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Autumn Term 2014


Phew! What a busy term we have had! Filled with fantastic new experience, lots of laughter and learning!

I have been amazed by all of your hard work on WW1 and this has been shown off through your fantastic war letters. They were packed full of emotive language, historical facts and brilliant variety in sentence lengths and structures. We have now finished our war topic, but if you would like to pop in, we do have some fantastic work from it displayed in our classroom and the foyer.

Congratulations for ALL passing the DARE course and graduating last week. Go to the home page to see the pictures!

A couple of weeks ago year 6 were very lucky to be asked by Morrisons to help with their ‘Text Santa’ appeal. We chose a few children from each class to walk (!) all the way to the supermarket and pack bags for the charity. We had a fantastic festive time, raised LOADS of money, and received some fabulous compliments from the general public about our children. WELL DONE to those of you who helped out, you were a real credit to the school!


Next term we have already started planning a very exciting new topic! I can’t tell you what it is yet…but I know you are going to LOVE it!!

Finally, I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! You have worked unbelievably hard this term and all deserve a huge rest! I hope Santa brings you everything you wish for!



See you all in 2015…and your last 2 terms at JG! Let’s make them the best yet!!

Love from,

Miss Horgan



Dear Class 2,

It was so great to see so many of you for our Kingswood memory evening, thank you for coming. I loved being reminded of all the fun we had and I hope you did too!

Well done ALL of you for your fantastic non -chronological reports. They were so well written as well as being beautifully presented. They are all on display now and I know that many of the teachers who have spotted them have been very impressed!

This week in Literacy we will be finishing off learning all about letters written in the war, culminating in us writing our very own. I hope you have all been inspired by our book 'Private Peaceful', I know I have!

In Numeracy, we are going to continue to look at fractions, decimals and percentages (my favourite!) It is starting to get tricky now! Some of you have been brill at popping into my clasroom to ask for help, don't forget that my door is always open!

Dare Graduation is booked in for the 12th of December at 9.30am. All parents are invited and a letter will be out soon. In the mean time you need to write your DARE reports. These need to be about 2 pages long and should cover what you have learnt in the course. Your rough draft is due in on the 5th of December. I will then mark them and you can then write it up in neat as your final report.

Thank you all for your wonderful hamper contributions, I will be buying up many raffle tickets in the hope that I can win one!! I hope to see lots of you at the christmas fair on Friday (6-8pm)!

Keep up the fab work,

Miss Horgan x




Dear Class 2,

Wow what fantastic heroes we all were last week. I was so impressed with your fab fancy dress (especially the outfits that involved the prop of cakes!).

Some of your non chronological reports have started coming in and they look amazing! You all put in so much hard work and I cannot wait to read the final (beautifully presented) product!

This week in Literacy we are going to continue to look at Private Peaceful. We will be looking specifically at emotive language. When you are reading this week really think about how your author creates emotion? What language do they use? What type of devices do they use? What can we magpie to make our own emotive pieces of work?

Miss Drake will continue to teach my group Numeracy, which I know you are all really enjoying…this week we are going to start looking at everything to do with fractions decimals and percentages! My favourite!

Next week in Science we are going to be making our very own sound proofing. What materials do you need to bring in for your group in order to create a successful sound box…think about what we learnt today about how sound travels.

Finally, we have started collecting for our ‘sweets and treats’ hamper box. A huge thank you to those of you who have already contributed. Please could everything be in by the 26th of November as the fair is on the 28th of November at 6pm.

Keep up the AMAZING work,

Miss Horgan x

If you ever need to email me please use the following address:



Dear Class 2,

I don’t know about you but I think I have only just got over Kingswood!! I hope you all had a fantastic half term, full of rest and Halloween based fun!

This week we have been really focussing on our non-chronological reports, which are shaping up to being some of the best work we have done so far. They are so fantastic that your homework will be to type them/write them up in neat and present them as though they were a page ready made for an encyclopaedia. This will be set on Monday, but for the time being get thinking about how you want your page to look, including the lay out, and the pictures.

Next week our WW1 topic will really kickstart. Following our theatre performance I hope you are already thinking about what facts you already know, and more importantly, what questions you want to ask. On Tuesday we will be looking at the outbreak of WW1!

Linked to our topic we will be designing and creating our very own poppy inspired piece of art. Think about how you could use the image of a poppy in a piece of art…how could you link this to the devastation of war? How could you convey he mood that remembrance day brings? Hopefully the most inspiring pieces of Art will make it to the website over the next few weeks!

Miss Drake will continue to teach my group Numeracy, which I know you are all really enjoying…I am very impressed by the amount of names in the ‘Miss Drake Raffle Box!’.

I hope you all enjoy the fireworks that will no doubt fill our skies over the weekend,

Keep up the AMAZING work,

Miss Horgan x

PS- Dear Parents, I look forward to seeing you at parents evening next week, if you have any queries over your time, please drop me an email and I can confirm it for you: