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Autumn Term News

Friday 18th December

Well done on a great  first term of year 4. You've all been fabulous!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you on TUESDAY 5TH JANUARY 2016!

Mrs T  

Class7 after the dancing and playing, replinishing their energy with party food. Thank you for the donations!


Baking Scones!


It's the last week! I can't believe the Autumn term is ended! September seems so long a go. Treat Day was lovely, I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for the hamper donations you bought in this week.

This week is very different to a normal Class 7 week. There are no maths groups this week. Numeracy will be done in class with a focus on times tables. We all need to become accurate and fluent in them all. We will be practising and playing games to build up our confidence. There will be a House Challenge Competition on Friday to test our knowledge.

Tomorrow we will watch the Choir sing the carols they are performing in Church on Monday after school while standing in a Christmas tree. We will also be visiting Santa's Grotto tomorrow, any presents will be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday you will be baking with Mrs Hazelden.

Wednesday is party! Don't forget its non uniform and to bring in your food contribution.

Thursday morning is 'normal' and Friday is the last day!




I hope you remembered to give your Hathersage Trip letter to your parents on Friday. If they need another copy or were not able to attend, all the information is in the Y3/4 Resource section. It's going to be so exciting!

Thank you to those who have bought EXOTIC hamper items already...we need more as it's looking a bit bare so any more donations gratefully received! Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help with baking on  Tuesday 15th, I cant wait to try what you make ;)

This week continues with Christmas! Tomorrow morning we will be watching dress rehearsal of FS2 and KS1 Nativities. It always help me get in the spirit of things! Tuesday is RE Day and we will be looking at the Christmas story in greater depth.

Wednesday and Thursday are normal. Friday is Treat Day! You decided to wear non uniform and watch a DVD and have munchies in the afternoon. I bought a DVD at the weekend that I hope you will enjoy.

In Literacy we will continue to write the diary of your object focusing on chatty language as well as fab sentence structures.

In Numeracy we will continue to improve our knowledge of column addition and subtraction.

Topic is around Victorian Christmas!

Wow! What a lot of things we still need to get through.

See you tomorrow

Mrs T




Well done Class 7 - a treat afternoon earned! We have decided on Movie and pop-corn to celebrate being a great team. I need to look at what is happening in the last 3 weeks of this term to find a good day to have it!

This week is the start of Christmassy stuff! We are having a carol concert run through with Mrs Walton tomorrow which will help us get into the mood!

The other BIG thing this week is finding out the details for our residential Trip! Yay!We are going away! On Thursday 4th at  6.15pm  your parents are invited to find out when we are going where we are going and how much it will cost.

In Numeracy we are moving onto addition and subtraction written methods. Literacy is writing a diary- not of a cloud whose biography you wrote but something as interesting...

Topic continues by looking inside Victorian homes now you know what they look like on the outside. ICT continues with you creating your own Google doc which you will eventually share.

Enjoy this wet Sunday and I will see you tomorrow

Mrs T



It's definitely nearly Christmas! The weather has turned all wintry, I know it snowed in Derbyshire this weekend! Christmas light switch-on has started. I hope you had fun if you went to Nottingham on Friday or West Bridgford on Saturday. Are you feeling all Christmassy yet?

Tomorrow all the year 3 and 4 teachers are thinking about AFTER Christmas and we are planning our topic for Spring Term! You will have Mr Ford on Monday which means that your spelling test will be on TUESDAY 24th this week instead. The rest of the week is as normal.

You have written some fantastic reports on Victorian Schools, worked very hard at using generalisers, connectives and a formal tone. We will be moving onto diary writing after Monday. Do you keep a diary? Have you read a story written like a diary?

In Numeracy we will be making sure that we confident with symmetry and properties of shapes before moving on to mental methods of calculating. There are some tricky shapes to reflect that got some of us!

Science continues with Gas Liquids and Solids.

Our work in ICT using our school email and Google docs is going very well! We’ve loved receiving your emails and tracking what you are doing on Google docs. You’ve wow’ed us with your knowledge on cyber bullying as part of our Anti-bullying week. Keep safe out there in the cyber world and remember to TELL, TELL, TELL if you’re worried about anything.

And we have a 100 Treat Squares! Decisions to be made this week- what shall we do and when shall we do it?

I will pop in and say Hello on Tuesday. Have awonderful day with Mr Ford. Show him Class 7 at its best!

Mrs T


Morning all!

What a wet grey weekend!I hope you have manged to enjoy it despite the weather.

It was great to meet your parents this week. It was good that they could look through your fabulous work and also know what your next steps in learning are so they can support you at home.

This week is fairly normal! You have Mrs Hazelden on Monday morning as I found out on Friday while I was on my course I have to be at a meeting!

In Numeracy we will continue with recognising and using lines of symmetry to draw patterns and look at properties of 2D Shapes.

Literacy continues with you writing a report on Victorian schools.

Topic - you will be investigating where the Victorian houses are in West Bridgford now you know how to recognise one!

