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Class F2B

Week beginning 13th November 2017

Well what another busy week! After our Curriculum Meeting we have had our very first parent evenings for our wonderful new Jesse Gray children. What a valuable opportunity to find out even more about everyone in my class... even more than you all share with us in your super Busy Books! I sometimes think we need more time to natter in class and find out about your tennis clubs, dancing and swimming classes and how much you all enjoy spending time at each other's parties and with your families for different celebrations and visits.

We have been continuing our owl work after Bob's visit and will this week be creating our own factual books.




We visited the IT suite this week and left Miss Crawford 'flabbergasted' (our word of the week last week) by how skilled we were in using a mouse and finding our way around the computer programme. We even managed to stay sitting down and remembered to put up our hands rather than all rushing up and down if we needed a helping hand. Our owl pictures were simply awesome and after we had finished we could choose our own programme and had such a lot of fun. Well done F2B!

We have been sequencing our days of the week and our school day in Maths this week and have been busy practising our handwriting. We have also been writing lists of our favourite activities in school and some of us were worried that we couldn't spell the words but we said it was good to have a go and lots of us could hear many letters in the words we wanted to write too! 

We have almost finished our portraits and what works of art they are. We have also enjoyed painting poppies this week and have had a special assembly about the significance of the poppy and why we wear them. Next week we will be making owls so thank you to everyone who has sent in an egg box.

We work really hard in F2B but we have lots of fun too. Henry made everyone laugh as always, landing playdough pancakes on his face, Ruqquayah was busy making a card for her Mummy's Birthday and Effie and Isabella had an afternoon picnic for Catty Catty, Bunny Bunny and Foxy Foxy. We all enjoyed some relaxing 'Go Noodle' time and had so much fun learning even though we thought we were just playing.

We will be using money next week in Maths, starting off by counting and adding in pennies and using the letters we have learnt so far to write our own words and do some word and picture matching activities.

We will be supporting...

so please come to school on Friday wearing themed clothing or something spotty and please could you bring in a donation for us to send.

It's now time for a woofer walk with our five springy Springer Spaniels...they are spotty but they had better not come into school!

See you all on Monday morning and have a lovely weekend.

Miss B xx





Week beginning 6.11.17

Welcome back to week 2 of our Autumn 2 term and another fun week ahead. We have been completing our sequencing work in maths and will be learning all about the owl life cycle as part of our topic work. We have been sharing our Busy Books and talking about the Bonfires and fireworks we have seen over the weekend too. We have also been continuing our portrait painting with the help of one of our kind volunteers who comes in to help us on a Monday afternoon. We are taking lots of care with our paintings looking in the mirror to make sure we get the right hair and eye colours. We are going to have our work up in a gallery around the classroom called 'Look At Us!' 




Week beginning 30th October 2017 

What a fabulous first week back after the half term holidays and how exciting to have the 'Owl Experience' in school on Thursday. Bob brought three of his owls in to fly in our school hall and we learnt lots of new owl facts too.

We have been reading The Owl babies book as well as starting our chapter book, The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark which we are all enjoying. It has been good to talk about being afraid of things and how grown ups help us just like the grown up owls helped baby owlet Plop.

We have been very busy with our own individual reads this week and everyone has done really well in phonics as we know lots of new letters and are beginning to blend. Well done to everyone who has been practising key words too. We have had lots of opportunities for imaginative play this week with small world animals as well as our outdoor farm shop which our lovely Teaching Assistants have been transforming into a camp ready for more learning and play about nocturnal animals, the light and dark.... torches at the ready!

It was lovely to see everyone at the curriculum evening and thank you so much for the lovely feedback we have had about this. There is now a link in our class pages to the information. I am looking forward to chatting again at Parent Evenings too and sharing all the wonderful things with you about our fantastic F2 children.

Photo Gallery of the FS2 Children. Please check your email for the password.

Week beginning 16th October 2017

Well what another busy week for us all in F2B. We have learnt so many letters in our Phase 2 phonics in our first half term at Jesse Gray and we are becoming super fast in spotting the letters and playing our 'Oh There You Are' game when we spot the letters hiding behind other ones. Miss Crawford and Mrs Taylor have been copying and stapling all the sheets together so that we can bring them home to share in the holidays. We can colour them in if we like but most importantly we can practise recognising and writing the letters too.

