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Autumn Term 2014

Autumn 2

Week Beginning 22nd December 2014

Wow Class 13

It’s officially Christmas!!


Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas with your families!


Remember to come back and visit the website on Sunday 4th January 2015 to find out all the exciting things we have planned for you!

Parents: New spelling list for January 2015 attached.

Lots of Love

Mrs Moore & Mrs Bailey x x x

PS We will be starting a new WINTER display...If you can bring in anything to add to it that would be great!! Books about winter? Photos of you playing in the snow?





No spellings this week...New list handed out WB 5th January 2015

Week Beginning 15th December 2015

Oh my goodness...Class 13....It's officially your first term in Year 1 DONE! Where has the time gone? I can honestly say that this has been perhaps one of the best week's ever! You were AMAZING in the performances (my little sheep) and your learning this week has been unbelievable!! You are writing accurate sentences with full stops and capital letters WOW! You are also using adjectives to describe the noun! WOW! Also your numbers are really coming one. We're going to stay focussed next week too and have lots of fun!! Did you enjoy visiting Santa today? I am sure he was so impressed with your lovely manners and generous gifts for other children. Well done Class 13.

Here's your preview:

Monday : Mrs Bailey- Maths/Literacy/

Tuesday: Maths/Literacy

Wednesday: Mrs Bailey-Roger Robin-Elliott

Thursday:Mrs Bailey


Have a wonderful weekend...Play well and rest well and read well!! Your reading is really improving! Keep it up!!

Lots of love

Mrs Moore & Mrs Bailey x x x


Please check out the gallery on this website...Beautiful photos of the children last week and don't forget the Evening Post will have some photos of our performances..I will let you know the exact date. All children have returned home with their PE Kit...Please wash and return on 5th January 2015. THANK YOU.



Week Beginning 8th December 2014

Well Class 13! What a great week!

Star of The Week:Orla

Friend of The Week: TBC

This week's spellings:

You're listening skills are definitely improving and you are trying so hard in your Literacy and Numeracy lessons. Do you love the Writing Station and Investigate Station? Mrs Bailey always has great ideas!!

Next week is going to be very exciting with the following:

Monday: am Dress Rehearsal to the school/BIG SOLVE

Tuesday: Literacy/Numeracy/Carol Concert Run Through

Wednesday: am Hey Ewe to parents

Thursday: pm Hey Ewe to parents/6.30pm Carol service at St Paul's

Friday:Big Write/Reading/Choosing

So little sheep, are you reading for Monday? You're going to be brilliant! Speak loudly and sing beautifully!

Have a great weekend with your family.

Mrs Moore & Mrs Bailey x x x

Autumn 2

Week Beginning: 1st December 2014

Hello Class 13!!

Star of the Week: Thomas H

Friend of the Week:

This week’s spellings: off, well, miss, buzz, back, where

Numeracy Focus: Shorter or longer?

Literacy Focus: Story Sequencing

Class 13! What a brilliant and busy week! We have been really focussing on our phonics…What’s a trigraph? Where’s the trigraph in light/might/sight? Can you tell your family? Also we have done well in our subtraction and addition calculations! Did you enjoy making the crackers? The hamper? And Miss Law’s special Birthday card? What about Roger Robin? What about the Christmas Fair?

Let’s have another great week Class 13!

Remember Year 1 everyday we have: Literacy/Numeracy/Phonics and Guided Reading but what else is in our preview for next week?

Monday: Singing/Maths/Story Time!

Tuesday: Hey Ewe!/Writing/Maths

 Wednesday: Science/Spellings/ROGER ROBIN



Remember Parents, any queries/concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail addresses or pop in before or after school:

Have a lovely and special family weekend.

Mrs Moore & Mrs Bailey x x x







Autumn 2

Week Beginning 23rd November 2014

Hello Class 13!!

Star of the Week : Orla...amazing maths!!

Friend of the Week: Scarlett

This week’s spellings:out, about, mouth, around, sound, here, there

What a brilliant week Class 13!! We have been so impressed with your listening skills!! Keep it up!! You have listened well and played well. Who's the best?
You have worked very hard on you number sentences, rhyming couplets and Science!
Our Christmas Nativity is fast approaching and we had our first chat about it last week. You were brilliant!! Hey Ewe!!
Details of the timings and letters will be sent home on Monday so get ready Mums and Dads ;-)
We will be sending ticket requests and costume request letters home with you on Monday 23rd November.
What's our preview next week?
Monday: Christmas JGA crackers/ big solve revisited
Tuesday:  Phonics/Indoor PE

Wednesday : Brilliant Mrs Bailey/Science/Music

Thursday: Brilliant Mrs Bailey/ ICT /Roger The Robin

Friday: It's our Team KS1 Planning day so you will be having.........I will let you know.....Don't forget the wonderful JGA Fair...6pm-8pm...It's going to be so Christmassey!!

