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Autumn 2017 News


A huge thank you to you all for the christmas cards and gifts, I have been well and truly spoilt! It is much appreciated and I will certainly enjoying having a browse round the shops and treating myself.

Last Monday of 2017 and we've been busy working with the Year 5's on our Christmas cards. All of our penguins were individually hand made!  and we hope you like how they've been dressed and decorated

 Congratulations to Joshua and to Spencer who were both lucky enough to win hampers in the Christmas Hamper Raffle, I hope you enjoy all the goodies!

We managed our bar modelling on Tuesday and kept realising how they could help us with addition and subtraction. After the holidays we're into multiplication and division!

A fun party day was had by all and we managed the hats in 25 minutes with an array of decorations. Well done to Owen and Betany who were Class 1B winners

We have had a lovely day today sharing our toys and choosing activities, well done Class 1B for being such good friends

A busy term and I'm sure the children are tired but they've worked really hard and are well and truly Year 1 workers now

Update on next term at the end of the holiday and the first challenge of the new year

Have a lovely Christmas with friends and family, eat , drink and be merry ( That's the parents not the children! ) and see you in 2018

Lots of love Mrs B XXXX

Week Beginning 18th December


We've reached the last week of term and have all made progress and settled into being great Year 1's

Hamper Assembly is on Monday so look out those raffle tickets that you bought on the Firework evening. Don't worry if you've lost them as we kept a list of all the numbers. The hamper is superb  so go for Fruity if you win!

I hope you enjoyed the nativity as much as we enjoyed the rehearsals and acting to you all on Tuesday and Wednesday. Well done for joining in the Hoe Down at the end, it certainly made us all feel very lively! There are some great pictures on the website under events and Gallery for you to view

Thank you to all the mums who came in this morning and helped with the Christmas Cookies. I hope the children didn't eat them all on the way home and shared some with you

We have completed our story boards on the Baboushka story and next week in English complete some careful and accurate sentences writing on the theme of Christmas.

In Maths we are going to work on some practical maths making bar models which will help us to understand our number bonds and addition

 We are going to complete some shared work with the Year 5's on Christmas poetry and the making of some Christmas cards. We are also going to make some pop up santa's and have a look at how moving cards are made for DT


Can you design a christmas card...but it needs to be a big Christmas tree and have

  • 1 bright shining star

  • 2 green baubles

  • 3 strands of tinsel

  • 4 nutcracker soldiers

  • 5 gold rings

  • 6 red and yellow spotty decorations

  • 7 christmas crackers

  • 8 chocolate treats

  • 9 wrapped presents underneath

  • and 10 carol singers around it

I shall look forward to seeing your winning designs and bonus question how many items have been added to the tree altogether?

Thank you to everyone who joined us at St Pauls for the Christmas Carol Service it was lovely to see you all and the singing was super!

Don't forget that Thursday is KS1 Party don't have to do anything other than remember it's party clothes.

Friday is the Year 1 joint TREAT game each and nothing that is valuable or electronic...there will be time for the children to sit and share their games in the morning

Next Friday seems a long way off but I'm sure it will come quickly...agh! I've still got presents to buy and food to sort for all the family that are descending on us during the holidays

Have a lovely weekend

Lots of love

Mrs Bettle


Week Beginning 11th December

Well!!   We've just had a busy week and I think it's going to get busier.... The nativity is in full swing and the rehearsals are going well, we're really impressed with the children and how they are listening and then getting on with speaking, singing and actions. I think you'll have a really good time next week and go home feeling really Christmassy!

Thank you for all your donations to the hamper, it's looking great.

Tickets on sale next week details on the newsletter.

Despite the rehearsals we have completed our addition and subtraction problem solving and the children were great, they had to read first, highlight the most important numbers and then write the sum and work it out...Wow!!! A lot to do but the results were great and we finished with The Great Addition and Subtraction Treasure Hunt around the yard, Mrs Wood and I were very impressed with team work and how you managed to sort the answers mentally.

Well done 1B 

This week we change to a unit on measures and will be doing a lot of measuring, checking that we know the terms longer than and shorter than and can use them accurately

For our English work we completed our work on The Nutcracker with some stunning illustrations and superb ideas as to the adventure land that we would like to be transported to.

