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Autumn Term



We've made the last day and despite coughs and colds are having a lovely time in our Christmas jumpers and hats,

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday . Many thanks for all the lovely gifts.

See you in 2015 

Love from Mrs B


We've made it to lthe last week, along with lots of colds and sore throats!!

The nativity was lovely last week, we hope you all enjoyed our singing.


Last bit of Numeracy is revision of symmetryand a little bit of writing based on the Christmasstory

Remember PARTY DAY on Thursday, all you have to do is remember to wear your party clothes

What a busy week we've got coming up!

No Reading Club on Monday evening this week.

Let's start the week with a great Monday

Love from Mrs B

Christmas is definitely in full swing in Year 2

Nativity practice in costumes to the rest of the school on Monday morning. Don't worry if you forget your lines and actions as we;ve got time on Tuesday afternoon for a quick last effort.

Tuesday morning we're all in the hall with Mrs Walton  and Miss Law for a run through the carol service

Wednesday morning is our first performance at 9.30am.

Thursday afternoon at 1.30pm.

We've all got to keep a little bit of energy to keep us going for the Carol Service at the church on Thursday evening. Arrive at approx' 6.10pm for a 6.30pm start. I hope to see as many of you as possible as it really is a lovely way to start Christmas and as well as the message from Miss Law we will be singing some lovely traditional carols.

In Fridays assembly we're having the draw for the Hampers so you just might be lucky and have your name called out!

It's Miss Le Grys last day with us on Friday and we're all going to miss her. Although she won't be back in school with us every day she will visit us after Xmas for one or two special tasks.

Enjoy your weekend

Love from Mrs Bettle and Miss Le Grys



Secret Santa

Make sure you think carefully about your friend nominated on your slip and secretly return to school for the secret santa box

Remember we've all got one even Miss Le Grys amd Mrs Bettle

Looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas Fair tonight.

Thank you for all your donations for the looks really good....I'm hoping that I have the winning ticket!

Practices are going well for the Nativity. If you have a narrator line, make sure you practice speaking loud and clear

Numeracy next week involves checking what we already know on our calculations

Literacy takes us back to narrative and story writing

Class 11 deserve a BIG WELL DONE for report writing on animals this week. I think we could all see that we had improved from the first report.

Remember vehicles in for Wednesday for the GRAND ROLL OFF. Some of you have been telling me of your designs so I'm really looking forward to seeing them

Have a great weekend 

Mrs Bettle and Miss Le Grys


I hope you've all been working on your designs for your Science homework this week end. Remember you have got an extra week for the build, We're really looking forward to testing your results in ther Great Roll Off

Lots of work still to complete this week and back to calculations in Numeracy.

Literacy we are just about to write our animal report for our final assessment, I know you've improved as we wrote a brilliant class report on Grizzly Bears.

We have also got to begin the Nativity rehearsals , if you have a narrator line remember lots of clear slow speaking. We also have to put tohgether a dance for our class song. You were all really good when we met in the dining room to have our first read through.

Crackers have been completed and weren't they fidly! Well done for not getting too frustrated with all that bow tying.....

Don't forget


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow

Mrs Bettle and Miss Le Grys

Are you ready for HOMEWORK 8

The Great Roll Off........

Details to be released tomorrow...

Don't miss.....

A great day was had by all celebrating Children In Need!

Thank you for your donations, we had lots of fun especially with all those heroes in our classroom for the day.....

A soldier hero being remembered in our special commemorative week

Careful colouring for our badges

One of our dancing heroes

Literacy this week continues with Report writing and we are going to use the computers to research all about animals to use for this. We are going to add to the structure of our report to include both an introduction and a finishing line. Don't worry because we're going to help you with how to do it and do a joint one as a class first

In Numeracy we are going to be finding out how to measure...but not length this time. How to measure capacity and weight. get your thinking caps on as to which units we will be using this time


Your clay poppies are nearly complete and in art we will be putting a coat of varnish on to seal them and make them shiny and then you will be able to take them home and keep them in a safe place to remind you of our special Remembrance work this last week.

Lots of new songs to learn in singing so make sure you've got you best voices with you on Monday when you return

Good Luck to the Class 11 gymnasts who are joining Mr Hassall on Monday afternoon at the Gymnastic Festival. We shall look forward to hearing what you do.