Can't wait to see you all bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow...I have some awesome stickers for Friend of The Week and Leaping Learners!! Let's leap our way to success


Mrs Moore & Mrs Bailey x x x           



Autumn 2

Week Beginning 17th November 2014

Hello Class 13!!

Star of the Week : Hamzah

Friend of the Week: Joe

This week’s spellings: boat, coat, road, coach, goal,toe, goes

Numeracy Focus: Addition and Subtraction

Literacy Focus: Poetry, Rhyming Couplets

What a brilliant Children in Need Day! We had so many heroes in Class 13 and we even had royalty!! Her majesty, also known as, Isobel arrived!! Crown and corgie too! Well done Class 13!!

We think you were all tired last week Class 13!! Not as focussed as usual…So lots of rest over the weekend and we want to see you back at your best!! Listening well and playing well…Come on Class 13! You can do it!

Last week was very special and we really enjoyed learning about remembrance week, making our clay poppies, being introduced to Roger the Robin and practical Science! As well as your BIG WRITE and wonderful Children in Need learning…

 Remember Year 1 everyday we have: Literacy/Numeracy/Phonics and Guided Reading but what else is in our preview for next week?

Monday: Singing/Outdoor PE/Painting our clay poppies

Tuesday: Indoor PE/Free choice

 Wednesday: Science/Spellings/ROGER ROBIN

 Thursday: ICT/Science/Free choice/STAR OF THE WEEK

Friday: 10am Year 3 Assembly/ FRIEND OF THE WEEK AWARD

Remember Parents, any queries/concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail addresses or pop in before or after school:

A huge thank you for the very generous pamper hamper gifts Mums and Dads...Anymore donations very welcome and appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday!!

Mrs Moore & Mrs Bailey


Week Beginning 10th November 2014

Autimn 2 Week 2

Hello Class 13!!

Star of the Week : Iona

(well done for being such a star on Friday too!!)

Thank you to Lily and Thomas P for your lovely and well written postcards from your half-term break!! Well done!!

This week’s spellings: book, took, foot, wood, good by, my

What is this week's spelling pattern? (not including the exception words in bold font)

Numeracy Focus: 1 More than/less than

Literacy Focus: Sentence structure-All about Remembrance

A good start this week Class 13 but I know that you can continue to listen just a little bit more. Remember the more you listen and play (during free choice) and ask questions the more you will  learn!!

It have been great having Mrs Brilliant Bailey back!! And I know that Mrs Bailey and I found it a great and useful experience meeting all of your parents this week. It was lovely to share all of your brilliant learning and explain your next steps to increase your learning even more!!

Week beginning 10th November is a very special week Class 13 as it’s remembrance week…What does this mean? First person to tell me on Monday morning = 10 C points!

Who was Florence Nightingale? What did she do during the Crimean War...First person to tell me on Monday morning = 10 C points!!

What's Our Preview This Week Beginning

10th November?

Monday: Outdoor PE-More than/Less than

Tuesday: Remembrance Day.....11th Hour.....Indoor PE/Clay Poppy Modelling

 Wednesday: Brilliant Mrs Bailey.....Science/Spellings

Thursday: Brilliant Mrs Bailey....Star of the Week....ICT/Science

Friday: Children in Need….Who's your hero?

Best costume (hero themed) wins a prize!! It could be you!


Remember Parents, any queries/concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail addresses or pop in  before or after school:

Class 13.....Please remember your jumpers and coats Class 13…It’s becoming very chilly.

Have a lovely weekend...And enjoy the parties and fire works (but stay safe and remember everything that the fire team told us)!!

Mrs Moore & Mrs Bailey x x x

Parents' Message

we have attached a very useful resource for phase 2 and 3 letters and sounds...It's really easy to follow and explains each sound...We have been using this in class and it forms our letters and sounds display...Just thought you may wish to use it with your child too as a little reminder :-) Mrs M & Mrs B

Autumn 2

Week Beginning 3rd November 20

Hello Class 13!!

This Week's Spellings:

Are you ready for a brilliant 2nd half of the Autumn Term!!

We have so much to look forward to!! We hope you’ve had a great break and we are looking forward to you returning bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow!!

So what’s our preview this week?

Monday: INSET

Tuesday: Indoor PE/Helping hands: Important People

Wednesday: Brillliant Mrs Bailey returns! Welcome back!!
Science/Spellings PARENTS’ EVENING


Friday: Special Mentions/BIG SOLVE/Reading Records

Mrs Bailey and I are really looking forward to seeing your parents this week….We can’t wait to share your wonderful learning!

