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Class 5DM

The Kingswood Information Evening PowerPoint can be found at the foot of this page.

Week commencing 22nd January 2018

In English last week, we based our learning on a novel by Eva Ibbotson: Journey to the River Sea, which is set in Manaus, Brazil.

Our focus was using accurate paragraphs and punctuating speech correctly. We continue with that theme this week, as the children will plan, write and edit a piece of writing. Hopefully we will see some changes in paragraphs linked to TIPTOP (Time, Person, Topic, Place) and that the children include some effective dialogue.

Our Maths focus builds upon previous lessons on finding Area and Perimeter and we then move on to Volume and Capacity. Don’t forget to keep up to date with Mathletics and also to practise those times tables via TT Rockstars!

Our D.T. lesson involved the children studying Brazilian recipes, considering why certain ingredients were used. This coming week, Year 5 will be making salsa – please remember to bring in a small plastic pot to take a sample home. 


This half term, our Science topic is Materials and their Properties. On Friday, we  explored solubility. The children conducted an experiment into the solubility of various materials. We looked at ten different everyday materials and tested their solubility. Can you remember how to define solubility?

Week commencing - Monday 15th January 2018

Further updates to follow. Apologies, the webpage is running VERY slowly.

Maths - Our focus remains on ANGLES (not ANGELS!), as we solve problems involving missing angles on straight lines and in full turns. Following this, we move onto finding the perimeter and area of shapes. English - We are learning how and when to change paragraphs accurately in fiction writing - what is TIPTOP?! "We will also be revisiting speech punctuation!" shouted Mrs Durkin.

Key dates w/c 15.01.18:

Tuesday 16th January - Mathletics due and set.

Wednesday 17th January – Spellings set and tested

Thursday 18th January - Y5 parents' Information evening about Kingswood 2018.

We had a great launch to our Brazilian topic - the drumming wordshops were fantastic!


Monday 8th January 2018

Happy New Year!

We hope you’ve had a great Christmas Break, 5DM. We hope you’re refreshed and ready for a spectacular Spring Term. It’s going to be GREAT! More information coming soon…..Watch This Space…..

Mrs D and Mrs M x

PS PARENTS ~ A huge thank you for your generous wishes and gifts. We greatly appreciated them.

Friday 22nd December 2017

Have the most amazing Christmas 5DM. You’ve had a fabulous Autumn Term and deserve a lovely break with your nearest and dearest. Remember to keep that internal peace and blow all of your worries away.

Have a wonderful time. See you back, bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday 8th January 2018

Mrs D and Mrs M XXX




Week Beginning 18th December 2017




Wow!! Another amazing learning week Year 5. We’re so impressed!

Can you answer the following questions? Share the answers (and your new knowledge) with your family:

What is poetry?

Name a famous poet……

Do poems have to rhyme?

What’s a rhyming couplet?

Can you think of some rhyming pairs?

What’s a polygon?

What’s a co-ordinate? What’s it used for?

Who made a ‘Journey To Bethlehem’?

Phew……What a week! AMAZING!

This week again is going to be EXTRAORDINARY…..ARE YOU READY?

Here’s a clue:



It’s the word BAR that is significant here,,,,,,Bar Models!!! YIPPPEEEEEE






Here's to another GREAT week 5DM.

Please note: There will be no more Mathletics set this half term - Happy Holidays!

Mrs D and M

Week Beginning 11th December 2017

STAR WRITER: Ewan (again!)

Wow 5DM, another great learning week. SUPER!

Well done…..So focused and engaged in all of your learning Class 5D SUPER! Keep it up.

This week promises to be brilliant…..Here’s your preview:

MONDAY: Nativities F2 and KS1



THURSDAY: West Bridgford Methodist Church Visit/St Paul’s Christmas Celebration 6.30pm

FRIDAY: DARE Graduation for Y6 in the afternoon/Topic


Stay Safe in the ice and have fun!

Mrs D and Mrs M X



Week Beginning 4th December 2017

STAR WRITER: FLORA (for a brilliant description!)

Wow, 5DM, another SUPER learning week! You’ve worked hard to master your understanding of multiplication (long) and division and apply them in a problem solving context. Remember, it’s about the process too not just the answer.

Have a go at this one:

Freddie has £453200 in the bank. He devides the amount by 1000 and takes that much money out of the bank.Using the money he has taken out he spends £269 on furniture for new house. How much money does David have left from the money he took out?

Remember you can do the methods but if you don’t know your times tables, it’s easy to make baby errors! If you don’t know them off by heart 5DM, please learn them: Use TTROCKSTARS ~

Your writing in English this week was so impressive. The Alchamist’s Letter has really captured your imagination. Your ability to use DADWAVERS to support your sentence starters and a combination of simple, compound and complex sentences are improving daily! Remember, when you read it back to yourself, does it flow? Does it make sense? Is it enjoyable to read? Think like an author.


Did you enjoy the Science investigation? What did you find out? What do you now know?


This week promises to be another great one, here’s your preview:

Monday ~ Singing/Reading Comprehension

Tuesday~ Maths/Topic/English

Wednesday~ PE/Music/Maths

Thursday~ French/Indoor PE (or football outside ~ TBC)/Topic

Friday~ Maths/English/Science


Stay focused and listen well.

Mrs D and Mrs M X


Week Beginning 27th November 2017

Star Writer ~ Olivia ~ For A Great Biography about Medusa