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Class 5DM

Week Beginning 20th November 2017

Key Question: How do you create a formal tone in a piece of writing?

Writer of the Week: Macie! Well done for producing an accurate and interesting  paragraph.


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Excellent learning last week 5DM. You worked hard on dividing and multiplying numbers by 10/100/1000 ~ Can you remember the rules? Your understanding of how to do short multiplicaton was good too. We're moving onto long multplication now and using our problem solving skills to answer questions in different contexts, applying our multplication knowledge. Also, you will be doing an Independent Write ~ A biography. Again, you will be applying all of your wonderful knowledge including key features of a bioraphy. Remember to PROOF/EDIT/CHECK! Also, your reading comprehesnion skills were great last week too. Keep it up 5DM.

Here's your exciting week ahead:

MONDAY ~ English/Maths/Singing/KS2 Assembly

TUESDAY~ICT/English/Maths/Catapult Completion

WEDNESDAY~ Outdoor PE/Music/English/Maths



We're going to have another GREAT week!

Work hard and play well

Mrs D and Mrs M X


Week Beginning 13th November 2017

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Key Question: What do you know about Medusa?

Writer of the Week: Well Done Demi for a fantastic book cover! Check it out on our Wonderful Writers Gallery

We're now collecting for hamper donations ~ see letter attached at bottom of this page

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Well, 5DM, another great learning week. Your understanding of column subtraction is solid and you demonstrated your great fluency in this on Thursday..... Now can you apply this understanding in a problem solving context? Let's see on Monday.
Also your story maps, retelling the story of Perseus, were absolutely wonderful. You all really captured the key events of this fabulous Greek Myth; using symbols and words. Great job!
We’re going to have another great learning week, here’s a little preview:
Monday~Problem solving/Biographies/Singing/KS2 Assembly
Tuesday ~ DT day.....Catapults at the ready!! Yipppeeeee
Wednesday~X 10/100/1000 Maths Focus
Thursday ~ French/Indoor PE Dodgeball Tournament
Friday ~ Children in Need Day ~ Spotty! Science/WCR/Short Multiplication

N.B.There is a Multiplication/Division booklet attached to the foot of this page which supports our current learning in Maths. It is linked to Mathletics and can be used for additional fluency practise.

Mrs D and Mrs M X

12th Nov ~Information for Parents Following on from Parents Evenings:

It was lovely to meet you all at Parents’ Evenings and share your child’s progress with you. We had a few requests about recommended reads for Year 5 children. We’ve found the top 100 recommended reads for 9 to 11 Year Olds:
Please encourage your child to move away from the diary/cartoon type books. Furthermore, here is another tip to encourage reading at home:

Introduce Your Child to Different Genres

Expand your child's reading selections by encouraging her/him to try a different genre each month. Include areas of the library she hasn't yet explored, such as biographies, mysteries, non-fiction titles, and more. Be sure to model reading different types of books, as well, by sharing what you're reading and what motivates you to select a new title.
Additionally, we were asked to share Grammar Terms and definitions with you, so here’s a really useful link:
Remember, any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Email addresses at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your continued support,
Mrs Durkin and Mrs Moore.

Week Beginning 6th November 2017

Question of the Week: What is a modal verb?




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We hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend and safely enjoyed the fireworks. It was so lovely seeing so many of you at the JGA event on Friday. Wow, what a show!

Last week was brilliant. We were SO IMPRESSED with your attitude and focus. YOU ARE ALL STARS! Let's keep it up. The assembly was ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICIENT. WOW! You spoke so clearly and sang so beautifully. No doubt your parents were so proud.

Reading week was also such a success. Your blurbs and front covers were great and your addition and subtraction problem solving was also, good. Well done on your catapults too. Can you name the 3 different types of catapults?

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Next week promises to be just as fabulous. Here’s your preview:

Monday: Singing/Maths/English/KS2 Assembly

PARENTS EVENING ~Tuesday: ICT/English/Maths

PARENTS EVENING ~Wednesday: PE/Music/English/Maths

Thursday: Maths/English/Art/French/Indoor PE/WCR

Friday:Maths/English/Science ~ Space/PSHE

We're going to have a great week and we're looking forward to seeing your mums and dads on Tuesday and Wednesday. Don't forget to do TT ROCKSTARS and Mathletics/Spellings and read daily. It's so important.

Mrs D and Mrs M X

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07/11/2017 – Parents evening

08/11/2017 – Parents evening

17/11/2017 – Children in Need

24/11/2017 – Inset day



14/12/2017 - 6.15pm Christmas Celebration at St. Paul's

15/12/2017 – JGA Santa’s Grotto

19/12/2017 – Years 5&6 Christmas party


22/12/2017 – Last day of term

08/01/2017 – Return to school

Week Commencing 30th October 2017

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Autumn 2

Week 1


Welcome back 5DM. We hope you've all had a great break with your family and friends and feel refreshed and ready for a brilliant Autumn 2 Term. Don't forget to bring in your white T shirt/Black leggings/trousers, ready for our Year 5 assembly on Friday.

This week promises to be brilliant with a 'Reading Week' and addition and subtraction focus in maths.  In Science we will be starting with the Sun, moon and space and in DT we will be designing catapults. It's going to be GREAT.

Mrs D and Mrs M X


Week commencing 16th October 2017

Well, it seems unbelievable that we are in the final week of this half term already! Class 5DM have settled brilliantly into Year 5 routines and have produced some super work to be proud of. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone :)

Dates for the Diary:

Year 5 Assembly to parents: Friday 3rd November - a letter containing details of this event will be sent home with the children this week.

Parents Evenings: Tuesday 7th November/Wednesday 8th November

Learning for this week:

In Maths, we will be covering methods for addition and subtraction - both written and mental strategies.

PLEASE NOTE: MATHLETICS will  not be set this week - TIMES TABLE rockstars can always be used for any on going practise. Big spellings will be set as usual.

In English, the children will be building on their learning from last week, as they write their own newspaper reports linked to our class book: Hugo. Friday 20th is an RE day, with the focus of Inspirational Leaders.

Ready for the first week back, please can children bring in their favourite reading book - see the letter at the foot of this page. Thank you :)

We'd like to wish everyone a fabulous half term break and say 'thank you' for the children's hard work and parents ongoing support. Mrs D. and Mrs M.

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Week commencing 9th October 2017

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BREAKING NEWS  >>>>>>>  It has been reported that Class 5DM are learning about features of newspaper reports this week! We will learn about formal/informal language and also direct and reported speech. This unit will end with children writing their own reports on a given topic. In maths, we are using our understanding of Place Value to solve number based problems and we then move onto Roman Numerals to end the week.

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In Art, the children will develop their sketching techniques through the study of Greek pottery and features of the human face. Class 5DM were so cute as babies!! In science, we will guess 'who's who' from the baby photos and will learn more about the human life cycle. Busy, busy, busy....! Can anyone come and tell us why/where the running event 'The Marathon' came from? HP for the first child to explain....

Week commencing 2nd October 2017

After another hugely successful week, we have already started October with a BANG! