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Autumn News 2017


Dear Class 6S,

I cannot believe we are entering our final week of the Autumn term! What an amazing term we have had! I am so proud of each and every one of you. The progress you are making is ASTONISHING and, I have to say, I am having the BEST time teaching you all! You make me smile ever day!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents for your ongoing support and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. You all deserve a fabulous break and I look forward to seeing you refreshed and ready for the new term in 2018!

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Review of the Week by Haleema and Abby

Last week, we had a fun, exciting and educational experience! We learnt many new skills. On Monday the 11th of December we watched TWO Nativities! The first one was acted out by FS2, the name of it was Whoops A Daisy Angel and everyone really enjoyed it. Then it was the year one and twos turn, which was equally brilliant. We have really enjoyed writing our ghost stories in English. Throughout the week we have been preparing for our DARE graduation which we have really enjoyed and we all know that we will miss Officer Tristrum. We are really proud because we all graduated successfully. This week has been amazing and we will remember it as we grow older.

The Week Ahead

We have a week filled with festive fun ahead of us!

Monday: RE Day: Christmas: What's it all about?

Tuesday: PARTY DAY!

Wednesday: Maths and English followed by TREAT AFTERNOON!

Thursday: PE, Music, French


We Are Readers

Last Friday we walked into a festive suprise in the shape of 6 new books wrapped up and waiting for us! We unwrapped them and they were quickly snapped up! I can't wait to hear what you think of them...If you want to borrow them next just let me know! Don't forget...I still havn't given you my christmas present yet!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby



Dear Class 6S,

What a fab week we had last week! I was so impressed with you during our two shared writes-you really impressed the teachers who popped in to see us in action! Read on for a review of last week and a peek at what is to come this week.

Review of the Week by Heaven and Maisie

This week, in class 6S, we have been doing some exciting things: from making dens to a catapult competition. In English, we have started a new genre: ghost stories. To understand how they are written, we brought blankets and torches to build dens. Inside the dens we told SPOOKY STORIES!  On Wednesday afternoon we improved our catapults as they were falling apart, which wouldn’t be good for Friday. In music we did our class concert. We saw some talented performers. Finally, Friday came! In the afternoon, we went into our house teams and first we judged the design of the catapults. Then we saw who’s catapults ammunition (marshmallows) got the closest to the targets. As the afternoon came to an end the winners were CHALLENGE!! Thanks for an amazing week Mrs Soulsby, we really enjoyed it!

Our dens made the perfect environment for ghost story reading!

Here are some of our fantastic catapults

The Week Ahead

This week will be another busy week for Class 6S. In Literacy, we will be planning and beginning to create our very own ghost stories. In Maths, we will finishing ratio and proportion and having a go at a reasoning paper. In Science, we will be carrying out an independent science investigation involving balloons, straws and a lot of string!

Well done to everyone for the fantastic greek homework you have been bringing in-I am very impressed!

Lots of Love

Mrs Soulsby



Dear Class 6S,

Today I showed you how to access the Kingswood photos and here is a reminder:

1) Log on to your gmail using your email address and password. Remember your email address follows the following structure: Your password is the usual password. If unsure of this come and check with me.

2) Click on the 9 grey squares in the top right hand corner.

3) Go to Google Drive

4) Go to 'shared with me'

5) Click on the folder called Kingswood!

6) Share, enjoy, laugh, reminisce!!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby


Dear Class 6S,

What a brilliant week we had last week! I am still in AWE of the fabulous non fiction reports you created all about Greek warfare. They were absolutely FANTASTIC! Your use of language, your formal tone, your brilliant cohesion and, ofcourse, your fabulous use of grammar and punctuation. Well done to all of you! You are AMAZING! I have kept all of your final drafts and we will be creating a class book. 

In maths last week we finally finished with percentages of amounts. You can all do it! Wahoo! Remember, always find 1% and 10%. Once you know these two magic numbers, you can find every other percentage there is to find!

The Week Ahead

We have another week full of variety coming up! On Tuesday we will be having a morning dedicated to Science. We will be carrying out a formal investigation and then learning how to write it up at a Y6 standard.

In English, we are going to begin our new unit: Ghost Stories! To kick start this unit we need you to bring in torches and blankets on Wednesday...

