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Autumn Term 2014

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas....

                              Christmas Gif 21


What a wonderful last couple of weeks we've been having. Class 9 have really been getting into the festive spirit. We have finished our literacy unit about the Little Hen and the Great War and I have loved reading their wonderful stories; they put so much work into them!! Their pigeon collages are finished and I can safely say the children have got an incredible talent for art. We have also come to an end of our topic work where the children recreated the Christmas truce out on the playground and imagined (well, we tried our best to) what it was like for the soldiers around that time. 

A quick reminder it is the year 3/4 party this Wednesday 17th. Children can wear their own clothes and bring in some party food for the afternoon. 

On Friday we will celebrate the last day with a toy day (non electrical) and the staff will be wearing their festive jumpers!






This week we will be finishing off our stories about the Little Hen and the Great War. The children have been working brilliantly to write as Arthur, the main character from the story, and describe what life was like in the trenches. I am confident that their final pieces of work will be fantastic!


We will be moving on from calculations this week and on to fractions!! The children will learn how write and match fractions of shapes and begin to notice some equivalent fracitons through practical and written lessons.


This half term our topic is forces and magnets and already Class 10 have shown a great interest, bringing in magnets from home and we have been discussing how they work. We have been learning about push, pull and twist forces and where we would find them. We explored many around the school for example a door being pushed open, a tray being pulled out, the taps being twisted and many more!


In Art we have been focussing on sketching. So far we have sketched our own pigeon; it took a few attempts but I am so impressed with how they turned out. Everyone persevered and took their time in order to draw a super bird! We will be using different materials to make a pigeon collage over the next few weeks so it would be great to start bringing in old maps, newspapers, magazines etc...


Thank you to all the parents who came along to our Poetry Assembly last week. We were very proud of all their hard work.

What a fantastic first half term class 9 have had. They have really impressed me with their enthusiasm and hard work and I Iook forward to what this half term brings.

We will be moving on from our settlement topic onto or new topic of WW1. We wil be exploring many aspects of the war through the eyes of animals and examining the many different jobs which animals had. Our literacy focus will be on narrative and our chosen book is 'The Little Hen and the Great War'. 

Our Year 3 assembly is also creeping closer so there will be lots of rehearsing our performance poetry from before half term.

I look forward to seeing you all next week at parents evening and for the children to have a chance to share their hard work so far in year 3!

Children in Need

Next Friday the 14th November is Children in Need. Everyone is encouraged to dress up as a hero for the day. There will also be prizes for best costumes/ideas.