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Autumn Term 2014


Hello Class 6. Christmas is really on us now. It is our final week of the first term of Year 4 and we will have a lovely run-in to the two week holidays.

Tomorrow and Tuesday we are going to do some reflecting on our Year 4 and write about the things that we have enjoyed the most. Whilst doing that we will be recording our fantastic spooky stories which should be up on the website by the end of the week.

In numeracy we are going to be looking at co-ordinates which just may have something of a Christmas theme.

We also have a final WW1 topic lesson which will again be Christmas based as we remember the Christmas truce and how the horrors of the trenches and war were forgotten for a short time.

There will be the Christmas Hamper raffle draw in tomorrow's assembly so fingers crossed for those of you with tickets. Thank you all so much for the really kind donations. Our hamper is going to make a great prize.

Thank you for getting back the Hathersage letters and deposits as well. I am really pleased that all of us are going and I know it is going to be an amazing trip that we will find out more about in the New Year.

Wednesday is our Christmas party so don't forget to bring your food in so we can all have a feast. It is non-uniform and we will have a great day of Christmas activities and fun.

The final note is for Friday which is Christmas jumper day. If you have a Christmas jumper please wear it along with a hat if you have one so we will all look festive (and ridiculous) for the final assembly.

See you all Monday.

Mr. Ellis



Trembling, Mr Ellis sat down to update the Class 6 website. The kitchen was dark with shadows that seemed to move in the corners. He heard a noise. It was getting closer. It must be my daughter coming for some breakfast he told himself. He then remembered he was all alone in the house. What was coming?

We are continuing our spooky stories this week and I am really looking forward to reading and hearing what becomes of your plans. I am really pleased with the way you have taken on the spooky and avoided the gory. We will be building up lots of atmosphere this week.

In maths we are going to continue looking at fractions and exploring some equivalent fractions and the relationship between fractions and decimals.

We will finish our pigeons this week and be looking at some of the unpleasant realities of life in the trenches. In science having explored the change from solid to liquid we are now going to look at changes from gas to liquid. Have a look at your bathroom windows after you have had a shower.......

There will be rather a lot of Christmas activities this week as well. We have a nativity run through tomorrow and preparation for the Christmas celebration on Tuesday. On Thursday evening we have the celebration at the church.

I hope you all have a good Sunday and I will see you tomorrow.

Mr Ellis


December is upon us. When you come in to school tomorrow you will notice a slight change. The Christmas tree is up outside the office and the countdown to Christmas will really begin now. I know we have made Christmas cards and Christmas posters and Christmas decorations already but really, now and only now should minds begin to drift to the festive. We still have a lot to cover before Christmas and we are going to have to remain focussed and concentrated despite the excitement.

Next week we will carry on with our spooky stories in literacy. The main focus is going to be on looking at vocabulary and settings to really generate that spooky mood. We will use other spooky stories to help generate ideas and take some influences from.

In numeracy my group will begin looking at fractions. After the brilliant work on division I am sure that this will cause no problems. We will be thinking about sharing chocolate and the fractions that we can break it into.

We will continue with our pigeon art which is already looking good, explore another animal's role in the war and investigate the change from solid to liquid in science. As ever, a busy week.

Have a great weekend all,

Mr Ellis



What a wet weekend! I hope you are all managing to find something interesting to do whilst keeping moderately dry!

It was another good week for Class 6 and certainly a full one. You did brilliantly on Friday fitting in science and topic and doing justice to both of them. Well done. Maybe you could write some secret codes for your families to try and break?

Next week is a fairly 'normal' week for a change!

In literacy we will finish making our Class 6 WW1 book ensuring our presentation and writing are our very best. We'll spend a little bit more time looking over good examples of information texts for inspiration. When we have finished we are going to begin our spooky story topic. This is one I know some of you are really looking forward to.

In numeracy we are going to look at division next week and seeing if we can use a number line to quickly help us to chunk up our divisions. After the brilliant work last week on multiplication I am feeling confident you will excel at division as well.

We then have more animals and world war one in topic and a will be learning about gases in science.

On top of all that we will try to fit in some more pigeon art as well! Another busy week.

Any more Organic goodies will be happily received. Our hamper is beginning to take shape but still needs filling out a little.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I hope we will have a dry Monday.

Mr Ellis



What a success Children in Need was. I absolutely loved all of your costumes and it really was incredibly difficult to choose a winner of the costume competition. I could have chosen any one of you. Well done to Kitty though, as Watermelon Lady certainly was one of the more 'wild' ideas in the school.

I feel like we are already careering towards Christmas with all the additional tasks we have on at the moment. With the Christmas decorations, the Christmas poster competition and the Christmas Hamper items beginning to come in I can tell it is going to be a very busy few weeks. All organic items will be gratefully received so that Class 6's hamper will be a wonderful prize for one lucky recipient.

Next week we will continue with our WW1 theme in literacy and will begin to create our page for a non-fiction book. You all researched and made excellent notes so now you can concentrate on your best writing. In something of a reversal of a normal week we are going to be doing our Big Write on Monday this week so make sure you get plenty of rest and have thought about your personal writing targets.

In numeracy we are going to move on to some written methods for multiplication and trying to ensure we are all as confident as possible with our times tables. Lots of times table chanting as you move around your houses this weekend please!

As well as all of this we will have to fit in our first Topic session which will look at WW1 from a local perspective, some more pigeon art and a further study of solids, liquids and gases.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will see you Monday morning,


Mr. Ellis



A brilliant first week back. Even though I missed the first day back it is amazing how much has been covered this week. The results of your RE work were fantastic and I know you all really enjoyed the play on Thursday.

Next week's literacy sees us continue looking at our WW1 topic and really getting stuck into the process of choosing good sources for information and taking accurate and effective notes.

In numeracy we are going to do a little more work on measure before returning to some formal methods for written addition and subtraction.

We have a busy week outside of this with our first Topic lesson with a real local feel, some pigeon art and in science a study into states of matter.

Don't forget Friday is Children in Need and has a hero theme. It doesn't have to be a superhero though, it can just as easily be someone who is your hero.

I hope you have all had a great weekend.

See you tomorrow,

Mr. Ellis



Apologies for the confusion with the email address. I can't spell my own name it seems. The below address should now work.  As ever you can contact me before or after school most evenings. As of this week Fridays will not be as good as I run a Tag Rugby club after school.