In Maths we will be looking at ratio and proportion.

We Are Readers

WOW! So many awesome books are sneaking their way into the classroom! Next on my list is Rooftopers by Katherine Rundell (I have heard so much about it!) and Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Mopurgo (an absolute classic that I havn't been able to read yet!) I will let you know what I make of them and maybe you can borrow my copy afterwards? For those of you that have 'misplaced' the recommended reaidng list, I have attached a copy at the bottom of the page!

Image result for rooftoppers

Image result for kensuke's kingdom

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby



Dear Class 6S,

What a busy week we had last week, packed full of learning, progress and, ofcourse...catapults! Read on for a recap of last week and to hear all about the week ahead.

Review of the Week by Oscar and Ismail

In the past week, our class have done many interesting lessons. On Monday, in maths, we started learning about percentages of amounts and finished the day with an outstanding assembly by year 5. Wednesday was epic: it was our D.T day. We got into our house teams and made amazing catapults. On Friday it was Children in Need day. We all dressed up in spotty clothes. Each class had a competition to see who had the best spotty outfit and the winner for 6S was Ismail! As well as that we made fake blood, in Science, using the following items: water, oats, cheerios, marshmallows, red paint and yellow food colouring. This was our week in 6S!

The Week Ahead

This week we have four days to pack in as much learning as possible. In maths we are going to consolidate our understanding of findings percentages of amounts. This can be tricky to master but we are nearly there! In Literacy we are going to be finishing our final drafts of our non-fiction reports on Greek Warfare. I have to say that what I have read so far is OUTSTANDING! On Tuesday we will be having our first RE Day of the year. We will be exploring the BIG QUESTION: Are we born good or do we become good? We will be looking in depth at religious codes of conduct and how we make moral decisions whether we follow a religion or not. Friday is INSET day, so remember not to come to school!

We Are Readers

Following LOTS of book talk in class and my own personal excitement at the Carnegie long list, I have been very impressed by the fabulous range of texts that have been making their way into Class 6S. This week we will be sending home a list of recommended reads. It is by no means a reading list, but a list to inspire you!

Well done on all of your 'frabjous' work 6S, you are constantly AMAZING me!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby



Dear Class 6S,

Well done on another fab week filled with amazing progress! Read on to have a recap on what we did last week and then an overview for the week ahead.

Review of the Week by Matthew and Mahi

Last week in 6S in maths we did adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fraction. Mrs Soulsby taught us very well in it! Then, in English we read non-fiction reports and had an idea about what we were going to write about. Then we learnt how to write introductions, conclusions and middle paragraphs about the Greek Olympics. In ICT, we did stop motion animation on the iPads using the I motion HD APP. All our year is very excited about Wednesday because of DT DAY! We are making CATAPULTS! In Science, we did the circulation system and we did an activity where the classroom became a body and the children were either red blood cells or organs.                                 

The Week Ahead

This week we will be looking at Fraction and Percentages of amounts in Maths. We had a go with the bar model today, did you find that helpful? In English, we are going to be applying all of our hard work from last week and creating our very on non-fiction reports all about Ancient Greek Warfare. Remember that the purpose of this is to INFORM but it still must be engaging to read!


Don't forget that Kingswood Memory Evening is this Thursday at 6.30pm. I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. It is Children in Need on Friday, this is a non-school uniform day and we would like you to donate £1 to this very important charity.

WEDNESDAY is DT Day! Come ready to create a fantastic catapult and be ready to put it to the test in the selection of challenges we have prepared for you!


If you are struggling to find a new book the CLIP Carnegie Medal nominations have been released for 2018! There are some outstanding books on the long list...have a look: 

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby



Dear Class 6S,

Well done on a brilliant first week back following Kingswood and half term! I hope you are all now fully recovered and made your way through all of your post Kingswood washing...I know I nearly have!

Kingswood was absolutely FANTASTIC this year and I was so impressed by your impeccable behaviour and the way in which you threw yourselves into each and every challenge you faced. Last week we sent out a letter about Kingswood Memory Evening, this will take place on Thursday 16th November at 6.30pm. I hope as many of you as possible can join us. 