This week we are looking at another Christmas Story but this one is from Russia and tells the story of why the children receive their presents at Christmas.

At the end of the week we will be having our RE Day.

The theme is Gifts and Giving.


Can you find out the names of the Three Kings and draw a picture of them with their gifts. Can you name the gifts and find out what they were, I know they've got long names but I'm not sure what they actually mean! 

A quick reminder that Friday will be our visit to Santa's Grotto to take a present for someone who might not be as lucky as we are....thank you for supporting us.

Don't forget that Thursday evening is our School Carol Service at St Pauls. I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you there as can make it. The service starts at 6.30pm so try to arrive at church about 6.15pm so you can find where we're sitting. We've been learning our special carol for your mums and dads. It really does make us think a little bit about the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate and have a lovely time with our families.

Don't eat too many mince pies this weekend...and for those of you putting up your trees and decorations I'll be thinking of you when I do mine.

See you on singing voices this week please...

Lots of Love Mrs Bettle xxx 

Week Beginning 4th December 

Here we are in the last


Please could jeans and trainers be in school for Friday as we are having an audience from FS2 to watch us. Thank you for the loan of some Nutcracker soldiers has helped our story of The Nutcracker to come to life.

This week we are going to look at the sequence of events and the characters, by the end of the week we are going to use our imaginations to decide which sort of adventure we could have like Clara when the Nutcracker took her to The Land of Sweets 

For the last two weeks we have been looking at how to lay out and work out both Addition and Subtraction sums. This week we are going to mix them to check whether you can recognise which sum you should be doing. We are going to finish with a Sum Treasure Hunt around the playground

Thank you for your continuing Hamper donations...still a week to go and a little more room left!

A big tick to everyone for the return of The Great Fire of London booklets and more importantly for sharing them and making some brilliant comments for the children. We are all very proud of them.

We have started our work this week on Seasonal Changes: Winter, next week we are going to be looking at animals who are affected by this season.


We are going to learn three important words




See if you can find out what these words mean and draw three different animals that are connected to each of these words

Have a lovely weekend, I'm sure there will be some Christmas trees going up, don't forget the Advent Calenders and those naughty elves....

See you on Monday

Lots of Love 

Mrs Bettle


Week Beginning 27th November

Wow! This week has certainly flashed by.....I hope you've all enjoyed reading through the non fiction booklets on the Great Fire of London as much as we have enjoyed making them.

The children have definitely remembered a lot of the facts and taken pride in the finished work. Please could you fill in the comment box and return to school on Monday for us...Thank you

For our English this week we are returning to our accurate sentence writing and we are going to read a story with a bit of a Christmas theme. We are going to look at the Nutcracker and describe the characters and the action.

In Maths we are going to spend the week looking at subtraction and finding different strategies to help us work out the answers. We are also going to have a go at some word problems where we have to read the question first.

We have completed our Seasonal changes work on Autumn and will begin to think of features of the winter months.


See if you can draw a winter picture and label the changes that happen during this season...think about the animals and also what things do we do differently in the winter

You will have received the letter telling you about the Christmas play and the costumes and on Monday you will recieve a slip to fill in for tickets. Please be prompt in sending them back as we do have a limit on the capacity for seating in the hall

The hamper is beginning to fill but if you still have something FRUITY to offer please send it in....we're not quite full yet!

I think we'll be surprised how quickly we suddenly realise we are into December and the Christmas play will be happening...agh!! we better start practising....

Don't forget that it is INSET DAY tomorrow and so I'll see you on Monday.

Lots of Love Mrs B xx

Week Beginning 20th November

Thank you for all the donations from the spotty bears in Class 1B today. The school raised a total of £545 so a great amount of money to send off to help others  who need support

Our non fiction booklets are coming along and by next week they should be finished. We will be sending them home for you to read and share will also have to fill in a little review before returning them. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have enjoyed writing them. We just have to add a glossary, contents page and of course the author's blurb!

