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Autumn Term 

Class 14 you have finished your first term in Year One!! A big well done!!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas with your families! 

Thank you for all my gifts, they're under my tree ready for Christmas morning. 

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2015!

Lots of Love 

Miss Warren



Week Beginning 15th December:

Class 14... it's offically your first term in year one DONE!!! Hasn't it gone quick? I am so proud of you all for all your hard work throughout this week's performances... you were all AMAZING!

Your learning this week has been brilliant too! A big pat on the back Class 14!

Here's our preview:

Monday: Singing/Literacy/ Numeracy

Tuesday: Music/ PE/ Literacy/Numeracy

Wednesday: Literacy/ Numeracy

Thursday: PARTY DAY


No spelling's this week, a new spelling list will be handed out W.C 5th Janurary 2015. 

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

See you all in the morning!


Miss W


Week Beginning 8th December:

Well done Class 14, your listening is definitely improving and you are trying your best with everything. 

You all did so well in the nativity rehersals this week, I cannot wait to see you all in your costumes on Monday!!

Our preview for this week:

Monday: Dress rehersal to the school/ Numeracy/ Literacy

Tuesday: Carol Concert run through/ Literacy

Wednesday: Hey Ewe to parents/ Science

Thursday: Hey Ewe to parents/ 6.30pm Carol Concert at St Paul's

Friday: Big Write/ Reading/ Choosing

Spelling's this week are: bank/think/honk/sunk

Hope you are all having a fab weekend! See you in the morning!


Miss Warren


Week Beginning 1st December:

Class 14, what a busy week we have had! You have been super and your listening has been brilliant, so keep up the fab work!

I'm really looking forward to the Christmas fair tonight! Looking forward to seeing some of you there!


Thank you all for your donations for the Christmas hamper! It looks fab!!

You're doing so well with the nativity, your singing is brilliant, just remember when we're doing our dance we still need to sing. It is starting to come together, so well done Class 14 and keep going! Lots more rehersals next week with Class 13 and the Year 2's!

Literacy focus: stories and story sequencing

Numeracy focus: measurements 

Monday: Literacy/ Numeracy/ Nativity

Tuesday: Nativity/ Literacy/ Outdoor PE

Wednesday: Big write/ Guided reading/ Making our crowns

Thursday: Spellings/Numeracy/ Science/ Guided reading

Friday: Nativity/ Big solve/ ICT/ Special Mentions Assembly

Spellings for this week are: off/well/miss/buzz/back/where

Hope you all have a super weekend with your families!


Miss Warren


Week Beginning 24th November:

Class 14, you have got your 25 marbles in the jar! HURRAH!!! Treat afternoon Wednesday 26th November. You may wear your own clothes to school. Well done!

Remember Class 14, for us all to learn we need to make sure we listen, make eye contact and not to fiddle when on the carpet. Let's be even more BRILLIANT this week! Come on Class 14, you CAN do it!!

Well, we have started the Nativity...our dance is fab! You came up with some great moves. We're going to practise the routine again this week- let's see if you can do it without Miss Warren.

Well done for finishing the clay poppies, they look fab painted and glossed! 


Remember Year 1 everyday we have: Literacy/Numeracy/Phonics and Guided Reading

Literacy focus: writng instructions using imperative verbs

Numeracy focus: addition

Monday: Christmas crackers/Outdoor PE/Guided Reading

Tuesday: Music/ Indoor PE/ Numeracy

Wednesday: Literacy/ Nativity/ Treat afternoon!!!

Thursday: Nativity/ Science/ Spellings/ Literacy/ Numeracy

Friday: Numeracy/ Big write/ ICT/ Christmas fair after school

Spellings for this week are: out/about/mouth/around/sound/here/there

A huge thank you for the cylinder cracker gifts Mums and Dads...Anymore donations very welcome and appreciated.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend and resting!

See you Monday morning.


Miss Warren


Week Beginning 17th November:

A BIG thank you to all the mums and dads who came to see me this week. It was lovely to see you all and update you on how the children were doing. We have covered lots of work already so here's to another FAB half term!

Wow, Class 14 what a busy week we have had, learning all about the importance of Remembrance! You all did so well for the 2 minutes of silence- Well done!