Here is a sneak peek of my favourite photo:

Review of the week by Oli and Jake

Last week we enjoyed rewriting the nonsense poem as a non-fiction text. We learnt all about the Jabberwocky and wrote an information text about it, explaining where it lives and what it eats.  We learnt about passive voice, it was a lot easier than we expected. For example active voice would be, the bird scared the scarecrow. Passive voice of this would be, the scarecrow was scared by the bird. We are going to remember it but saying “BY ZOMBIES!”.

In maths we converted decimal to fractions to percentages. We also learnt how to add and subtract mixed number fractions.  

With Mr Smith we started our new hockey topic. We went straight into playing two games and had to score in a little hurdle so it was quite a bit of a challenge!

In French we learnt about how to say “I am from”. You say J’habite a Nottingam!

In ICT we learnt how to make a movie using stop motion pictures. We made some flip books to show how it works but it didn’t go too well as they didn’t flip too well!     

In Science we started our new topic on the human body.

We enjoyed the DT lesson because we learnt how to make a catapult out of craft straws. We made a tripod stand with a lever to catapult rubbers with!

This half term we are looking forward to learning new things!

The week ahead: 


Last week we started to look at Non fiction texts and we will continue with this genre for the next two weeks. This week we will focus on how to structure non-fiction texts before planning and writing our own. As always, we will continue to look at different sentence structures so that we can add variety to our writing and engage the reader even more!


In Maths last week we focused on fractions. We learnt how to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions and how to add fractions that have different denominators. This week we will be continuing with fractions. We will be learning how to multiply, divide and reason further with them.

This week we will also be looking at the circulation system in Science, planning our own catapults in DT, leanring how to create stop motion animation in ICT and developing our visualisation skills in Reading lessons.

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby

Note to parents: This week is parents evening and I look forward to meeting you all and sharing your child's progress with you. 



This afternoon we spent some time ENJOYING books! It is so important to find the right book for you. Remember, there is no such thing as not liking reading, all it means is that you haven't found the right book yet!

Don't forget to go on You can browse and download first chapters of many popular books!

I hope you left today feeling inspired and ready to read the book you fell in love with today!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby

P.S: See you at Kingswood!!


Dear Class 6S,

Well done on another superb week!

This week in English we are going to be editing and rewriting our brilliant myths! Remember what Roald Dahl said: "Good writing is essentially rewriting!"

See below!!!

Image result for write without fear edit without mercy

This week in Numeracy we are going to begin to tackle fractions. We will be looking at fractions in a range of contexts and ensuring we understand them before using them to solve problems. 

Well done to the whole of Class 6S who have now mastered long division! Wahoooo we can do it!

The countdown to Kingswood is officially on...this time next week we will be stuck into our very first activity. Thank you for all sending in your medical forms. And remember, if you have any queries or questions please just let me know...I am a bit of a Kingswood pro!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby 



Today we learnt all about Ancient Greek warfare and weaponary. Here we are practicing our phalanx formation!

I am not sure I would want to face 6S on the battlefield after seeing some of those facila expressions!!


The Myth writing has begun!! Since we first started in Y6 we have been learning all about Greek Mythology and now we are finally writing our own. Magpie books and planning sheets are ready!

When we have finished we will upload some onto here for you to read and enjoy!


Dear Class 6S,

What a fab week we had! Well done for your continued hard work, fantastic attitude, exemplary behaviour and, quite frankly, for just being EXCELLENT.

Kingswood is fast approaching! Remember that all medical forms must be in asap! If you need to pop in and chat to me please do!

This week we will be writing our very own Greek Myth, This will be the culmination of all the hard work we have done so far. In Maths we will be focusing on long multiplication and long division.

Review of the Week, by Alice and Fatima

Last week class 6S created our own Greek god for our own Greek myth for the following week.  In Maths, we started adding and subtracting negative numbers to help us for our arithmetic test. In English we were looking at Achilles’ Heel and creating our own setting description based on the story. We enjoyed Art because we were sketching our Greek pots looking at the different shapes and designs.  In computing, we started to program our own version of flappy bird which was a lot of fun but sometimes annoying! Overall, last week was very fun!!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby



Dear Class 6S,

Well done on another superb week. I have been so impressed by your fabulous behaviour and brilliant attitude during lessons. However, the thing I am most impressed by is YOUR WRITING! WOW! I loved your pieces about Theseus and the Minotaur that focused on powerful verbs and your independent writes about what came out of Pandora's Box were exceptional! Keep up the fabulous work!