Everyone has also had a Story Sack (thank you to our amazing helpers) to enjoy at home and this week we have all got a brand new reading book, book mark and reading record. We will read with all the children and change their book each week. It is so important to make this an enjoyable experience as all the children have loved chatting about the pictures especially Tate who shared his book with Reuben as we read together. It as all about a dog who misbehaved and ran into the road and needed a visit to the vet. This involved lots of discussion and learning about vets and animals and how we had to care for them.  The boys almost forgot they were learning how to read at the same time!

It has been a super week for maths as we have continued and extended our learning making more complicated repeated patterns, this time printing with potatoes. We have been doing careful counting of the leaves we collected as we have threaded them onto string after hole punching them (super skills for our fine motor skills to strengthen our hands and fingers for writing.) Some of us decided we would like to make leaf kebabs and have brought these home to show you... great imaginations!

Alison has taken some more children to plant bulbs in the Jesse Gray garden this week with Miss Crawford and they were accompanied by a robin singing to them all the way around!

We have had a wonderful time listening to Bach in our music lessons with Mrs Walton and in the classroom we have been practising peer massage and thinking about how we can relax and be calm at the end of our day listening to his music too. We have also had lots of time to make even more friendships, share our wonderful Busy Books (thank you to you all for contributing so much to these) and finding out more about what we enjoy doing in class and what we would like to learn more about.

Next week we will be celebrating the Hindu celebration of Diwali, enjoying Indian food, making clay Diva Lamps and dressing up in traditional dress....what a wonderful last week of our first term together in F2.

We will be having a Curriculum Evening (just for grown ups) on 1st November and Parent Evenings the following week...more details will be emailed.

Both F2B and F2H will be having a trip to visit Father Christmas at White Post Farm on 7th December (details to follow this week) and the owls will be coming into school to visit us in November as part of our topic work.

What an exciting half term to look forward to.... and our Christmas Perfromance to rehearse for too.... it is all such fun in Foundation Stage!

See you all again bright and smiley on Monday morning and photographs will be posted this weekend too!

Love Miss B x x x 


Week beginning 9th October 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to another busy week in F2B. Last week we had a fabulous time in the jungle with Sprouts Theatre Company and celebrated the Harvest. Thank you to everyone for your very generous donations. 


This week we will be going out to plant potoatoes in the school vegetable garden and we will be busy doing lots of Autumn maths. We have a collection of leaves so we will be busy getting messy painting them and making repeated patterns. We will also be ordering them according to their sizes from smallest, shortest to biggest, tallest. The conkers we have collected will be used to make numbers and we are going to make strings of the Autumn finds we make outside and add the correct number to how many objects we can tie onto our string. Watch out for some fabulous designs on the fence over the next week or too!

We enjoyed the story of Ferdie and the Falling Leaves last week and we talked about how the seasons change and how different animals like hedgehogs and squirrels need leaves and acorns for warmth and food.

We enjoyed having our photographs taken today for our very first picture in Foundation 2 and all gave super smiles to the photographer. 

We are continuing to learn new letter sounds each day and beginning to blend some simple words too. We are also learning some words which we can blend to read as well as some words we will be learning by sight. These will be sent home in our book bags over the course of this week along with a reading book. Please take the time to enjoy the reading book together, looking at the illustrations and talking about the story or facts. All our children will learn to read at different times and it is important we all ensure they see reading as enjoyable experience. As well as an individual read in class we will gradually begin to introduce little group 'guided reading' sessions at the beginning of next term too.

Also this week we will be going into the computer suite for the first time to create some Autumn pictures and pictures we design ourselves. Photographs to follow!

Finally THANK YOU for returning the Story Sacks today, our wonderful parent helpers come in on Monday mornings to arrange new ones for all of our FS children so please return yours if you forgot so you can have a new one next week too.

Have a lovely week.

