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Autumn News 2017

Week Commencing 4.12.17

Many thanks to everyone for all your donations for our Christmas hamper - it is starting to fill up nicely - there's still a little room left if you want to donate something. Good luck to all who bought raffle tickets!

Week Commencing 27.11.17

Last Week -

The  Week ahead.... - We are collecting for our Christmas hamper this week - Chocolate Indulgence is the theme. We will be grateful for all donations.

Literacy - We will be continuing to look at recounts but we will be exploring writing newspaper articles

Numeracy- We will be leaving the number system for a while and looking at 'geometry'. This week we will be focussing on knowing the names of common and irregular polygons and looking at the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines.

Topic - Staying with the Victorians we will be exploring primary sources of information to further expand our knowledge of what life was like for Victorian children.

Science - We will be planning and independently carrying out a Science experiment as an assessment.


Week Commencing 20.11.17

Last Week

We had a great week. We have made super progress with addition and subtraction and we have written some excellent recounts.

We enjoyed Friday very much. We had a great day dressing up for Children in Need and we raised lots of money £524 to help children right here in the UK.

On Friday afternoon, Matthew's mum came to tell us about her job as a radiographer and showed us lots of x-rays to help us with our Science. We are sending her lots of thanks.

George and Annie demonstrated how to take an x-ray (only pretend of course)

Week Commencing 13.11.17

Last week

We made a good start on our recount work in Literacy and on addition and subtraction in Numeracy.

We enjoyed finding out about life in a Victorian school and feeling rather pleased we are at school in 2017.

We started our sewing and learnt two stitches - a great many knots were seen plus alot of frustrated faces!!!!

The week ahead....

Numeracy - we will be learning different strategies for adding and subtracting two digit numbers. We will be practising subtraction on S squares.

Topic - we will be finding out about the toys which rich and poor Victorian children had for Christmas. We will be designing a Victorian toy shop.

Children in Need Day on Friday - rememeber to be spotty and not too dotty!


Week Commencing 6.11.17

Last week

What a great week we had. You all looked fabulous dressed up as Victorian children. What a great day we had.


We started our new Science topic and had fun finding out who was the strongest in our group.

The week ahead...

Literacy - we will be looking at  factual recounts. We will be writing in the third person about things that have happened in the past. We will be looking at how factual recounts are structured and the type of language used. 

Numeracy - we will be starting subtraction using numberlines and pictures to practise mental strategies for mental subtraction. 

Topic- We will be comparing Victorian schooling to modern day schooling.

DT- We will be  anaylsing different types of purses and starting to look at sewing stitches. Mrs Warren is looking forward to threading 31 needles over and over again!

Week commencing 30.10.17

Literacy- Writing Recounts;     Grammar focus is using adverbials of time and place, prepositions and time connectives. There are examples of all of these in YEAR 3 AUTUMN 2017 RESOURCES. We will then go on to look at structure and features of a recount before writing our own. Features include; Chronological order words    First or third person  Past tense      Descriptive language. Do you know what these mean?

Numeracy- Addition and subtraction

  • add and subtract numbers mentally, including: a three-digit number and ones; a three-digit number and tens; a three-digit number and hundreds
  • add and subtract numbers with up to three digits, using formal written methods of columnar addition and subtraction
  • estimate the answer to a calculation and use inverse operations to check answers
  • solve problems, including missing number problems, using number facts, place value, and more complex addition and subtraction

We should ALREADY know;  that addition and subtraction are inverse operations        Recall addition and subtraction facts to 20                                                                                  Derive addition and subtraction facts to 100                                                                              Add and subtract two-digit numbers and ones (or tens) mentally

Important Vocabulary for next few weeks;  Calculation, Calculate, Addition, Subtraction, Sum, Total, Difference, Minus, Less, Column addition, Column Subtraction,   Exchange,  Operation,  Estimate,  Inverse,  Operation

Topic- What was school like for Victorian children? First we will experience a few Victorian lessons! Dont forget to dress up for the day as a Victorian child. It should be interesting and fun!

Science - We will be starting a new topic about animals and humans. We will be planning an investigation about strength.

Happy Half Term from Class 3W

Here are some of our best moments from this half term

"I loved making the hats" (Ben)

"I've loved doing the Victorian homework and seeing what everyone else has done"


"I have enjoyed learning the 4 and 8 times tables" (George )

" I've loved learning about William Morris" (Annie)

" I loved finding out about Watson Fothergill and his buildings" (Saif)

" I enjoyed making the Victorian homework especially the Victorian clothing" (Mae)

" I've especially enjoyed looking at William Morris designs and using  Patternator on the IPAD " (Gautham)

"I've enjoyed going on the computers and understanding all the different things on WORD" (Joshua)

"I enjoyed making the hats because it was fun thinking how it would come to life"

(Charlotte )

"I've really enjoyed all the numeracy" (Hugo)

" I've just enjoyed all of the half term - everything" (Freya)

" I've really enjoyed the Victorian homework - creating things" (Maisy)

" My favourite thing has been the art creating the patterns" (Daniel)

" I liked doing the half drp and diamond patterns of Wiliam Morris"(Izzy)

" I really enjoyed the walk and we got fresh air" (Charles)

" I liked that we got to do lots of harder maths work" (Oscar)

" I liked doing the Victorian homework and learning my poem 'The Wind' (Mia)

" I liked the walk to look at the features of Victorian houses" (Malena)

"I liked comparing the differences between modern and Victorian houses" ( Charlotte)

" I've enjoyed going on Mathletics" (Isaac)

"I like going on the trampoline" (Yusuf)

"I've loved all the Literacy work about the book 'Street Child' (Amelie)

" Ive enjoyed the computer work making the poster of my name" (Rory)

"I'm new and I've loved my first few weeks here and made lots of friends" (Emily)

" I liked making the wildlife patterns"  (Harry)

" I loved making the enchanted hats" (Amelia)

Week commencing 16.10.17

Last week

I was so impressed with the second round of homework you all handed it. Wow what a creative class we are!

We looked at lots of poems by Victorian poets Robert Louis Stevenson and Christina Rossetti and we performed a few too. We are getting to be experts at identifying rhyming patterns !

Our independent writing shows that we are really improving our writing by adding fronted adverbials, adjectives and adverbs. We are writers!

Further work on  William Morris patterns allowed us to show off our creative side and we have created some wonderful designs. What a great week!

 The week ahead...

Literacy - now we have looked at lots of different poems from famous poets we will be writing alliteration and simile poems of our own.

Numeracy - lots of maths problem solving coming up. We will be working systematically to figure out all possibilities to a problem and then coming up with a conclusion (conjecture).

Topic - we will be creating more William Morris inspired patterns, this time using IPADs and continuing our quest to find out about Victorian houses.

Science - we will be evaluating what we have found out so far about rocks and soils.

Spellings - keep up the hard work you have learnt some tricky words but more to come.

 What alot we have packed into this half term so far and what a great class we are!

Week Commencing 09.10.17

Last week

Our writing was amazing. Our descriptions of life in the workhouse showed that we can use fronted adverbials and compound sentences and adjectives really well. We have had a go at evaluating our own writing and the writing of our Literacy buddy.

We learnt all about Watson Fothergill and were quite surprised to see some of the buildings he designed in Nottingham City Centre that we had never noticed before.

Many thanks for harvest donations which will go to a really good cause. The display looked amazing!

The week ahead...

Literacy - we will be doing an independent write to check that we can use fronted adverbials, 2 adjectives before the noun and adverbs. We will be exploring poems by two famous Victorian poets ; Robert Louis Stevenson and Christina Rossetti. 

Numeracy - we will be working on counting in 10s and 100s and looking for patterns finding 10 more and 10 less than a number.

Topic- We will be looking at the differences between rich and poor Victorian houses. We will be going online for an interactive tour of a rich Victorian home.

Keep up the good work on Mathletics!

Thankyou for your continued support.

Week Commencing 02.10.17

Last week

We had some archaeologists in school showing us some artefacts from the Stone Age. It was an exciting afternoon and we made bracelets and dressed up as Stone Age people. We now have a very good understanding of place value and in Literacy we know how to make compound sentences using conjunctions to join two clauses together. We can use fronted adverbials and adverbs in our writing. We have used our knowledge of Victorian buildings to design Victorian houses using the iPad.

The week ahead...

Literacy - We will be focussing on writing settings about the workhouse and then assessing each others work. We will be giving feedback to each other about our brilliant writing and also what we can do to improve it.

Numeracy - We will be doing more ordering on number lines where we have to estimate where a number may go.  We are working hard on being able to explain our reasoning.

Topic - We will be learning about the famous Victorian architect Watson Fothergill. There are lots of his buildings in Nottingham you may have walked past and never even noticed. We will be designing a museum room to showcase his achievements. 

Science - We will be finding out how soil is made.

Homework - This is due in at the end of the week.

Spellings will be tested Tuesday. They are in Year 3 resources.

Thankyou for your continued support.

Week Commencing 25.9.17

Last week

Still going strong with another fantastic week. What alot we managed to fit in. We learnt lots about the durability of different types of rocks and which we would not want to build our houses out of!  We have carried on reading 'Street Child' and learning what life would have been like in the Workhouse.

We were mathematicians - our knowledge of place value has become more secure and we have worked hard to be problem solvers.

Our first set of homework was amazing and we loved sharing with each other our creations and what we have  found out about the Victorians. A great big round of applause to all! 

A huge thankyou to all who  volunteered to hear readers - we have had so many replies we will ask some adults to help after Christmas - we hope you don't mind.

The week ahead...

Literacy - We will be focussing on using a dictionary confidently to help us with reviewing and editing our work. We will be looking at how adverbs in sentences can make our writing more exciting too.

Numeracy - We will be estimating where numbers go on a unmarked number line and estimating the lengths and widths of familiar objects.  TT Rock Stars passwords have been given out so we will be enjoying practising our times tables at home and having fun at the same time. This is not homework but it will help us alot if we know our times tables confidently.

Topic - We will be using I pads to create features of Victorian houses that we took photos of on our walk.

Science - We will be continuing to look at the properties of different rocks and testing their permeability.

Homework - Maths homework has been set electronically again.   Three more areas have been added to look at. Enjoy!

Spellings will be tested Tuesday

Thankyou for your continued support.

Week Commencing 18.9.17

Last Week

What a great week we had last week. On Wednesday we managed to get out on our walk to look at Victorian houses despite the downpour. We got very wet but we kept our spirits up and took some fantastic photographs (mainly architectural features but with the odd dog in the frame!)

We want to say a huge thanks  to the adults who came with us and braved the elements!

The week ahead...

Literacy - We will be focussing on improving our writing using fronted adverbials and compound sentences and we continue to read 'Street Child'. We are really enjoying the story and can't wait for the next chapter each day.

Numeracy - We will be comparing and ordering numbers.  We will use the symbols <  > to compare. We will be looking at problems and working out numbers from the clues in the digits.

For example;    Use the clues to find the missing digits:
The hundreds digit is double the tens digit. The tens digit is 5 less than 2 x 4 The ones digit is 2 less than the hundreds digit.

Topic - We will work in groups to become experts at different features of Victorian houses and we will share our expertise with our class.

Science - We will be looking at the properties of different rocks and testing their durability.

Homework - Maths homework has been set electronically.  Mathletics Login details have been stuck into planners. It needs to be completed by Wednesday so I can check results on Thursday please. 

Literacy Homework is in Y3 Autumn Resources

Spellings will be tested Tuesday

Thankyou for your continued support.

Week Commencing 11.9.17

Welcome to Class 3W

What an exciting few days we have had. We have been making lots of mess but having a great time making enchanted hats  which can whisk us away to imaginary places. Please do stop and take a look at them outside our room.



Now we have settled in learning all the new routines, the hard work and fun starts.

This week we will be focussing on:

In Maths - Number and the number system

  • Understanding place value in numbers up to 1000
  • Writing numbers up to 1000
  • Reading numbers up to 1000
  • Using zero as a place holder in numbers up to 1000

We will be using lots of maths vocabulary such as Place value, Digit, Hundreds, Tens, 

Ones and  Estimate.

In Literacy- We will start reading and discussing the book 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. This tells the gripping adventure of Jim Jarvis the orphan whose plight inspired Doctor Barnardo to set up his famous children's refuge.

In Science - we will be finding out about different rock types. 

In Topic- We will be going on a walk around the local area on Wednesday to look at the architecture of Victorian buildings. A huge thanks to those adults who have volunteered to come with us . Without your support it would not be possible. 

We will be doing PE on Thursdays and Fridays.

We have our new planners and have been busy filling them in with all the reading we have been doing. Keep this up Class 3!

I'm sure we will have an exciting and fun week - let's make the most of our opportunities Class 3W!