You may have noticed that your son or daughter came home with an extra book today. We had our first visit to the library to borrow using the computer system and our great Year 6 librarians were there to help us. To make it simple Class 1B will have a weekly visit each Friday. If they finish their book they can put it in their tray for safe keeping. They will need their planner as their scan number has been put in the inside cover

We had an exciting afternoon creating collages of the houses burning to use in our display. The classroom looked rather hectic but the results were brilliant and thanks to our mums who came to help we were all sorted and tidy by the end of the day!

In maths this week we have worked hard to recognise 2 digit we now start to add them and recognise a number sentence and how you can work out which number is missing.

Thank you for the donations that have arrived this week in our FRUITY HAMPER

for the Christmas draw. Please send in if you haven't already, we've still got a few weeks to keep collecting.

Our topic work continues with some art in the style of Wenceslaus Holler. We found out some information and created a fact file and are going to produce an image of London similar to his. Our Great Fire of London work is going to be collated and displayed outside the Year 1 classrooms and in the corridors so we'll let you know when it's ready for a viewing.


We spotted the Tower of London and St Pauls Cathedral on the pictures today. Can you do a little research and find 5 important landmarks or buildings found in London. Have a go at drawing them and label them clearly to share with us on Monday.

Please don't forget that next week is a 4 day week with the school closed for INSET on Friday 24th November

Have a lovely weekend

Love from Mrs B


Week Beginning 13th November

We ended the week with a superb 1B assembly to the rest of the school. The children were super we had clear voices, choral speaking, songs and actions as we gave everyone a flavour of "A Day In The Life Of Class 1B! well done to everyone, it always seems a little scary with everyone looking at you and the hall being full.

Thank you to everyone who came to Parent's Evenings. It was a little busy but it was lovely to see you all and we're definitely making progress this year 

This week in English we are going to start writing our non fiction booklet on The Great Fire Of London. The children are really enjoying all the facts, so I am hoping to have some really interesting accurate sentences written.


Could you find a non fiction book from home and bring it in to share with the class. See if you can spot the following features to point out to us... front cover, contents page, glossary and information pages. Find your favourite page to show us.

In maths we are continuing our work using a 100 square and we are going to find out what the 2 digit numbers are made of.

We had a great afternoon setting fire to our houses and seeing how quickly the flames spread across the rooftops of the houses as well as into the houses and out of the doors and windows. We decided it must have been very frightening to have been there at the time of the fire


The children should have brought letters home this evening about the class Christmas Hamper. Our class theme is "FRUITY" Please could you find an item that has some sort of fruit flavour , taste or smell. It could be a fruit scented candle, foods with fruit in such as cakes and biscuits, fruit flavoured cream and lotions and potions! See if you can come up with something unusual....your shopping may take on a new perspective as you look across the aisles!!

Don't forget that FRIDAY 17TH NOVEMBER IS


Please let the children come in their own clothes and could you send a donation for us to collect and send in. I'm sure we will do some Children in Need activities as well. Thank you

Have a lovely weekend, think we're going to be getting dark by the end of the school day in the next few weeks. See you by the patio gate.

Easy Peasy

Lemon Squeasy!



Week Beginning 6th November

It's just beginning to get dark tonight so I'm looking forward to seeing some of you at the fireworks later on. Make sure that you wrap up warm

We have had a successful week finding out about fiction and non fiction books and went to the library to see if this would help us to classify them into groups. Next week we look more closely at how a book is made, what different sorts of pages do you find in a non fiction book that help you to find information quickly.

In maths we founds pairs of numbers that made 20 and looked to see if there was a pattern

We have started our Great Fire of London topic and I was amazed at how many facts the children already know. Next week we are going to recreate the streets and with Mrs Viggars class we are going to see how the fire was able to spread so quickly.

Please remember your cereal box on Monday and if you have a spare bring that too, we will be using them in the morning


Can you draw a picture of the houses that you would have found in the streets of London at the time of the fire so we can use this information to help when we decorate our boxes. See if you can find out what they were made of? Did they have windows? Were they all the same size?

I'm looking forward to seeing you all at Parents Evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday is full so I will try to keep to time as best I can.....there are some great things to let you know about.

