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Class F2H

Photo Gallery of the children.  Please check your email for the password.

Autumn 2 Weeks 3 and 4

Many thanks for the Christmas Hamper contributions so far, absolutely anything red is warmly welcomed. It was a funny week with so many different teachers but the class were great and got on with things. Our Christmas play rehearsals are up and running, please look out for any lines to learn at home. No more owl show and tell and I am going to try and introduce a ban on bits of paper going home. Next week both Miss Booth and I are out on a First Aid course on Thursday so the class will have Mr Keating. On Friday there is an INSET so a long weekend for you all to enjoy. 

Well done F2H for getting all 25 marbles for being a well behaved and hard working class. Our treat afternoon will be on Monday 13th November. They have chosen to wear whatever they want for the day (appropriate for weather conditions) and they will watch a film in the afternoon with treats provided.

This week we have been focusing on the teen numbers, hearing and saying the first sound in a word and ordering an owl's life cycle. Next week we are adding by counting two groups, segmenting words to spell and making an eggbox owl (thanks for the contributions) . 

It was lovely to meet eberyone at parents evening and please feel free to email with any questions and queries at any time.

Have a fabulous weekend, Mr Hassall

Autumn 2 Weeks 1 and 2

Twit twoo! We have an owltastic week with the owl man ( a few pics below) , owl babies and lots of chats with all the great show and tell coming in. We have also covered ordering familiar events, balance in PE, everybody has been listened to read and lots of imaginitive play has occured. 

It was lovely to see so many people at the curriculum evening, see attachment below for info. I look forward to having more personalised discussions with everyone next week for parents evening.

Week 2 will see us do some owl artwork, learn about the owl life cycle, look at shape and size and plenty more besides.

Many thanks, Mr Hassall

Autumn 1 Weeks 4 and 5

We have gained a frim grasp on individual children's starting point in Literacy and Maths. From now on our topics will be differentiated to help each learner progress at their own rate. Taking into account the children's interest is always a priority so we will be using Autumn, the wind and leaves as  basis for the next two weeks. 

We have also been focusing on children's relationships, how they manage their feelings and look after themselves; all of which have equal importance in the Early Learning Goals.

Monday 9th is individual photos, on Tuesday 10th I am not in class so they will have Mrs Johnston and on Thursday 19th they will have Mrs Bedford.

PE kits will go home on Wednesday 18th for a wash and stock check!

Thanks for your support in a wonderful first half term


Autumn 1 Weeks 2 and 3

Now the children are settling into the routines of the school day we are beginning our journey through a exciting and challenging curriculum. Using the story of The Little Red Hen we have done some story ordering and choral speaking. We will move on to writing some simple words soon. The children loved baking bread in the D+T room and we had a great PE lesson focusing on floor movements and balance. In Maths we have been focusing on counting and number recognition. 

Please see topic bubble/curriculum map attachment for more info.

We will now be sending some basic homework to be completed most weeks, the handwriting booklets sent home in Week 2 support the phonic work done in class. 

On Thursday 28th September I will be out of school so the class will have Mrs Bedford.

Well done F2H for settling into school so brilliantly.

Autumn 1 - Weeks 1 and 2

Wow Wow Wow! Firstly Miss Booth and Mr Hassall would like to say a huge well done to all of FS2 for your first days at Jesse Gray Primary School. The children have been confident and cheerful every morning helping us to have some lovely days of learning and fun. With so many new things to learn just about the school day we have been so impressed with how well the children have focused and remembered what to do and where to go. 

This week and next week we have been getting an idea of where individuals are at in terms of some Maths and Literacy skills. Whilst we have been doing this the children have had fun choosing activities in the classroom, shared area (see pictures below) and outside area. The whole school topic of hats has been brilliant, with FS2 producing some lovely artwork and having some great photos taken based around the story of 'Mrs Honey's Hat' (see the display board in the main entrance to school).

Hopefully you have all received some information this week about what this half term has in store. Please feel free to email us with any questions and queries, our email addresses are at the top of our class web pages.