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Autumn Term 2014

Christmas!- 10.12.14

Wow everyone- the children have nearly completed their 1st term in school!  Alot of children are getting very tired now- but not too tired to celebrate Christmas!  This week in the unit, as well as introducing Phase 3 phonics we are doing lots of Christmas activities, including making some things to bring home- so if you find anything hidden in book bags with your name on, look away until the big day!

This week of course we are celebrating our Nativity 'The Christmas Alphabet' with 2 performances.  Some tickets are still available- see Mrs. Wenbourne in Class 15 if you need an extra or want to swap days.  Thank you to everyone who has provided a costume.  Feel free to join in with the singing at the end!

Next week we are really excited about going to White Post Farm and seeing Santa.  Please dress your child warmly- we are out all day.  Don't forget, school will be providing a packed lunch.  It is also party day on the 18th, with a visit from Peter Presto, our favourite magician!  He'll be looking for some special FS2 assistants to help him.....

Have a FANTASTIC (and restful) Christmas everyone, and a very Happy New year.  We'll look forward to seeing you all and hearing your christmas news back here on the 5th of January.

Christmassy best wishes, 

The Foundation Stage Team




Christmas Nativity preparations are now underway- we have just started rehearsing for our Nativity!  Letters have gone out this week about ticket requirements for each family and show, please check your child's book bag if you haven't seen your letter yet.  We are also handing out letters to some children asking for costumes/ clothing items.  Let us know if you have a problem getting anything.  If your child does NOT have a letter about costumes, it is because school will be providing one- don't panic!

We are learning l,ll,ss in phonics this week and are nearly at the end of Phase 2.  Wow! Alongside this we are thinking about weighing this week, in relation to setting up a role play post office in preparation for Christmas.  Can your child help you weigh items out at home, such as ingrediants?  We are also just about to make our own electric circuits as part of our learning about 'Light and Dark'.  The children usually LOVE thinking of themselves as scientists and doing this, making light bulbs light up, buzzers sound and engines whirl around.  

What a busy week!

The Foundation Team


Christmas is Coming! 21.11.14

Although it is still only November, we are already practising the songs for our Nativity, roles have been chosen and rehearsals are just about to start.  Exciting times!

We are continuing our work on Light and Dark, and the children are loving both the bedroom role play in Class 15 and the 'dark den' in class 16.  We are continuing with our collection of light sources and making electric circiouts next week.

In phonics we have been practising the sounds b,h,f, and ff.  Next week we will be learning l,ll,ss.  We are almost at the end of Phase 2 - amazing!  The children are trying so hard to hear sounds at the beginning, middle and end of words, we are really impressed.

In numeracy we have continued with the theme of addition and '1 more than' and the children are really getting the idea of 'joining 2 numbers together to make a bigger number' as one child said.

Thank you to all who have contributed to our Christmas hampers so far, and to the Children in Need fundraising.

The Foundation Stage Team


Light and Dark- 12.11.14

The children have been learning about Rememberance Day this week- why we have it and why it is so important.  They have been making poppies and doing paired painting of a poppy field, based on the very moving children's book 'Where the Poppies Now Grow'

We will be displaying their beautiful paintings when they are done- the children are working hard in their pairs and we are sure you will love them when they are done.

We are also reading the story of 'Plop- The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark'.

There is a picture book and a chapter book- the children are feeling very grown- up listening to a chapter book!  We are talking about Plop's feelings about the dark and our own- what we like or don't like about the dark.  this work will be continuing next week, and the children will be making electric circuits to make a light bulb light up!  If your child has a torch they could bring it in to show.

This week the children are practising the sounds e,u,r.  They are really enjoying impressing us with the words they can think of with these sounds in!  In numeracy we are also beginning  to add up small amounts to make a total, using counting equipment to help us. 

Story Sacks

We are having an increasing number of story sacks being returned with missing pieces.  Staff spend a long time checking all the equipment.  We cannot reissue the bags if they have items missing.  PLEASE make sure that all the lovely resources in each bag are kept together so that they can be enjoyed by the next faamily.  Thank you.

PE Bags

There are still some children who do not have complete PE kits.  Please ensure your child has all the items they need for indoor and outdoor p.e.  A list has been given out- if you are not sure come and ask a member of staff about what your child needs.