The children may come home next week with some lines to learn for our slot in Friday assembly to the whole school. We have to let everyone know what we have been learning about this term so far. This is not the Year 1 joint Assembly to parents...that is on Friday 22nd June at 9.15am

Have a lovely weekend celebrating Bonfire Night and I'll see you all on Monday by the gate

"Bright and Breezy"

"Lemon Squeezy "

Love from Mrs B XXX



During the first week back to school there are two special days that we celebrate with dressing up and events. See if you can name them and find out why we celebrate them and draw a picture to show some of the activities we might do.

See you on Monday


Week Beginning 23rd October

The holiday has arrived!

Super adding this week and use of number lines to count along, we had lots of practising and we didn't even do it all in our books

We made our capes for SuperTed, unfortunately some of them did not protect him and the water all absorbed in but...some using the plastic let the water run off so he kept dry!

We completed our Literacy with some funny sentences about what could be pulled out of the ground if it wasn't the enormous turnip...we had pizzas, bikes, and even spotty pants! No spellings home over the holidays...just try to do a little bit of reading please

RE Day was a great sucess with us looking at the Harvest celebrations and why it is celebrated all around the world

We made scarecrow faces as the scarecrows were very important on the farms for protecting the crops through the summer months

We had a lovely morning choosing activities and playing with our friends...something we've been wanting to do since the beginning of term but we don't get a chance to with all the hard work we have to complete in Year 1.

When we return on October 30th we will be looking at non fiction books and writing in out English work and in our maths we are looking at place value and number bonds to 20, we'll have to hope we haven't gone too rusty over the week

Science sees us looking at Seasonal changes again and the activities that take place in the Autumn for humans and for animals

Our topic changes to the Great Fire Of London and we find out facts and sequence events

Have a lovely holiday, enjoy the lie ins, long walks and meeting friends and relatives.Catch up with the website at the end of the week and you might find a sneaky challenge to have a go at.

Well done 1B you have worked really hard, I think your mums and dads will be amazed at Parent's Evening at just how much you have completed.

See you by the gate in a weeks time

Lots of love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 16th October

We've had a busy week both in our English and our maths. We had some lovely results in our first story writing where we tried to se

he holiday has arrived!quence the action of The Enormous Turnip. I think you'll enjoy reading them at Parents Evenings after the October Half Term holiday....details of times coming soon. We've also worked hard to learn the tricky split vowel digraphs in Phase 5 phonics. We had a great game to play in sounding out and matching a-e words

In English next week we complete our Enormous Turnip with some of our own versions....I wonder what we'll be tugging out of the ground this time! We 're also looking at the personal pronoun "I" and how and when we use it. 

Next week we continue to look at patterns within our numbers, how to make them and do we know what they stand for. I was very impressed when we had the counters, cubes, Numicon and objects out and everyone had to show me something that was mathematical and explain what they had found. We had counting on, odd numbers, even numbers, counting in 10's to 100 and grouping objects to count quickly.

Next week in Science we are going to use all the knowledge we have about materials to solve the problem of Super Teds cape and hat which have lost their waterproofing. I' m not quite sure what he'll look like but lets hope he stays dry!

This week we worked out why the Three Little Pigs should have all built their houses from the bricks and came up with some super descriptions  or scientifically their properties,, strong, hard, stable, waterproof.


Can you design me a Super Ted badge for our bear to wear. Draw round a saucer and create a design...let's see what you come up with

On Thursday we share our RE Day with 1 WV. We will be thinking about Harvest around the world and being Thankful. We've also got a lovely task for you in the afternoon with this lovely fellow....I hope you're feeling artistic....

A great morning was had cooking pirate ginger cookies with Mrs Taylor and our wonderful mum helpers. We hope you enjoyed a taste of the biscuits if they managed to get all the way home!

Our pirate theme has continued into our computing sessions, the children have created some superb Paint pictures showing pirates and their boats...great concentration

I can't believe where all these weeks have gone...I think we're all ready for a break...keep going 1B as we've nearly got our marbles in the jar. Have a lovely weekend, I think there's going to be a last bit of autumn sunshine. Last Monday at the gate...

