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Autumn Term News


The first term is almost finished and only one more week before we can relax and enjoy special time with our families.

You have had a brilliant first term of Year 4 and should all feel very proud of what you have achieved. Wind in the Willows, place value to depth, states of matter, biographies of clouds, diaries of paper clips, teeth and digestion, programming robots and Frozen characters, working collaboratively and email, rivers, Victorian architecture, 3D printing, journey of life, Christmas story, Monet and the impressionists, poetry, working systematically, personal responsibility, getting on together and when to be serious and when to have fun. You have learned so much and worked so hard.

Next week is different to most weeks. In maths we are on timestables week so we will practise and play and have fun with the times tables. In literacy we will do lots of finishing off. Green screen, writing up diaries and non-chronological reports will fill our time. We need to reflect on some of our learning over the last term as well.

We will have Santa's grotto, singing, party day on Wednesday, making scones on Tuesday, movie afternoon Friday and lots of other bits and pieces that will make it an interesting week.

Just remember we are all feeling tired at this point and so be kind to yourself and to your friends so we don't have the silly arguments and last week falling outs.

See you tomorrow,

Mr. Ellis



I hope you all gave your Hathersage letters to your grown-ups on Friday. There is more info in the Y3/4 resources page and feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions/concerns.

We have earned our treat afternoon and decided on Wednesday as the perfect day. It means it is a non-uniform day and we will enjoy a film and some relaxing time in the afternoon. I'll send the letters home on Monday.

Maths was interesting this week; symmetry was challenging for some of us and so we are going to carry on looking at how to use mirrors to help us ifnd symmetry.

I really enjoyed the beginning to your diary of a paperclip/pencil/paint pot. You managed to get into role really well and used some great emotive and chatty language. We will finish them off next week and then see if we can dramatise them.

Next week is a slightly unusual week. We have the nativity tomorrow morning so literacy and numeracy won't happen, on Tuesday we have RE all day and will be thinking about the Christmas story in a little greater depth, Wednesday is treat afternoon and then we finish the week as normal. It is then the final week.

Have a great weekend all,

Mr Ellis



Well done Class6. You worked hard and have earned your treat afternoon. We will work out the best time to do it next week and get the letters sent out.

We had another good week of shape and diaries and famous local architects and changing states (or not thanks to ice-pop failure).

Next week is looking busy already! I am not with you tomorrow as I am going to learn some new ways to teach maths.

In literacy we are going to continue with diaries but we will write the diary entry of an unusual object...

In maths we continue with shape but will begin to look at symmetry.

We will finish our science experiment and also set up another with observations we can make over time.

You will all enjoy the KS1 nativity tomorrow as well.

Have a good Sunday.

Mr Ellis



We had a great day yesterday designing superheroes and looking at some truly amazing technology.

Class 6 are loving DT!




I have woken up early and there is snow on the ground. You will definitely need to get wrapped up warm this weekend.

Last week we went a bit treat squarey which is great. You are in the final push to claim your treat afternoon. We saw some truely amazing homework as well and I will put a picture up on the website on Monday.

Next week we are starting with diaries in literacy. We will be leaving that formal non-chron style behind and being far more chatty (in our writing).

In maths we are going to be looking at shape. I was talking to other teachers about how well you have done with place value and how you could apply that understanding to decimal numbers. We all still need to work on our reasoning though - how did we do a problem and how do we know we are right?

Our work in ICT, using our school email and Google docs, is going very well! We’ve loved receiving your emails and tracking what you are doing on Google docs. You’ve wow’ed us with your knowledge on cyber bullying as part of our Anti-bullying week! Keep safe out there in the cyber world and remember to TELL, TELL, TELL if you’re worried about anything. 

Science on Friday was great and I can't wait to see your finished gas boxes. Have a look at the video of you changing state from solid to liquid to gas.



Tomorrow is a slightly different day as I will be planning next terms topic with all the Year 3 and Year 4 teachers. You will get a chance to finish off your Victorian books, your science boxes and most importantly to do a piece of writing that really shows off all our learning in the Victorian school topic.

Stay warm, enjoy the weekend and see you on Tuesday.

Mr Ellis


It is a wet and windy Sunday morning after a wet and windy Saturday. Weekends like this were made for curling up with a good book, or doing some art work or making up a story; getting lost in your imagination. 

Next week we are going to write up our Victorian school reports. We will need to think about all the features and details we need to use; generalisers, specific connectives, topic sentences, formal language and lots of interesting details. By the end of the week we should have created a class book that will show off all the features of a non-chronological report.

I was at a maths conference yesterday and the talk was having you create your own mathematical problems rather than me giving them to you. Perhaps we will have a go next week and see what negative number problems you can generate.

We will need to catch up with science next week and look at the properties of solids and liquids. Which solids act like liquids? Which liquids act like solids?