Love Miss B xx



Week beginning 2nd October 2017

Hello everyone and I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend after our busy week in school. The weather is certainly turning Autumnal and yesterday a conker fell from the tree onto my head! I now have a car boot full of them so we can use them to do some woodland art, number and letter work. I am off for a walk soon with our dogs and hope to find a selection of different coloured leaves for us too. Please share any of your Autumn finds with us this week as well as any vegetables you can spare (old ones are fine) as we will be identifying them, talking about them, scrubbing them and chopping them as part of our learning about Harvest time. We will be planning a little visit to our school fruit and vegetable garden this week to look at the colours and changes there and creating natural works of art. Photographs to follow.

We will be having our Harvest Assembly for the children on Friday so if you wish to donate packet foods for donation to the Friary Drop In Centre then please bring these on Friday morning.

On Tuesday the Sprouts Theatre Company will be coming into school and I am sure we will all have a fun time!

We have been busy doing lots of fun learning this week and the children are now getting to know everyone and settle really well into our routines. We have learnt so many letters in phonics and lots of us are starting to blend simple words to read them too. We have been practising writing our first names and making sure we form our letters the right way around. It can be very tricky when you are only four but we have all worked so hard at it and holding our pencil correctly too. We have been doing lots of number and shape work and have enjoyed singing lots of songs and rhymes to help us.

Miss Law came in to read with us all again this week with Spencer Bear. We are all enjoying story time and this week Miss Crawford has been busy working hard with Annabel's Mummy to get the Storysacks ready for you all to share this week. All the children now have a reading book and key words and we will be sending these out next week too.



We have spent lots of time in the big garden this week and enjoyed having the bikes and scooters out when the sun was shining. We are all getting really good at taking turns and sharing!

We have also been collecting marbles for being superstars and we have reached our target of 25 so as a special treat we will be able to bring a toy into school on Friday. We are all really excited about this and I will send a note home to remind everyone this week.

See you all on Monday.

Love Miss B x x




Week beginning 25th September 

Well what another fantastic week in F2B, we all settled quickly into the routine on Monday morning and came into school with our happy smiles on our faces again. We have had such a busy time learning all about the Little Red Hen and how her friends wouldn't help her to make bread. We thought it was funny at the end when she ate it all herself and we thought carefully about whether that was the right thing to do or whether she should have shared it! I'm pleased we all chose to share the bread we made with our lovely Teaching Assistants, Miss Crawford, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Jennings! What super stars they were baking with all 60 children and the bread was absolutely delicious....we have some young cooking stars in the making at Jesse Gray already!



We have been getting Harvest ready in singing practice and I know lots of children are teaching you 'The Big Red Combine Harvester' at home! We liked the part of the story where the corn began to grow and I wondered if we should grow something in class... maybe not corn as I am sure the boys and girls would expect to see it grow overnight but maybe grass heads would be good so grass seed has been added to my shopping list for tomorrow...any skin coloured nylon tights would be much appreciated! We have been doing lots of other learning as well as finding out what plants need to grow and have been busy recognising our numbers, counting objects and finding out which numbers are bigger or smaller than others. We have started learning how to form our letters correctly and have learnt new letters in phonics which we have sent home for you all to share. We have been practising our cutting skills to cut out pictures of our story and order them. It has been exciting working in our brand new books! Miss Crawford and Mrs Taylor have been teaching us how to use oil pastels and we have some wonderful self portraits ready to go up on our wall. Busy Books have been a wonderful way for us all to share with each other what we have been up to and thank you so much for sending them in!

This week we will be practising writing our names and forming our numbers. We will be reading another hen story this week which will help us learn more about positional language as well as labeling pictures from the book too.

Miss Law brought her bear, Spencer, into F2 and read us all a story this week and we all had a lovely time. We thought it would be nice to have class bears we could take home with us. This led some of us to finding Bear stories in our reading area and we have enjoyed listening to Barnaby Bear and reading a selection of stories from the 'This is the Bear' collection. Wow! What a busy week of playing and learning again. I expect the children will have been so tired by hometime yesterday!

THANK YOU all so much for the generous donations to Genes for Jeans, we were still finding more contributions in book bags at home time and almost £500 was raised.

Finally, another thank you for being so understanding about PE/uniform niggles as the children (and grown ups!) get into the routine of helping 30 children get ready and changed. We have a missing red shirt, a missing jumper and a red coat (all named) that have gone astray and we will be checking all bags again on Monday and asking other teachers to check too. 