Science will be predicting and testing Forces using the ramps, so you will need to be accurate as you conduct a FAIR test

Have a lovely Sunday

Mrs Bettle and Miss Le Grys

We celebrated Remembrance with 2 minutes silence. Max joined us by wearing his poppy.


Homework for this week 

Paper spinners

Test your predictions and compare to the parachute, record your results in your book for me

It's been raining on us again........but 

A big thank you to all the mums and dads who came to see me this week. It was lovely to update you on how the children were doing. We've covered so much work already so here's to another successful half term.

In readiness for helping the JGA with the Christmas Fair would it be possible for everyone to bring an empty toilet roll into school as we're going to have a go at Cracker making

What a great Treat day we've had, a surprise go with the new school i pads as well....what fun....

Please could I also remind you about Class 11's


Out theme this year is FRUITY and we have already had some unusual items brought in, see what you can find with the help of mummy and daddy that has a fruit theme, remember it doesn't have to be food to eat. Thank you

This week we continue to learn about how a good report is structured and write about Remembrance as part of the schools commemorations of the war

Our CFL topic continues to inspire us and I can't believe all the information you're bringing into school, facts that I didn't know!

This week we are also going to make our own clay plaques with a poppy on for you to take home and be a memory of the work we have covered

In Numeracy we will be revisiting calculations and learning how to use the greater than and less than symbols.

Please don't forget that Friday 14th is CHILDREN IN NEED DAY so come dressed up as Superheroes, and bring a donation to go towards our school total for Pudsey. We've got lots of Pudsey activities planned throughout the day and we end with a big school assembly to show off some of the brillant costumes in school.

Science has an investigation into air resistance so you might have to think about how things move through the air?

Have a lovely weekend and if you're enjoying your Bonfires and fireworks tonight please be careful and don't get too soggy!

Love from Mrs B and Miss Le Grys


Hello everyone in Class 11

Hope you've had a lovely last day of your holiday. Miss Le Grys and I have been really busy today and are all set for your return tomorrow.

Hope you're ready for some exciting topic work and science this week.

TREAT AFTERNOON is this Friday. You can wear your own clothes and we'll decide on some activities together.........well done for reaching 25 marbles in the jar you deserve it

Max has had his wash and brush up and is ready for coming home with Harriet first and having the weekend with Ewan

Don't be too late to bed tonight

Mrs B and Miss Le Grys


We've made it to October Half Term


Have a lovely break and give your brains a rest!

Look who came today to see us and give us some fire safety advice

Now you'll be able to tell your mums and dads all about safety with fireworks for Bonfire Night.

Remember you don't come back to school until Tuesday 4th November

Managed to get the videos on. Thank you girls






See you soon 

Mrs B


Last week of the first half term.

Well done Class 11 on your fantastic class assembly on Friday afternoon. You all had super voices that could be heard at the back of the hall and I think everyone was amazed at how much work we had completed so far. I really enjoyed watching your group dances.

You have feet in your shoes

You have brains in your head

You can go in any direction you choose

Will you be successful?



This week we've got lots of finishing off before half term with our Literacy and Numeracy. One last story in Big Writing so I'm expecting lots of showing off with conjunctions and interesting story openers.......

We're going to put some of our seasons collages outside the classroom to replace the cycling board so have a little bit of writing to complete to put with it. I know you had some superb ideas in your homework so we're going to pinch some of them to use.

If you 've got any poetry books at home see if you can find a poem about the seasons or a month of the year and bring it into school to share this week 

Thursday we have a session in the school garden helping out with tidying up before the Winter and planting.

Treat on FRIDAY the fire engine is coming to visit with some safety advice ready for Bonfire Night.

A big thank you to mums and dads for the return of all the Parents Evening slips. I'm looking forward to meeting you all after half term. Lots of good news to talk about!!

See you all on Monday, no slacking 5 days to go........

Mrs B

What a busy week ............

I can't believe that we've completed our first topic "How To Catch A Star"

More pictures to come of the fabulous season collages that you've made to show how the little boy felt as he waited and waited.