Love from Mrs B


Week Beginning 9th October

Just a selection of our Autumnal trees as we begin to understand the changes taking place around us as the season of Autumn really shows in the weather and the trees

We had the Sprouts Theatre company visit on Tuesday and took a journey through a jungle to find a missing baby gorilla that had been stolen by the hunters. Lots of fun was had by all!


We celebrated Autumn and the season of being thankful with our Harvest Assembly. Thank you for all the generous donations that have been packaged up and delivered to the Friary Drop In Centre

We have had lots of fun in making a boat.....that we thought would float......we were very successful and realised that a boat should be light in weight and have a flat bottom to it to spread the weight over the water.

In maths next week we continue to look at number bonds to ten and recognise the values of numbers, we will be making them using objects and writing accurately

We hope to make use of the DT room for our topic work and will be investigating why the pirates found and bought back to England ...ginger....see if you can remember form our visit to Beaumanor when we went into the dark cave and heard pirate tales and facts.


We have a pirate Treasure Chest at the back of the room, can you bring something in to place in the box......remember you will have to explain why you chose it as your might be a photo or a special toy or book. We'll keep everything a secret until the chest is full and then we'll open it up.

Our Science work will be based around the story of The Three Little Pigs. We are going to link in with our knowledge of materials and see if we can explain why the third pigs house was the best!

So ANOTHER BUSY WEEK completed and another busy one coming up. Well done Class 1B you're woking really hard and definitely being Year 1's now

Don't forget it is school PHOTOS on Monday morning so make sure you've brushed your hair and are looking really smart...don't forget the big smile too!

Have a lovely weekend...I think there might be a bit of AUTUMNAL sunshine

Lots of Love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 2nd October 

Another busy week and it is beginning to show signs of Autumn on the trees. This week in Science we will be looking at seasonal changes and how we can tell we have moved from the Summer into the Autumn


Can you draw or paint me a picture of a really lovely autumnal tree showing me all the beautiful colours and if you're really clever when you bring it back on Monday you could perhaps tell me how and why the leaves have changes from their green colour!

In topic today we have been predicting whether objects would float or sink...we came up with some great suggestions....heavier items tended to drop to the bottom...but also items that had holes in that filled with water also sank

We are going to have a go at making some boats so hopefully we might choose the right materials to stop us sinking! We'll have to check out some pictures of our Pirate ships to help us with our decisions.

Over the next week would it be possible for the children to all bring in a small plastic water bottle to help us make some messages in bottles...thank you

On Tuesday we have a visit from the Sprouts Theatre Company and each class within KS1 will be having a session so we'll put some pictures on the website so you can see what we get up to! In English this week we begin learning a different traditional tale, we have had a go at writing some accurate sentences but over the next two week we hopefully will have a go at writing a story

Here we are having a go at being pirates with some drama, we learnt to pull in the sail, scrub the decks and steer the ship as well as hanging on when the waves got big!

In maths we will be looking at the number 10...what is it and how can we split it up...can we see any patterns?

Don't forget that it is Harvest Festival on Friday morning, if you would like to bring a donation of a tin or packet of food that can be donated to the Friary Drop In Centre then please bring it on the morning....... Thank You

Another busy week ahead as well...half way through the half term...I know the children are tired at themoment but they are really settling into routines and learning to be independent when working in the have a lovely rest...the sun came out this afternoon and we managed to have some play on the bikes. See you on Monday 

Love from Mrs B XXX

Week Beginning 25th September

What a fantastic day we had at Beaumanor on Wednesday. The children joined in all the activities and we came back sounding like the real thing! We also learnt lots of new facts about pirates that we can use in the classroom.

The pirates have also been busy in the clssroom and if we look through the portholes we can see some pirate ships sailing across the back wall.

It was a tricky task as the children had to do their own design and all the cutting and sticking themselves so well done Class 1B what a super start to your cutting and sticking skills! Please pop in and see them after school

Thank you for your donations for Jeans For Genes Day. The final total was..... nearly £500 so didn't we do well in helping other people

This week in our English we continue with our story of Goldilocks and are going to be rehearsing and writing out some short sentences. We'll be doing lots of checking to ensure that our letters are correctly formed. A huge well done to everyone with their first spellings.....lots of sounding out and blending. Spellings for this week are in the planners to practice...thank you

In Numercacy we will be looking at place value, what does a 5 look like and what does a ten look like. We will be using lots of objects to help us recognise and draw our numbers

Having recognised the names that we use when grouping materials we are going to explore the classroom and the playground to see if we can identify objects and what they are made from for our Science

 On Thursday we are having our LANGUAGES DAY ASSEMBLY


 Can you find a way of saying "Hello" in another could write it down and the country that it comes from and practice saying it so you can tell us....and if you wanted you could draw the flag from the country as well. I'm looking forward to seeing how many ways we find.