Christmas Hampers

Each year every class in school collects a hamper which is raffled out at the Christmas Fair.  it is a fab fundraiser and fun to do.  Each hamper has a theme- Class 15 are collecting red items, Class 16 anything with sparkles.  If you can donate an item to your class hamper we would really appreciate it.  Thank you!

The Christmas countdown starts here!

From the Foundation Stage Team

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

Welcome back to school everyone!  We hope you all had a good half- term.

This week we are celebrating Bonfire Night and the story behind it.  We will be learning the rhyme' Remember, Remember the 5th of November' and finding out about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

The children will also be learning and using the names of 3D shapes to make their own 3D box models of fireworks and rockets.  Look out for them!  Alongside this we are thinking about how to stay safe around fire and fireworks- we know the children will be very sensible especially as we had a very succesful visit from the fire engine and firemen on the last day of last half- term!

In phonics we will be practising sounds c,k and ck and reinforcing all the sounds we have already learned.

Phew- what a brilliant, busy week!  

Looking forward to seeing many of you next week for Parents Evening and to celebrating Children in Need on Friday 14th (dressing up theme is HEROS!) 

The Foundation Team





What a Busy Half- Term!

Wow everyone!  It is amazing to think that the children have been here for half a term already- the time has flown!  We are so proud of how well everyone has settled in- it seems as if they have always been here!

We are coming to the end of our topic 'All Kinds of People' and have really enjoyed thinking about keeping healthy- even making a vegetable soup in groups together yesterday.  We were impressed how careful everyone was using the knife to chop. See if your child can tell you about all the things we need to do to keep healthy!

This week the children have also been on a numbers walk- looking for numbers in the environment and thinking about how important numbers around us are.  perhaps you could do something similar over half- term when you are out and about?  We have also been practising Phase 2 phonic sounds- s,a,t,p,i,n,m,g,d,o,c.  it's amazing how many words the children come up with using only those letters!

Next half- term our topic is 'Celebrations', including 'Light and Dark' which we are really looking forward to.  On the subject of half- term, please could we ask that all P.E kits are checked- lots of children only have partial kits or un- named kits.  Names need to be on EVERYTHING please!

Have a brilliant half- term and a good rest everyone!  See you in November!

The Foundation Team


Harvest Festival

Our First Month!

Sorry for the slow update- there have been some technical issues with the new website and my computer which hopefully are sorted now.  Amazingly, the children have already been at school for a whole month- how quickly the time is passing!  We have been so impressed with how well the children have settled into all the school routines- taking dinnertime in their stride and coming into both key stage AND whole school assemblies very smartly!  They could give some of the older children a run for their money!!

We  are continuing to practise our listening skills and have started Phase 2 phonics, practising the sounds s,a,t last week and introducing p,i,n this week.   In numeracy we are recognising and ordering numbers correctly.  This week we are enjoying celebrating  Harvest with the whole school and emphasising healthy eating as part of our topic work on 'All Kinds of People'.  The children will even be making a yummy fruit salad!  Perhaps they could help makeone for you at home?!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who came to the FS Curriculum Evening,we hope you found it interesting and informative- we really enjoyed sharing our classroom environment with you.

Now the weather seems to have turned, don't forget to wrap up warm everyone!


The Foundation Stage Team


Busy, Busy, Busy!

What a busy first full week it has been!  The children have done so well this week learning all about the routines of each day, including P.E (inside and out) assemblies, music and singing and simply staying for a whole school day- every day!  We know there have been some tired children as the week has passed- including some sleepy heads by Friday afternoon!   This isn't surprising as on top of learning about the routines we have also been practising our listening skills by playing circle games and beginning to think about our bodies and 'All Kinds of People'as part of our topic.

Next week we will be continuing our work on listening and taking turns, and getting used to  being more independent.  we will also be painting our faces- looking in the mirror carefully to make sure we get the colours and shapes right!

The children are getting used to staying for school dinners and enjoying tucking in (especially to the puddings!)  Please could you encourage your child to use a knife and fork at mealtimes as quite a few children are using spoons for their main course!  Thank you for your support in this.  

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our FS Curriculum Evening on Thursday  25th September at 6.30.

Regards, the FS 2 Team




Welcome to School!