timelines to compare them across centuries, drawn them using their sketching skills and even used ipads to look on streetview and create a digital sketch! 

This week we'll look at a famous Victorian architect from Nottingham who designed many of the well recognised buildings in the city! Maybe you have visited the pub named after him right by the castle! The children will design a museum space to celebrate and remember his fantastic work which gave Nottingham some of its identity.


Thank you Year 3 for performing an amazing assembly on Friday. We were very proud of your superloud speaking voices, your tuneful singing and excellent effort to make it a wonderful assembly. It was great to see so many parents and grand parents in the audience and we hope you all enjoyed it.


Thank Year 3 for performing an amazing assembly on Friday. We were very proud of your superloud speaking voices, your tuneful singing and excellent effort to make it a wonderful assembly. It was great to see so many parents and grand parents in the audience and we hope you all enjoyed it.


It was lovely to see so many parents at parents evening last week. It was pleasing to have lots of wonderful things to say your children have achieved so far...and what we can all do to improve! 

A reminder that it is

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics at


This Friday 20th at 9.00am! We look forward to seeing you there!


In literacy we've been looking at non-chronological reports. After examining the features and having a go at organising a muddled text into paragraphs, we are now writing our very own reports! But before we started, we needed a topic...what could be better than Shrek? Class 9 were ready for the challenge of turning fiction into non-fiction. By taking on the role of Shrek and carrying out some drama, we were able to gather as many 'facts' about ogres as  we could. This week we are turning our notes into quality sentences and paragraphs, focusing on interesting openers and conjunctions to add extra details. I think they are going to make a fantastic display!


Moving on to shape in numeracy, we have learnt about different types of lines and identified them in shapes. Following that we looked at the properties of 2D shapes and discussed how they are similar and different to each other by spotting odd ones out to develop our reasoning skills. Now we have moved on to 3D shapes and began by learning their properties and building them!


We have now moved on to our new topic

               Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics at



Year 3 Mums get-together@ RIVERBANK

Friday November 13th, 2015 @20.00hrs

Please contact Karin Davies (Alec's mum) on 07971 976 489 / if you would like to go!

We've been having a wonderful time in our literacy lessons learning about performance poetry this week! So far, we have looked at tone and expression when performing 'Daddy fell into the pond', we performed 'Gran, can you rap?' and had to focus on rhythm and rhyme, and today we recorded our performance of 'The Sound Collector' where we examined the effect of sound and onomatopoeia!! 



We have been making the most of the Autumn sunshine and have been out in the school garden helping to tidy up with the brilliant volunteers who keep our garden growing. There are photos of us digging in our photo section ( see the right hand side of our page)

Art: We have been learning about Monet and his love of painting outdoors. We did some sketching in the garden and painted impressions of Westminster Bridge. 

Some of us have been sewing textiles together to create water and printing with string to create water effects too. PHOTOS IN THE GALLERY 


What a super first full week back it has been. The trip was brilliant (a huge thank you to those parents that were able to help), the children were fantastic with our first swimming session and it was lovely to see a few faces on Friday for the meet and greet. Don't worry if you missed it! The information and handouts can be found in the Y3/4 resources section of the website.

Here's what's in store this week:


We'll continue listening to the Wind in the Willows, developing an understanding of characters, using descriptive language and linking ideas using connectives. The children will also be challenged to have a go at turning a scene into a playscript!! I can't wait to see what they can do!


I hope you've all been able to log on to Mathletics and have a go at some of the games this week. If there are any issues, please feel free to get in touch.

This week we'll begin counting and estimating. We'll be counting in multiples of 4, 50 and 100 and finding 10 and 100 more than and less than. 


Now that we've visited Nottingham's famous river, we're going to be looking at other rivers in the UK and in Europe using maps and atlases to locate and identify them.


We started our Humans and other animals topic by looking at our skeleton last week. This week we'll be looking at skeletons of other animals and identifying and comparing them. 


We have a very exciting term ahead and I can't wait to get to know all the lovely children in my new class. I took a few class photos of them this week and have attached some below.

I look forward to meeting some of you on Friday 11th Septemberat 2:30 pm for a quick introduction of Year 3.

Here are some dates already coming up:

Wed : PE  in the afternoon ( please have kits ready)

Friday : Swimming starts

Fri 18th sept : Genes for jeans day

Fri Nov 13th : Children in need day

Fri Nov 20th : Year 3 Assembly