On Friday we get to see Year 3 Assembly, it's going to be great. This week is also anti-bullying week so we will have a circle time and a special assembly about that too.

Another full on week!

See you all tomorrow afternoon.


Wow!! Weren't the fireworks on Thursday amazing! All that colour and sound and I especially love the smell of them. Your poems about fireworks captured those senses and I hope your parents will enjoy reading them when they come to school this week.

So next week is parents evenings.I am looking forward to meeting them and letting them know all about  the fabulous work you have already done in Year 4.

Lessons are normal this week. We are carrying on our topic work about Victorian Houses and states of matter. In Literacy we will be looking at non chronological reports in more detail. In Numeracy we will be investigating properties of triangles and exploring symmetry in 2D shapes. In ICT we have all been given a school email address and I have received plenty of emails this weekend telling me what you are up to. You all seem very busy! Don't worry if you have forgotten your address of password, I will sort it out next week for you.

I am away at a conference with Mrs Viggars on Friday so you will have Mrs Hazelden for an extra day.

The other special thing about Friday is it is CHILDREN IN NEED. We are having a non uniform day so bring in a donation please.

So Halloween is over so is Bonfire thing to look forward to? CHRISTMAS!!

Lots to do before then so have a relaxing weekend and I will see you on Monday.

Mrs T



Well that's the first half term done! It's gone by in a flash!

We have done so much already. Painting like Monet, writing like Kenneth Grahame (Wind in the Willows) and learning to reason in maths like Sherlock Holmes!

Homework for over the holiday is...Spellings, Times tables, reading and Live Mathletics.  is the link to the game that my maths group played today about negative numbers that some of you wanted a link to.

Next half term we will be starting our History topic- Victorians and DT topic which will be done nearer to Christmas and may need some parent helpers! For our history, could you please bring in a photograph of your house for the first topic lesson back on Wednesday! Strange request but you will find out why soon.

We will continue to focus on being the best we can be, focusing on our work and being ready to listen.  Parent evening times went out yesterday so we have that to look forward to the 2nd week back.

First week back will be spelling test on Monday and Fireworks on Thursday night. Fab. Maybe we can recite our brill Haiku poems!

Have a lovely half term Class 7 whatever you are doing. Have fun and be safe- especially if you are trick or treating next week!

Mrs T


So that was a unusual week for me. It was strange not seeing you until Thursday afternoon. I did miss all your smiley faces. But don't forget whether I am there or not, listening is a really important skill. Being away from you for 4 days made me focus on our listening skills when I did return. Lets really concentrate and remember the rule...when someone is speaking , we listen!

Thank you for all the homework, lots of models on the table! Mathletics is going well too.

Next week is the last week of our first half term! In Literacy  we have finished our biographies of  Cloud! We need to keep on magpie-ing from all the WAGOLLs we look at no matter what genre we are covering. Even poetry which we will focus on next week.

In Numeracy we counting in multiples confidently and explaining whether numbers will be in  sequence.

In art you will be evaluating paintings after finishing your impressionist style painting. Impressionism is about giving the idea of a place or object rather than a detailed drawing.

 You are finishing your topic on humans- digestion and teeth.

Don't forget your parent evening slips. I have already had about 20 in.

Well have a lovely weekend Class 7.  

Mrs T



Hope you are having a lovely weekend. It is truly autumnal- the leaves are turning a beautiful golden colour and they are gently floating to the ground! It is great fun trying to catch them before they hit the ground- try it, it's harder than it looks!

Well done on your super Wind In The Willows stories. They look very professional published. It took ages to write up but it was worth the effort. So now we are getting into biographical writing. I think it will be very interesting to read your biographies of a Cloud! But sad as we know from our work on the water cycle what happens to clouds! Think about the key events that you would like to include, what has happened to Cloud in his/her life?

In Maths we are reading and using Roman Numerals and using scales with measurements up to 10 000. Reading and writing large numbers this week was interesting as we learnt that we could 'read' the comma or gap to help us. Explain that to your parents.

In ICT we have started our unit on Coding. Unfortunately some of the PC's choose our lesson to start installing over 200 updates so some of you had to share. If you want to have a go at home then the website is ' studio coding Elsa'.

Your work in your sketch books having a go at an impressionist style looked really effective. I cant wait to see what you are going to produce next.

Next week is different as I am not there for most of it! :( I am on a course on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as normal and Thursday morning I have a meeting. You will have Mrs Hazelden from Monday to Thursday lunch. I will be back after French that afternoon.

Have a wonderful week, work hard and I will see you soon.


Hope you had a fab Friday.

Mine was very interesting. It was about how we are all learning all the time no matter how young...or old you are. And that if it is hard and hurting your brain, that is good because WE ARE LEARNING!

Next week we are moving on our learning to look at biographies in Literacy. How do you write one? What do you have  to include and what sort of sentences and words do we include? But only after we have finished publishing our Wind In The Willows story. Your parents are going to be so impressed when they see them!

In Numeracy we are reinforcing and securing our knowledge of place value, the role of the zero and value of larger digits.