You were all amazing coming to school today as your favourite hero! I LOVED all the costumes!!

Here's to another brilliant week- 17th November:

This week we are going to start learning our dance for the Nativity! I can't wait Class 14- you're ALL going to be AMAZING!!!

Literacy focus: Poetry- looking at rhyming couplets and making our own.

Numeracy focus: Addition

Monday: Singing/ Outdoor PE/ Literacy/ Numeracy

Tuesday: Music/ Indoor PE/ Painting our Poppies

Wednesday: Literacy/ Numeracy/ Nativity/Finish painting our poppies

Thursday: Literacy/ Numeracy/ Science/ Spelling Quiz

Friday: Big Solve/ICT/ Special Mentions Assembly

Spellings for this week are: boat/coat/road/coach/goal/toes/goes

Have a great weekend! 


Miss Warren



A great start this week Class 14 but I know you can listen just a tad more! Let's crack the listening this week!! 

Week beginning 10th November is a special week Class 14 as it's remembrance week. So we are going to be doing lots of work focussed on this. Who knows what remembrance means? 

In readiness for helping JGA with the Christmas Fair would it be possible for everyone to bring an empty toilet roll into school as we're going to have a go at CRACKER making! 

Here's what we will be learning about this week...10th November:

Numeracy focus: 1 more than/less than

Literacy focus: Sentence structure- all about Remembrance

Monday: More than/less than/ Remembrance/ Outdoor PE/ PARENTS' EVENING

Tuesday: Indoor PE/ Music/ Remembrance/PARENTS' EVENING

Wednesday: Science/Poppy clay modelling

Thursday: Big Write/ Science/ spellings

Friday: Children in Need...You are a HERO! Best costume prize!!!

Spellings for this week are: book/took/foot/wood/good/by/my

I am really looking forward to seeing your parents this week... I can't wait to share your brilliant learning!!

Have a fab weekend! 


Miss Warren


PS Parents Message

I have attached a very useful resource for phase 2 and phase 3 letter and sounds. It's really easy to follow and explains each sound. Just thought you may wish to use it with your child too as a little reminder :-)) 


I hope you have had a fab half term and enjoyed Halloween this weekend! Remember it is an INSET day tomorrow and your first day back will be Tuesday 4th November!

Here's what we'll be learning about this week...3rd November:

Monday: INSET

Tuesday: Music/ Indoor PE/ Helping Hands: Important People

Wednesday: Re-visit 2D/3D shapes/ Poems/ Where the Poppies Now Grow

Thursday: Counting/ Rhyme and Poems/Science

Friday: Big Solve/ ICT/ Special Mentions

Miss Gaffney will be teaching you Thursday afternoons this half term. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday morning! Have a lovely last day off tomorrow and I'll see you all Tuesday!!


Miss Warren


Parents, please find the new list of spellings attached at the bottom of the page. 

Class 14 you have all been fab this half term and worked SO hard! I'm so proud of you all!! 

I hope you have a super half term with your families! Check our class page on Sunday 2nd November to see what we will be doing our first week back! 

Love Miss Warren 


Class 14, you've almost finished your first half term in year 1! I am so proud of you all, you have all worked so hard and done some brilliant work! WELL DONE!!

Did you enjoy the Pumpkin Fairy Den in Miss Horgan's classroom? WOW, I can't believe that the Pumpkin Fairy left his/her shoes?? And fairy dust...EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Here's what we will be learning about this week...20th October:

Monday: Singing/Where The Poppie Now Grow/ PE

Tuesday: Music/ Indoor PE/ Instructions

Wednesday: Directions/ Instructions/ Where The Poppies Now Grow

Thursday: Directions/ Science

Friday: Big Write/ ICT/ Special Mentions/ FIRE ENGINE VISIT!!!!

Literacy Focus: How to follow and write instructions

Numeracy Focus: Directions- above/below/under/over/right/left/clockwise


Spellings for this week: made/came/same/take/safe

Hope you are all having a fab weekend! See you all in the morning!


Miss Warren


Class you believe in Pumpkin Fairies? I DO!!!!

What a fab week we have had! You have created some amazing collages of the four seasons, I cannot wait to get them up on display! 

Can you tell me: 

What is a 2D shape? What is a 3D shape? What is a sentence? What do we have at the beginning of a sentence? 