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Ellis


A great first week back everyone. You are really showing me you are ready to face the challenges of year 4. And this just in time for parents evening next week! I am looking forward to telling everyone about all your brilliant work so far.

Next week in literacy we are going to look in more depth at non-chronological reports and the ingredients we need to include to make it truly successful. We are already using some of them but we need to put them all together for the perfect report.

In maths we are continuing to look at ordering numbers and will need to continue our reasoning skills and explaining how and why we have solved problems in a certain way.

In science we can spend some more time thinking about states of matter after your brilliant understanding of solids, liquids and gases last week. In ICT we are going to be thinking about working collaboratively in order to achieve shared goals. Topic this week is going to be looking at the features of Victorian houses and you will all become an expert on one feature.

Don't forget your mathletics homework and remember the water homework is continuing as it says on the homework sheet. Sorry for the confusion!

Friday next week is Children in Need. We are just having a non-uniform day this year so don't forget your donation.

Enjoy the rest of your wet weekend and see you tomorrow.

Mr Ellis




I hope you have all had a great week and are feeling fully rested.

I am just sitting here planning the next half-term's learning and feeling really excited for all we have planned. It is going to be another great term for Class 6.

Next week we will be getting stuck into our new Topic and in literacy are going to be doing some non-fiction writing. You will get the chance to think about how lucky you are with your school lives!

In maths we are looking at comparing numbers and just like last term there will be a real focus on reasoning and thinking about how we have approached problems, how we know we are right and thinking mathematically about problems. Not just sums!

We have bonfire night on Thursday to look forward to and I am looking forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready for another great term's learning.

See you in the morning,

Mr. Ellis


Well done Class 6. You have had a brilliant term. Enjoy your rest. Practise your times tables. See you in a week.

Mr. Ellis




It has been a long half-term and I know we are all starting to feel it. One more week and then we all get a well earned rest. You have done really well so far and just need a final push to keep our focus and do our very best to avoid silly arguments and falling-outs.

We had a great week last week - painting 'en plein air' (outside!), writing biographies that we tried ever so hard not to turn into stories, putting egg shells in cola to see what happens (a little more scientific in reality) and getting Elsa in to a spin.

Next week in literacy we are going to enjoy some poetry and maths is going to be a case off applying our number skills and thinking about the Romans.

We have a little more painting, a further investigation into teeth and we should be able to finish the year back on Robomind.


Have a great weekend. I am going to enjoy the rugby. I hope.

Mr Ellis



What a great end to the week you had Class 6. It has been a great week with our behaviour really starting to hit those Year 4 expectations. Both Mrs Walton and Mr Smith were really pleased and I have been really impressed with how you have managed to have a good time and 'knuckle-down' when the time comes.

I loved our art lesson on Friday afternoon and you should all be really proud of your 'Impressionist' paintings. We will talk about the style of painting and the famous artist we have based them on next week but perhaps you could do a little research this weekend on Monet and his Palace of Westminster paintings.

Next week we are going to begin writing our biographies of the best cloud. Have a think about the water cycle and how we can relate evaporation, condensation and precipitation to the life of a cloud. Remember we are writing a non-fiction biography so we will have to take care not to tell a story.

In maths we are looking more at place value and will begin to think about applying our place value knowledge to problems and practical situations.

We have more art and will hopefully get back on to Robomind and you will be able to apply all the work you did with Elsa to our little robot.

Have a great weekend Class 6. You have earned it after a brilliant week.

Mr Ellis



A much improved week Class 6. You have started to show what it means to be Year 4 and how we show all the adults in the school what Class 6 stands for. Good listening, good manners and good behaviour no matter where we are and what we are doing. Mr. Smith scored you a 70% and Mrs Walton said there was still a little room for improvement so let’s aim for perfect this week. 

I am really proud of the writing you have done this week. You have all written a full chapter of a story with good structure and excellent magpied sentences and vocabulary. We are going to finish writing them up this week so you all have a piece of writing you can feel really proud of. 

Next week we have an RE day on Monday when we will be looking at the journey through life. A big topic that will lead to some real thought I suspect. 

In maths next week we are going to go back to place value. We are going to spend the next couple of weeks ensuring we have the foundations of place value in place to support us in all our coming maths. We need to be really secure in our understanding of how numbers 'work' and the importance of 0.

In literacy we are going to start looking at biographies and think about writing the biography of something I can see a lot of out of my window.......

In topic we will start to look at art and can begin getting our display looking a little more complete. 

Don't forget the first spelling test on Tuesday!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 

Mr Ellis



The last week has been something of a split-week. 

I am really proud of the hard-work you are all putting in, especially in your writing which has shown just how well we can use other people's ideas and make them our own. I am really looking forward to seeing some of those sentence structures in your independent writing. Similarly in maths I have had great focus and  a commitment to pushing yourself to succeed. 

The down-side has been some of our behaviour has not been up to the standards expected in Year 4. We need to make sure we are all meeting those expectations at all times and taking responsibility for our behaviour, classroom and learning. I know that next week is going to be better and the other teachers are going to be telling me just how good Class 6 have been rather than the somewhat negative messages I have received this week. 