Mrs Moore & Mrs Bailey x x x

Remember Parents, any queries/concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail addresses or pop in before or after school.

Spellings for this half term attached below








Happy Half Term Class 13!!

                Well done  Joel and Joe!!                 

You received the most PUMPKIN POINTS! You can now carve your very own pumpkin!!


Wow Class 13!! You did it!! A brilliant first half term!

Well done to all of you! I hope you have a lovely half term break with your families.

Enjoy the autumnal landscape and wrap up warm.

Don’t forget clocks go back…..

It will be darker in the mornings and darker earlier in the evening.

Don’t forget to check out your Class Webpage on Sunday 2nd November so you can find out what we will be doing during the next part of the Autumn Term.

Lots of Love Mrs Moore x x x

Autumn 1 Week 7

Week Beginning 20th October 2014

Star of the Week: Thomas P

This week's spellings:made/came/same/take/safe

Class Target: To be nice, kind and polite to each other

(just like the KINDEST giant in town!)

Oh my goodness Class 13!! You've almost finished your first half term in Year 1!! I am so proud of you all!! You have worked so hard and are becoming great learners. What did you learn this week? More about 3D shapes? More about full stops and capital letters? What about World War I? Can you tell your family all about the trenches? No Man's Land? Toys that children had 100 years ago!! I am sure that you will amaze your family with all the facts that you have found out this week!! Did you enjoy looking at real artefacts from the war? And learning to dance like jitterbugs?? (I thought we all looked like we were on 'Strictly Come Dancing'!! As Len would say, '7'!!) Next week promises to be just as brilliant!!

Here's your preview:

Monday: Outdoor PE/Where The Poppies Now Grow/Singing

Tuesday:Indoor PE/Instructions/Mrs Bailey is visiting!!

Wednesday: Instructions and directions

Thursday: Instructions and directions

Friday:Big Write/Special Mentons/FIRE ENGINE VISIT!!

Literacy Focus: How to follow and write instructions

Numeracy Focus: Directions- above/below/under/over/clockwise/right/left

We're going to learn lots!! I can't wait!!

A huge thank you to Mrs Johnson for all of her hard work over the last half term...We'll be sad to see you go but know that you will be doing many exciting things in school and we'll still see you!!

Also, a warm welcome back to Mrs Bailey who will be returning to Jesse Gray after Maternity leave (She now has a gorgeous little boy...A little brother for her gorgeous daughter) , week beginning 3rd November. Mrs Bailey will be teaching you on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Let's show Mrs Bailey what a brilliant class we are!!

Have a wonderful weekend. Read, have fun and be happy.

Lots of Love

Mrs Moore x x x

PS Did you enjoy the Pumpkin Fairy Den in Miss Horgan's Class?? Wow! I can't believe that the pumpkin fairy left her/his shoes????And fairy dust...EVERYWHERE!

PPS Parents Reminder: Thank you for responding so promptly with the Parents Consultation Times....The Parent Consultations will take place on 5th November and 6th November...You will also have an opportunity to meet Mrs Bailey then. Have a lovely weekend too.

Class 13...Do You Believe in Pumpkin Fairies? I Do!

Autumn 1 Week 6

Week Beginning 13th October 2014

This Week’s Spellings:  oil/join/coin/point/soil/no/me/be

Star of The Week -Isla

What a SUPER week we have had!! Can you tell me:

What is a 2D shape? What is a 3D shape? What is a sentence? What must you add for a sentence to make sense? Did you enjoy our Autumn Hunt with Class 14? And making up an Autumn Poem!! And eating pop-corn to remind us of the sound of the leaves? Can you name the season we are in today? How do you know?

An absolutely fabulous week…The best I have ever had!! Keep up your wonderful learning attitude Class 13.

Don’t  forget your coat everyday!! It’s getting colder and wetter!!

Next Week's Preview:

Monday: Pumpkin Fairy/Outdoor PE

Tuesday: Where The Poppies Now Grow

Wednesday: Mrs Johnson

Thursday: Mrs Johnson

Friday: Big Solve

Literacy Focus: Writing accurate sentences-finger spaces/full stops/capital letters

Numeracy Focus: 3D shapes

Have a lovely weekend!! Remember to read your books!:-))

Lots of Love

Mrs Moore and Mrs Johnson x x x

PS POLITE PARENTS' REMINDER: Please could you remind your children that at the end of the school day they do not leave their teacher's side unless the teacher has seen you or their childminder/Grandma/etc. The children become very excited but it is our responsibility to keep them safe...


Class 13

Autumn 1 Week 4

Week Beginning 6th October 2014


This Week's Spellings:

Week Beginning 6th October: see tree green meet week she we

Mrs Johnson and myself have been so impressed with your focus and grown-up attitude!!