This week we will be looking at calculations in Maths and will be continuing with our work on myths in English. Don't forget that your homework  must be in on Thursday. It is necessary for next Friday's lesson!

DARE will be on Wednesday this week and Officer Tristrum will be back. Remember that your cyberbullying homework and DARE book must be in school for this session!

Review of the Week, by Sophia and Maddie

In 6S last week in Maths we have been learning about negative numbers and were learning how to times, divide, add and subtract. In English, we have been reading different myths such as Pandora’s Box, Achilles Heel and The Minotaur. Our favourite myth as a class has been Achilles Heel because of the range of different devices. On Friday the 22nd of September we had our class special mentions assembly and during that we did some freeze frames from the myth Achilles Heel. On Tuesday we went to Holme Pierrepont for our Safety Zone Trip. While we were there, we went round different stations such as: St Johns Ambulance , East Midlands Ambulance , Swim Safety , Bus Safety , Car Safety,  Fire Safety, Internet Safety , Electricity Safety and Dog Safety. In 6S we hope to keep our fabulous learning up to year 6 standard. Our highlights have been doing descriptive writing using powerful verbs. 

Keep up the fab work,

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby





Dear Class 6S,

I hope you all really enjoyed our hook last week! I had a fantastic day and loved doing the taste test with you all...even though the vine leaves didn't look like the most appetising delicacy!!

You all now know that our new topic is:

Image result for ancient greece topic

This is one of my absolute favourite topics and I cannot wait to dive into learning all about it! On Monday we gave out the curriculum map, I have also attached it to the bottom of this page.

In Literacy this week we will begin to look at Myths and Legends. What myths do you already know??

In Maths this week we will continue to look at number, in particular prime numbers. 

Today we had our Safety Zone trip and I was so impressed with your behaviour. I learnt so much today and I hope you did too!

Tomorrow we will be sending out Kit Lists for Kingswood and Medical Forms. Please return these as soon as possible! If you have any questions, queries or even little worries about Kingswood please come and tell me...I am a bit of a Kingswood expert now!

Don't forget it is jeans for genes day on friday so please come to school in non school uniform wearing as much denim as you can! It is a very important charity and one that we support every single year. 

Well done on a BRILLIANT start to Year 6. Keep up the fantastic work,

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby

Note to parents: Diary dates are also attached to the bottom of this page for your information.


Dear Class 6S,


What an amazing start to our new academic year. You have been exceptional and are already conducting yourselves as true role models. 

Congratulations to Jamie who is our new Student Council Representative and Sophia who is our deputy. You both really impressed the whole class with your speeches and I know you will do us all proud!

This half term we are PREFECTS. I will choose 4 prefects per week. Remember you need to be in school at 8.30am to begin your duties!

This week we will be getting stuck in to the Year 6 curriculum! 

In English we are having a grammar focus week to get us up to speed with all the basics. By the end of this week I want to see that you know your word classes inside out, can identify different sentence types and that you can tell the difference between a clause and a phrase!

In Numeracy we will be focusing on number and place value. We will be looking at numbers up to 10,000,000 and learning all about factors, multiples and prime numbers

On Friday we will be introducing you to this terms topic (It is one of my favourites so I can't wait!). Remember to bring in your slip to detail any food allergies you have. I can't say anything more now as it is TOP SECRET!

Image result for top secret


Due Monday 11th Sept- On Monday, please bring to class your favourite poem or book, fiction or non-fiction (ensure the page that hosts your favourite paragraph is bookmarked).

Due Friday 15th Sept- On Friday you were given your 'magpie book'. Please cover it and decorate it in anyway you like to make it truly yours and individual. We will be using these all year and packing them full of amazing ideas that we 'magpie' from books and sometimes each others work!

Related image

Optional House Captain speech, due Mon 18th Sept- If you could like to run for House Captain (sorry, last years captains cannot apply), please prepare your short speech to present to the members of your house on Monday 18th September. 

Upcoming dates for your diary:

Monday 11th September- Meet the Teacher 2:45pm