It is a shorter week with an INSET (insect?) day on Friday when it will be all the teachers chance to listen and learn. 

We will also get stuck into Topic this week and look at science investigation skills. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I know I will! 

Gwlad! Gwlad!
Pleidiol wyf i'm gwlad.
Tra môr yn fur i'r bur hoff bau,
O bydded i'r hen iaith barhau.


Maths-Set on mathlectics on a Thursday. A padlock will appear and not let your child go on any other games until they have completed the set homework. Due Tuesday.

Timestables test (Miss Massey's and Mr Ellis' maths groups)- All the children will start with the 2 timestable and will be required to get full marks/1 wrong to move onto the 3 timestable and so on. Mathletics is a fantastic way for your child to practise their timestables in a fun and engaging way!

Here are some more useful links to timestable practise games:

Literacy/topic-  See 'year 3/4 resources'

Spellings- Spellings will be given out this week along with a letter to parents explaining the new scheme. The first test will be Tuesday 6th October, after that a weekly test will be held every Monday in our literacy slot. The spelling book is just for the test and spellings lists, please practise on scrap paper and not in the book!

Learning next week:

Numeracy- Mental multiplication and division.

Literacy- Wind in the Willows focusing on editing our work so it has a greater impact on the reader.

Science- Teeth and digestion.

Dates for your diary:

Friday 2nd Oct- School inset day. Enjoy your day off!



Class 6 have continued with their fantastic attitude to learning this week.

We have all been inspired by the writing in the Wind in the Willows and have stolen some of those ideas to great effect.

The use of expanded noun phrases has allowed you all to show off your descriptive powers and you really met the challenge well.

You achieved all you set out to when researching European rivers and now have some really interesting facts you can share.

I am pretty sure you all enjoyed investigating the different parts of the digestive system and you can now share some of those facts with your families.

I think we can all agree it has been a successful week.

Next week in literacy we are really going to get stuck into some writing and create a new character for the Wind in the Willows.

Numeracy focus is multiplication so get learning those times-tables. In the car, on the bus, eating breakfast, walking down the street, when you are bored - practise, practise, practise. Play games, chant them, make up ridiculous dances for the times tables.

In science we will focus on one important aspect of digestion and in a seasonally appropriate fashion we will make Christmas Cards next week. In September!

The other big event is our special mentions. Learn your lines and remember your big voice so the whole school can hear.

Have a great weekend all.

Mr Ellis


What a great first week we have had. We have all settled into Year 4 really well and it feels like we have been together for a long time already. 

It was a fantastic trip down to the river to kick off this term's topic and you all really showed me, the fantastic parent helpers and the general public what amazing behaviour Class 6 have. 

It was great to meet some more of the parents on Friday but for those of you who couldn't make it you should have received the leaflet on Friday. If it didn't make it into your hand you can find it in the Y3/4 Autumn resources folder to the right. This is the place where we will keep resources rather than at the bottom of the page. 

Children have received their maths and topic homework now. Maths is Mathletics and you should all be able to log in. To access on Android or Ipad you will need to download the App.

Next week in numeracy we are using mental strategies for addition and subtraction. 

Literacy will see us doing some grammar work and investigating characters. 

We will be doing some studies into rivers in topic and will be getting 'hands-on' with the digestive system. Don't worry - there will be nothing to be squeamish about. 

I am looking forward to another great week with Class 6. 

Have great weekends all,

Mr Ellis


Contact on


It was a great two days and now we are ready to get stuck into the timetable next week. I won't be with you first thing in the morning as I have to see my daughter off to her first day of school so you are very lucky to have Mrs Moore to start the day. 

In numeracy next week we are looking at place value and getting to grips with the make up of numbers.

In literacy we will be looking at Wind in the Willows; a book I am very much looking forward to reading to you.

We will also be kicking off our Topic subject  with a trip to the river on Tuesday - an exciting start to Year 4!

Indoor PE is Tuesday and outdoor PE is Thursday.

You will be getting Topic homework in the coming week.

Maths homework will be Mathletics again this year and I will give you all a refresher on this before Thursday.

Check the files at the bottom of the page this week as there will be updates coming.

I'm looking forward to the coming week!

Mr Ellis




Welcome to Mr Ellis's Class of 2015/16 !


I am sitting in the classroom having enjoyed a brilliant first day with Class 6. 

You have all really impressed me with your fantastic listening skills, great teamwork, personal responsibility, sense of humour and bright smiles. Of course having set the bar so high my expectations for the year and now very high and I know you will meet those expectations and we will have a fantastic fun year of learning. 

We have much less talking from me to look forward to tomorrow and you are going to be far busier with jobs. I think then we will all be ready for a well-earned weekend relax ready for regular timetable next week. 

Well done Class 6. You've been brilliant!