Who’s the best?

Here are some questions about last week….

Did you enjoy dancing with the stars? What is a list? Why do we have lists? What is a label? Can you find the answer to 16-5=?    How did you work out the answer? Can you name another picture by Vincent Van Gogh (but not Starry, Starry Night)?

Class 13 I have loved being back in the classroom properly this week and watching you all learn!! Super!

What is a non-fiction text? In Guided Reading you could all tell me about non –fiction texts! Well done. Next week is going to be awesome.....Here's your preview:

Monday: Starry Night-Finish/Sentences/2D Shapes

Tuesday:PE/Guided Groups

Wednesday: Mrs Johnson

Thursday:Mrs Johnson

Friday: National Poetry Day- Instead of last week

Enjoy the Goose Fair, the sunshine and lots of lovely family time!!

Lots of love Mrs Moore & Mrs Johnson x x x






Autumn 1 Week 3 STAR OF THE WEEK: Connie

Week Beginning 29th September 2014

Class 13 - you are amazing and turning already into real Y1's - so grown up !  We have been so impressed with your attitude and work this week.  Well done !  Lots of marbles in the jar from us and other teachers who have seen you around school.  We have had fun creating extra characters and stories that the boy and his star could go on;  we've been stretching our brains with subtraction questions and making Christmas cards (of which you will see why next week!)

Here's your preview for this week......

Monday: Outdoor PE / Starry night Painting

Mrs Johnston Monday morning;  Mrs Moore Monday afternoon.

Tuesday: Dancing with the Stars !

Wednesday: Spellings and Blasting away with Rockets.  

Thursday: ICT and continuing our rockets. 

Friday: Big Solve, Special Mentions


Enjoy the Weekend, Mrs Johnston and Mrs Moore

Just a couple of quick answers to queries this week:

  1. Spellings Although they will be written in books in school on a Wednesday. they can be learnt in anyway, infact trying a few different ways is great and works really well.  Basic letter formation is the same - don't just stick to writing it down if your child is not engaged. Have a go at some of these - written down in zigzag lines, using playdough, coloured in, painted, using foam letters in the bath, breathing on the window and writing in the condensation, getting plate of paint, rolling the wheels of a car in it and driving the letters round . . . . the list is endless !
  2. All About Me Wheel - this will be given out to one person each week.  Once your receive it, is is obvious what to do.  Your child will then have the chance to share it with the class the following Monday.  


Well Class 13!! You have definitely been brilliant little minions this week!! You have listened well and been great friends to one another!! Keep it up!! Next week promises to be FABULOUS!! Here's your preview.....

Week Beginning 22nd September 2014

Monday: Stories from other cultures/ Outdoor PE-All About Me Wheel-ORLA

Tuesday: Indoor PE/ How To Catch A Star....Starry Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh inspired art!!

Wednesday: Music, CfL -Van Gogh Starry night MRS JOHNSON

Thursday: ICT - remembering how to log in and type our names. MRS JOHNSON

Friday: Big Write...What will your character say? Special Mentions MRS JOHNSON

I'm so sorry but Mrs Moore has lots of learning to do next week too! So wonderful Mrs Johnston will be with you most of next week...And she will be keeping Mrs Moore updated on your awesome learning.

Here's to another great week!! Shine! Shine!Shine!

Lots of love Mrs Moore and Mrs Johnson

MESSAGE FOR PARENTS -It was lovely to meet you all last Friday. We hope that you found it useful!! Just for your information READING BOOKS will be changed on a MONDAY and a FRIDAY also there are some changes to our Spelling Framework so we will be sending a letter home to explain our new approach to spellings on Monday 22nd September 2014.

Literacy Focus: Re-telling stories in our own words (lots of role-play!)

Numeracy Focus: Subtraction, take-away, minus-Subtracting from 10/20/30 using number lines and 100 square

Mums, Dads and carers - please pop in at the end of the day if you have any concerns or email us: or



Autumn 1 Week 1 STAR OF THE WEEK AVA

Wow!! What a brilliant first week Class 13!! With a brilliant new website!


Our big target next week is to:

"Listen carefully when Mrs Moore or Mrs Johnson is speaking."

You can do it Class 13 now that you are Year 1.

So what's our preview next week?

Monday: Stories from other cultures/ Outdoor PE

Tuesday: Indoor PE/ Counting

Wednesday: Music, Science - more about our bodies.

Thursday: ICT - remembering how to log in and type our names.

Friday: Story Map...The final part...How To Catch A Star *

We think that you have had a brilliant first week in Year 1 and we know that you are going to be fantastic little minions!! Keep it up!!

Lots of love

Mrs Moore & Mrs Johnson

Mums, Dads and carers - please pop in at the end of the day if you have any concerns or email us: or