In Topic we are now going onto the art part- looking at particular at Monet.

But most important of all!? Don't forget to have a good night sleep on Sunday, make sure you brush your hair and have your brightest smile on Monday morning as it is PHOTOS!

Have a lovely weekend all. See you on Monday

Mrs T


A wonderful week of mag-pieing in Literacy. As I marked your Literacy this evening, I was so impressed by the quality you are producing.You are able to innovate/change what I am doing to make it your own. As you said, it gives you greater confidence as a writer.

We are finishing the last part next week, improving what we have done and then putting it all together.

In Numeracy we are continuing to work on multiplication. Its not just knowing your times tables, it is about knowing them out of order really quickly. You mathletics homework this week is based on Times Tables.

Literacy homework is due in next Friday.

You now have spelling homework too. It is a new scheme called BIG SPELLING. After the test last week, you have all been given a list to learn. You have to get at least 9/10 or 14/15 to move onto list 2. If you don't you need to relearn them until you get them correct. We spoke about ways of learning and how we have different learning preferences. Some of us like looking at words and some of like to talk! So choose- Look cover write check or Speak and Say. This system means you say each letter as you write the word and say the complete word at the end eg B. E. F. O. R. E.- before.The first test is on Tuesday 6th October.

After that it will be every Monday.

Next week is only a 4 day week! INSET on Friday.

I am off this weekend to Whitley Bay! I have never been there before. Do you know where it is? I will let you know all about it next week. Have a fab weekend

Mrs T


Well done on Jeans for Genes day. Guess who forgot?? Whoops! But you didn't and raised money for a worthwhile cause. Thank you.

We are now well into being Year 4's. You now know what the expectations are in terms of behaviour and work.

The atmosphere in class this afternoon was FAB-U LOUS! Working to quiet music was focussed, the working quiet atmosphere in the computer suite was amazing. I am going to put music on more often!

Literacy was challenging this week in writing expanded nouns phrases but after 3 days most of us got it. Next week  we are going to create a new character to fit the story of Wind in the Willows. We are going to begin to 'innovate' the story. That means we are changing parts of it and making it our own.

In Numeracy we worked together in going through a investigation- learning to express ideas, conjecture and generalise. Explain to your parents what that means! Next week we are practising our times tables. As year 4 there is an expectation that you know all facts up to 12 x 12 off by heart! Get learning!

In Topic... we are making Christmas Cards!! Seriously!

Science continues with digestion.

Well done on your fab homework. Very neat, very creative. From Lego to plastic bottles to PowerPoints!

Start on your 2nd piece next week. Remember I expect to see 1 hour worth of effort into each piece handed in.

Numeracy homework is up and live on Mathletics.

Have a great weekend all.

Mrs T



First week over and done with. We now know what a week in class 7 'feels' like as we have followed a fairly normal timetable.

A BIG THANK YOU to the many parents who volunteered with our trip on Tuesday. I have heard nothing but positive comments about it. A extra special thank you to Chloe's family for sorting out the porta-loo!

It was lovely to meet some of your parents on Friday at the 'Meet and Greet' event. A leaflet was given out with information which also included an overview of this terms learning. Both documents can be found in the Y3/4 Autumn Resources section on the right. I have attached the PowerPoint I used below.

This week there are NO special events or activities! Phew!

In maths we are looking at different strategies to use when mentally adding or subtracting. We will also be looking at how to spot and explain patterns we notice in investigations.

Literacy will continue with Wind In The Willows. We are focusing on writing fantastic sentences using expanded noun phrases. It is a challenging text but you did well in unpicking characters this week.

In Topic you will be looking at maps and finding out where some of the main rivers in the UK and Europe are located.

Science continues with Digestion.

Don't forget to fill in reading planners as we discussed, this weekend. You also have your first Literacy homework which is due in on Friday. Can you please hand the entire yellow folder rather than a single piece of paper so we can keep it safe and neat. Mathletics homework should be up and running for my group as well. I will check it on line on Wednesday.

Have a fabulous Sunday everyone- the sun is still shining, go and enjoy it!

Mrs T





This is my first Sunday night post of the new school year!

I update this page at some point on Sundays- usually the morning. I try to give you an overview of what the following week will bring for us.

I will also post information that needs to be passed onto parents. So it is important that you check it every week.

Our first full week at school is already action packed and full!

After a fairly normal Monday, we are going out on a trip on Tuesday! LETTER ATTACHED BELOW.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the parents who volunteered, it has meant that we can go. If you bought in a slip saying that someone could help, could you please ask them to be at school at 10.45 on Tuesday. You will be going with Mrs Hazelden. The weather forecast is looking good!

On Friday at 2.45-3.10  is 'MEET and GREET'. This is when your parents can come to school and find out about class 7- what we do, when and how they can help. It is a very quick meeting. Don't worry if someone cannot come as we will put the PowerPoint we use on this web page.

After that meeting I will attach information which you may find useful for the Autumn Term.

Mrs T