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Class 7

 Miss Kirk :D

22nd June

Well done this week Class 7! You have been as sensible as ever, even with the hot weather! You have written some fabulous newspaper reports about who stole the Great Pyramid of Giza, and created some beautifully presented bar charts. 

Next week is RE week! We have lots of fun activities planned for the entirety of the week - it will be FAB! :). 

Have a super weekend!

Miss Kirk


15th June

In English this week, we have made a start on writing our newspaper reports all about who killed King Tut! We have worked on building up suspense and tension about who the main suspect is... In Maths, we have continued with perimeter but have moved on to find the area of shapes as well as the perimeter. For Science, we used sweets to create classification keys. We looked at the features of the sweets and decided which questions would be the best in order to identify each individual sweet. 

Have a super weekend, enjoy the sunshine! :)

Miss Kirk


Research lesson:

Here are the links to websites we'll be using for our research literacy lesson on Friday. Take a sneak peak!

8th June

Welcome back Class 7! I hope you enjoyed your week off - I know I did :). 

In maths we began the week finishing off our work on measurements and have moved on to finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. We remembered the perimeter by thinking about the skirting board which goes around the outside of a room. In English, we started with an independent write (they are FAB!), and have now moved on to studying newspaper reports. Our new science topic is Living Things and Their Habitats. We have so far looked at how to classify living and non-living things. 

Its been a super week, same again next week please! :) Have a fab weekend,

Miss Kirk


25th May

What a lovely week it's been! The weather has certainly helped towards our good moods :). We've been busy writing our non-chronological reports on either Ancient Egyptian gods or ancient mythical creatures in English and in Maths, we have moved on to measuring using a range of units. In science, we tested out lots of materials to find out which was the best at sound-proofing. We were lucky enough to do this outside as the weather was so beautiful! 

It's been another super six weeks - I look forward to spending our last half term together after the holidays! Stay safe, and make the most of the sunshine! :)

Miss Kirk


18th May

In science, we looked at how animals use their ears to hear sounds. We talked about they way they are shaped and how they are able to move them in order for them to hear quieter sounds in case a predator is nearby! We then had a go at making our own animal ears, where we thought about if they would be better if they were bigger or smaller. 

We have began to write our non-chronological reports on Ancient Egypt which we researched and planned last week, and have continued our work on fractions where we have looked at finding a fraction of an amount. 

(Remember to continue practising your spellings on the websites provided, and to carry on improving your Times Tables Rockstar character! :))

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Kirk


11th May

In English this week, we have moved on to our new topic of non-chronological reports. We have been identifying and highlighting the features of these reports and have been carrying out some research in preparation for when we write our own versions on Ancient Egypt! 

In Maths, we have been continuing with fractions. We have looked at fractions and their decimal equivalents, and also how to add and subtract them correctly. We have also been converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. 

In Science, our focus was on pitch and volume. We looked at the difference between the two and experimented with different instruments to find out what we have to do when playing these instruments to change the pitch. 

Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the sunshine :)

Miss Kirk


8th May


I'm on a womble mission again Year 4! If you have any 1.5 Litre plastic bottles (or bigger) hiding away in your recycling, please could I have them? Their use will become apparent in our upcoming 'units of measure' topic in maths.

Thank you :)

Miss Massey

4th May

It's been another lovely week in Class 7! In English, we have been continuing our study on 'The Scarab Beetle' story, and thinking about how we can write a diary entry from the perspective of the Pharaoh. We have paid particular attention to the features in our sentences to ensure that we make our diary entrys fantastic :). It's been a great success!

In Maths, we have continued to look at fractions and how to recognise equivalent fractions and how to simplify them to their smallest form. We've been looking for patterns which we can spot between the fractions to help us compare them to other fractions which are greater than or smaller than another. Well done to those of you who have been practising your times tables on Times Table Rock Stars! The link to the website is: (just incase you forget!)

(Mathletics homework - I have set an activity for some children which requires them to order fractions. This isn't asking the children to convert them, they are thinking about the size of the fraction!)

In science, we have focussed our attention on investigating how volume and sounds change over a distance. We went outside to conduct a small experiement to collect a set of results to then present our findings to another group. 

Don't forget that it's our treat afternoon tomorrow! Wear your own clothes, bring in something to sit on/under, and a small snack for you to nibble on during the film! 

Well done for this week! Have a super weekend,

MIss Kirk


21st April

Welcome back, Class 7! :)

What a fab first week back at school! I hope you're all full of energy for the summer term... There's LOTS to look forward to!

Our new topic this term is The Ancient Egyptians. I know you're all very excited by this and as enthusiatic as ever :)... I know I am! We've kicked this topic off by carrying out the mummification process on tomatoes to observe how the Ancient Egyptians would carry out this task all those years ago. 

Times tables: 

As requested, below are some links to times tables games to help you improve your fluency and speed :) Just 5 mins a day will make all the difference! Remember, practise the ones you find tricky, not the ones you find easy!


Below are links to some great spellings games! Like with your times tables, just 5 minutes playing a day will make all the difference :) Remember that to learn and improve, practise the spellings you find tricky, not the ones you find easy!

Phonemes in words:

Past tense spelling:

Various challenges:

Key dates:

Monday 24th April- Reading records checked

Wednesday 26th April- Class photos

Thursday 27th April- Spelling test

Thursday 27th April- Times table test

Thursday 27th April- Mathletics homework set, due in following Thursday


Have a great weekend!

Miss K