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Class 9

Welcome to Class 9

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 Open Afternoon on Friday 14th July

What a busy couple of weeks we've had! The children really impressed me with their reflections during Pilgrimage week. It was great to hear personal journeys that children had been on. The children participated in a real life Pilgrim Walk, through 4 stations, thinking about the words: I LOVE YOU/SORRY/PLEASE/ and THANK YOU. Furthermore, they learned about different pilgrimages from different religions and life stories.

Last week we also had two special days. On Monday we saw the children take part in their fab Sports afternoon. Please check out the photos, there are some amazing snaps  capturing the enjoyment of the day! House team winner to be announced soon!

On Wednesday we had our fab trip to Derby museum. A big thank you to the 3 parent helpers.

A great trip to see the mummies! I was amazed at actually looking at a mummy that was more than 2500 years old. Then we saw a Bronze Age boat that was 3400 years old! 

Click the link below to see our day in pictures!


This week in literacy we will be reading a classic story! Here's a clue...

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Class 9 will be wowing the reception children with their retelling of the story by including all the amazing writing features they have learnt in year 3. They will present them to their pilgrimage buddies who they spent time with during RE week. 


Lots of recapping all the tricky areas we've covered over the year...and some fun problem solving too!


D&T Torches!

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Children will be designing a torch for either a thief to use when robbing a tomb, or a police officer trying to catch them. They will need to think carefully about the shape, amount of light and focus of the beam to ensure they make the most efficient torch. If children could bring in any empty tubes, yoghurt pots or any other materials they might find useful for making their finished designs, that would be great! 

We will also be painting our canopic jars in the last two weeks. I know the children are very excited about bringing them home :)

Have a lovely Sunday

Miss Barratt



A busy week, last week with completing our final assessments. I am so incredibly pleased and proud of all the hard work the children have done and it really showed last week with their confidence and their ability...even in the intense heat! 

This week is RE week where we will get a chance to focus on the importance of RE and spirituality in our lives. The title of the week is Pilgrimage: More than a journey and the children will be taking part in lots of great discussion as well as practical activities.


The children completed their versions of the story of the Egyptian Cinderella and completely blew me away with some of their great story language. There has been some fantastic application of learning  new words and I have been thrilled with Class 9's attitude to rising to the challenge with their writing.


We revisited fractions this week and I was so impressed with the reasoning and problem solving they were able to do by the end. We looked at the ancient art of tangrams and worked out the fraction of each piece and how we could prove it mathematically. We even had visitors in the lesson who were very impressed with their work.

Now, do you think you could work out how to create these shapes using the pieces?

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Our canopic jars are now made and awaiting to be painted. There were some very careful hands at work in producing a piece of art which I know is not easy, since I had a go at making one myself! I am confident they'll be sitting in pride of place when the children get to bring them home soon. 


In science we have been learning all about living things and what a plant needs to grow. We have set up an investigation with some cress seeds and will be looking to see which ones grow the best. The children have also been very creative with their 'Blooming Brains' where they have demonstrated their understanding of some of their work in creative ways, including some super poetry. It's been great to see them express their understanding in their own way and have impressed me with their knowledge and  creativity. 



I hope you've all had a lovely break and ready for our final half term in year 3! Where has the year gone? Hopefully the rain will keep away tomorrow for our sports afternoon. Don't forget to wear your house team colour if you can!


If anyone can help with swimming this week 8/6 that would be great as we are now a parent short.


We'll be returning to narrative for the first few weeks, but staying in Ancient Egypt. 

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Can you guess what might happen in the story? Is there a clue in the title that seems familiar?


This week, we're exploring....

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The children will familiarise themselves with coins, add and subtract amounts of money, work out change, solve problems and explain their reasoning!


We are starting a new unit in science - Green Plants!

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This week, we'll begin by naming plant parts and explaining their functions.




What an amazing week we've had at being detectives! The children have been unearthing the evidence that surrounds the mysterious death of Tutenkhamun. Was he murdered? Or was it an illness that caused his early death? Maybe we'll never discover the truth. 


Next week, we;ll be looking back at fractions with a focus on tenths and how to write these as decimals. With all our work on measures and how to convert them, the children should be really confident and be able to solve trickier problems.


This week, the children learnt about the hierarchy in Ancient Egypt. They discovered what life was like for those at the top, all the way down to the bottom. Life certainly wasn't the same for everyone in Ancient Egypt!

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Next week, the children will develop their critical thinking skills when looking at historical evidence. They'll do this by researching the different theories of how Cleopatra's life came to an end.




This week the children are showing me what super sentences they can include in their stories. Not only are they retelling the story of the Scarab's secret, but they are doing it from another character's perspective! We began using slow writing for the introduction, with some great sentence examples shared and now it's their turn to complete it independently - showing off their super writing which will go on display in the classroom.

Next week we'll begin a unit on explanation texts and answer the question 'Was Tutankhamun killed?'

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We've continued working with measures, reading scales and converting units...and even making some potions! If only we could turn invisible every day ;) Now we've turned to angles and how to measure turns using right angles, comparing angles and describing them. 


Wow, the children have been impressing me with their historical thinking! Not only have they learnt so many facts about the Ancient Egyptians, but the enquiry questions they are asking is amazing! I think there'll be some archaeologists in the making :) So far, we've looked at when Ancient Egypt was and how it relates to other periods in history and how we know so much (or little) from the artefacts they have left behind! 



For the next few weeks we will be exploring the narrative story 'The Scarab's Secret'. So far we have used inference skills to decide what the story might be about and learnt why scarabs are so important to Ancient Egyptians. 

For the rest of the week, we'll learn the story and retell it using drama. 


This week we've been looking at measuring length, how to use a ruler accurately and converting different units of length.


To begin our topic, we'll be learning all about the mummification process and trying it out on some tomatoes!


Our science unit this term is light and shadow. We'll explore how shadows are made and how they can change size depending on how far away the object is from the light source. 


I have attached the rota for this term and am still a little short of helpers on a few sessions. If there are any extra days or additional volunteers that would like to come, please let me know asap and I'll add you to the rota! Many thanks!