I will endeavour to add more photographs on later (I am not very technical and had a hitch with the others!)

Have a happy weekend everyone.

See you all again on Monday love Miss B xx

Just a little note about the home learning which I omitted to add in... we would love to see their letter practise in the little booklets but these are for you to share with your child and so we are happy if you wish to keep them at home or hand in over the week!

Miss B xx



Week beginning 18th September

What another fantastic week in F2B! All the children stayed for their first full day at school on Wednesday and enjoyed a scrumptious school lunch. We have all been practising using our knife and fork so we can cut the food ourselves. Everyone looked after each other as we practised walking in a straight (and quiet!) line to the dining hall and we all remembered our super good manners. The grown ups looking after us at dinner time were very impressed. Miss Law spent lots of time with us too and said how amazing we were both in the dining hall and playing outside together afterwards.

Alison and Mary came in to take some of us to the school garden and we picked apples and raspberries the bigger children had grown. We also dug up some potatoes and had to wear special gardening gloves (although it was fun getting a bit dirty in the soil!) and Miss Crawford said we should practise our maths by counting how many we had found. The apples were called 'Scrumptious' apples and were some of the biggest apples we had ever seen. Mrs Taylor cut them up for us to eat in the afternoon after we had washed them.

We went to Assembly this week too and met the Key Stage 1 children and their teachers. We all sat beautifully and listened really well then practised the 'Team Work Makes Dreamwork' we had learnt about by helping each other in class playing and sharing together nicely.

We have been so busy learning our letters and singing new songs to help us remember them. We enjoy playing games with different letters and spotting where they are hiding. We have been singing lots of number songs too and some of us are recognising our numbers to ten and even twenty. We know lots of shapes and are beginning to name their properties too.

We have had lots of time outdoors this week (running in and out of the cover in the heavy rainshowers) and are playing and learning alongside F2H in our little garden area and the shared area inside the clasroom. We sometimes go onto the big yard although on Friday it was full of Year 1 pirates! We had a special treat on Friday afternoon as we were all feeling rather tired as when we went outside we found lots of bikes, scooters, cars, tractors and trailers and pushchairs to wake us up and get us really fit and active. Noah gave me a big hug and said, 'thank you, thank you, thank you I am having the best time ever' and it made me so happy that I could have cried!

F2B is a fabulous class of polite, hard working, kind and caring children and I am one very lucky and happy teacher. We are all looking forward to another wonderful week and I haven't told the children yet that we will be baking bread as our story next week is 'The Little Red Hen.' I am sure they will enjoy baking and eating it together as we share the story and do lots of fun and exciting learning around the story.

Miss Crawford will also be setting up our Story Sacks again with one of our lovely Mummy helpers this week so you will be able to share these with your children. (If you would like to help too please let me know.) All the children will also have a reading book for you to share with them when they are ready and we will send more information about this to you over the next two weeks.

Finally, myself and our lovely Teaching Assistants have so many photographs to share with you all of your wonderful children and I will add these on Monday once I have re checked that everyone can have their picture on our class page.

See you all on Monday morning and please bring Busy Books in if you have had any spare time this weekend to pop anything in to share!

Love Miss B xx



Autumn 1 - Weeks 1 and 2

Wow Wow Wow! Firstly Miss Booth and Mr Hassall would like to say a huge well done to all of FS2 for your first days at Jesse Gray Primary School. The children have been confident and cheerful every morning helping us to have some lovely days of learning and fun. With so many new things to learn just about the school day we have been so impressed with how well the children have focused and remembered what to do and where to go. 

This week and next week we have been getting an idea of where individuals are at in terms of some Maths and Literacy skills. Whilst we have been doing this the children have had fun choosing activities in the classroom, shared area (see pictures below) and outside area. The whole school topic of hats has been brilliant, with FS2 producing some lovely artwork and having some great photos taken based around the story of 'Mrs Honey's Hat' (see the display board in the main entrance to school).

Hopefully you have all received some information this week about what this half term has in store. Please feel free to email us with any questions and queries, our email addresses are at the top of our class web pages.