If you're running in the Mini Marathon on Sunday, I might see you so I'll give you a cheer....Good Luck...if not see you on Monday...lots to do but you're really getting the hang of being Yr 1 now

Lots of Love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 18th September

We have had a super pirate day, Ayaan really liked reading our poem, Clemmie enjoyed making her pirate for the back wall and Bethany thought that dressing up as a pirate was GREAT!

Thank you to everyone who came to support our Pirate Recital with Year 2 at the end of the afternoon, one week in and they're settling in and working hard.

Percy the Pirate and Polly  the Parrot have starting coming home with the children. Thank you for looking after them and seeing them back into school. Well done Maria forbringing your photos in to showus what Polly had been eating for her tea!

This week saw the children thinking about positional language and they had to prove to me that they understood all the different terms, well done for being sensible and having fun!

Next week we are going to be recognising and ordering numbers in our Maths work

In Literacy we are going to be looking at the story and the characters in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Remember that when you write use good clear letters and finger spaces. Over the next few weeks we will be reading some traditional tales


See if you can look on your bookshelves at home or pop to the library and bring a traditional story into the classroom for us to share during our story time. It might be your favourite or one that mummy and daddy have told you, let's see how many we can collect.

Don't forget our visit to Beaumanor on Wednesday. Lunches will be provided for those children that normally have a dinner. Also we need to see you in your Pirate costumes again

Friday is Jeans For Genes Day so please wear your jeans but don't forget your donation to go towards the charity we are supporting

Lots of Love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 11th September

End of the first few days and we've made it to the weekend. A big well done to Class1B, we've had to make new friends, find our carpet spaces, find our table places and even sort out the line for going to assembly. On top of all of that we've been following the school theme of HATS. We have decorated our class hat.... a delightful little number that I wore to assembly! We've read some stories about a naughty fish who tried to steal a hat and made our own fish with hats on.

I hope you were impressed with our Roman Legion that emerged from school at the end of the day...we're going to march on through the year, working together.

We put ourselves in the frame and I reckon we're going to change a lot over the year....we'll have to keep checking.

Next week we start working on our Literacy and Numeracy but we are going to tie our activities into the PIRATE topic to get us all excited so we will be reading and writing pirate stories and sentences. In Numeracy we will be using directional language and finding out how the pirates were able to navigate.

We begin singing with Mrs Walton and games with Mr Smith

We look forward to seeing you on the afternoon of Friday 15th in the Infant yard at 2.45pm for our Pirate recital and songs

Don't forget the MEET AND GREET on Monday afternoon at 2.45pm. This takes place in the classroom and will give you an opportunity to get to know me and to introduce yourselves. Please enter through the main reception.

You should all have received through Parent Mail the information regarding the visit to Beaumanor on Wednesday 20th September. Please could you let me know if you are able to help on the day. Thank you.

 The children will probably be a little tired as they've all worked hard and had a go at everything I've asked them to do so you should feel very proud of them all. See you by the gates on Monday...big smiles please.

Love from Mrs B XX


Here we are at the start of the new school year 2017-2018

I hope you have had a lovely summer and relaxed with family and friends.....I've been really busy and have lots to tell the children about. Thank you to all the children who sent a postcard they're sitting at the front of the room ready for us to share in the morning. Remember to bring your PE kit into school this week and your water bottle. 

I hope you have also remembered that we are going to be lining up by the side patio gate and yes I expect to see a big smile on all your faces to welcome us all into Class 1B. We have lots of small tasks to do this week, remember I have got to learn all your names first.....I know you might be nervous but so will I, so be smart and ready and I'll see you in the morning.

Lots of love

Mrs B