On Tuesday we have a really exciting day, as the Partake Theatre group share our new topic which will continue after the half term holiday.Based on the book

"Where The Poppies Now Grow

We will be joining the whole school in a history tiopic to commemorate the First World War

We will be finding out all about best friends Ben and Ray

We will also be delving into history to find out about different groups of people who were important during the war years, the soldiers, the nurses, and the families.

Numeracy sees us ending the half term by looking at shapes and finding out about their properties

In Literacy instructions are important and we are going to follow them and write them and then test them out.

On Friday it is our turn to share our learning with the rest of the school in assembly so we will have to practice our story actions, think about all of the art we've done, perhaps show our collage pictures and tell everyone how much work we've done and how GREAT we are.

Remember the homework instructions are on the bottom of this page if you need them.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs B and Miss Le Grys 



What a busy week we've had with Star dancing, rocket workshops and painting in the style of Van Gogh.

I've really enjoyed all your hard work and your BRILLIANT RESULTS

Next week all your pictures and rockets will be going up on our star wall so you can invite your mums and dads in to see them


Keep building those rockets for your homework. They are tricky as you have to do a lots of tiny cuts with your scissors.

Well done to those who have bought them in and got them launching up the walls!

Once again the skipping and the hop scotch were improving in games this week

Don't forget that Monday is PHOTOS day so make sure you brush your teeth and comb your hair to look smart and SMILE.......

Miss Le Grys has joined us in Class 11 and you certainly made her feel welcome. She's looking forward to working with you all next week

Have a lovely weekend, I think you might be able to get out and do some exercise and keep those hearts beating

Love from Mrs B 

Please look in the Gallery on the website for some more fantasic photos!

As we come to the end of the third week of the Autumn term I think you're all working really hard

What impressive Numeracy you really know how to use Number lines to work out your calculations. Next week it gets a little trickier as you have to read the word questions and then work out what sort of calculation you are going to do to find the answer.

I am looking forward to reading the stories you have written based on the Star story, your picture maps looked interesting, so lets hope you can use some wow words in your sentences

Thursday is National Poetry Day, see if you can find a favourite poem and bring it into school to share

The new paints have arrived so Monday afternoon we are all going to become artists, I'm hoping your results will look stunning and fill our back wall.

We all worked hard on our basic PE skills this week. A big well done to Ewan for listening and improving his skipping, well done Ruby on your side stepping and Harriet on you hop skotching. See if you can teach your mums and dads the new game of Paper, Rock , Scissors! I bet it'll wear them out........

On Tuesday we have our Dance provider coming into school and our session is at the end of the day, I wonder if we'll all flutter into the yard like stars!

Have a lovely weekend

Good Luck to all the Class 11 runners in the mini marathon on Sunday, I shall be down on the embankment to give you a wave, so get those hearts pumping and try your best

Mrs B



Another week completed and well done Class 11, you deserve to have a little choosing time and activities during Friday afternoon

Lots to remember over the wekend. Homework books in the box on Monday please and don't forget to keep checking those spellings for the long a and long e sounds

Really exciting next week.

We're going to be doing lots of work on this man

Do you know who he is?

It's Vincent Van Gogh

See if you can find out an interesting fact about him tobring in and share during Show and Tell

We are going to try and reproduce a picture called Starry Starry night using pastels and paints. We'll have to do it bit by bit but I'm looking forward to some stunning results

In science we're going to check on how healthy we are by checking our heart rates and seeing how they change through exercise

We will continue to follow the adventures of the little boy in our Literacy and try to find some exciting adjectives to use in our own stories

We're going to carry on looking at values of numbers and making sure we understand the word


Have a lovely weekend

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday

Mrs B


We've just completed our first week at school and you've been superb!

Mrs Walton was impressed with you in music and the PE teacher commented on how well you listened and worked together



Next week we begin our Literacy and start looking at our book "How To Catch A Star"

Who might be on the moon?

We will be making sure we can remember our capital letters and full stops and extend our sentences using connectives

In Numeracy we will be partitioning numbers and using a number line accurately

We also have a STAR treasure hunt

We will also be travelling around the world during our story time at the end of the day. If you have any stories from around the world please bring them in to share with us all

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday. Don't forget your smiles!

Love from Mrs B