Did you enjoy our Autumn Hunt with Class 13? And making up an Autumn poem? and eating popcorn to remind us of the sound of the leaves? Can you name the season we are in now? 

Here's what we will be learning about this week...13th October:

Monday: Pumpkin Fairy/ 3D shapes/ Outdoor PE

Tuesday: Where the Poppies Now Grow

Wednesday: Numeracy- finding two equal halves/ Science

Thursday: Literacy- writing accurate sentences/Spelling Quiz

Friday: Big Solve/ICT/ Special Mentions 


Spellings for this week: oil/join/coin/point/soil/no/me/be


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend! I'm looking forward to starting our new topic this week: 

See those smiley faces tomorrow morning!


Miss Warren


Class 14 I'm so pleased with how well you're trying and the effort you put into everything that you do! You're superstars! We have had such a fab week, with doing our rockets, dancing with the stars and Starry Starry Night paintings- they're AMAZING!!! You should ALL be so very proud! 


You all thoroughly enjoyed the dancing with Oxana!

Making your own rockets...

And then the amazing Starry, Starry Night paintings you all did...


Here's what we'll be learning about this week- 6th October...

Monday: Sentences/2D shapes/ Outdoor PE

Tuesday: Music/PE/ Shape hunt

Wednesday: We're going to start our collage of the four seasons

Thursday: 3D shapes/ finishing our collages/Spelling quiz

Friday: National Poetry Day instead of last week- Autumn trial!


Spellings for this week: see/tree/green/meet/week/she/we


Enjoy your weekend! 

Miss Warren


Wow, I can't believe we have been at school for 3 weeks already! You have all worked so hard this week- WELL DONE!! I'm so impressed with how well you are trying in all lessons, so keep it up Class 14! 

Here's what we'll be learning about this week- 29th September...

Monday: Outdoor PE/ Rockets

Tuesday: Dancing with the Stars- it's is going to be fab!!

Wednesday: Finishing our rockets

Thursday: Continuing with our Starry Starry Night paintings/ Spellings

Friday: Big Solve/ ICT/ Special Mentions

Hope you are all having a fab weekend, see you Monday Morning- don't forget your smiles!!

Miss Warren



Another week completed Class 14 and you have all been brilliant! Well done for listening to Miss Warren but we still need to keep it up, so keep going!! 

Here's what we'll be learning about this week- W.C 22nd September...

Monday: We will be learning more about stories from other cultures/ Outdoor PE/ Doodles (Miss Gaffeny will be with you)

Tuesday: Music/Indoor PE/ We will be finishing our story map of How to Catch a Star... Also we will be starting to look at Vincent Van Gogh and his amazing artwork! 

Wednesday: Numeracy/CFL- starting our own artwork of Starry Starry Night- I know they're going to be fab Class 14!


Thursday: Some more work with Miss Gaffeny/ Science- to see if we can remember our body parts

Friday: Big Write/ ICT- remembering how to log and off the computers/ Special Mentions Assembly

Numeracy Focus: subtraction, subtracting from 10/20/30

Literacy Focus: Re-telling stories in our own words- doing a lot of role-play!


See your smiley faces Monday morning! 

Love Miss Warren


Message for Parents- Reading books will be changed on a Monday and a Friday also there are some changes to our Spelling Framework so we will be sending a letter home to explain our new approach to spellings on Monday 22nd September 2014. 


Wow...what a fantastic week we've had!

You're all brilliant and have worked so hard. I can't wait until next week!!

Remember our target that we are working on; to listen to Miss Warren when she is talking, I know you can do it class 14!! 


We have lots planned for this week, it's so exciting!

In Literacy we will start looking at our book "How to Catch a Star" 

Monday: We will begin our stories from other cultures/ outdoor PE.

Tuesday: Music/ Indoor PE/ counting

Wednesday: Science- more about our bodies.

Thursday: Our STAR treasure hunt which links to our class story. 

Friday: ICT- remembering how to log in/ Story Map/ How to Catch a Star.

I think you have all had a super first week class 14! Look forward to seeing all your smiley faces on Monday!

Love Miss Warren x

Mums, Dads and carers- please pop in at the end of the day if you have any concerns or email me at: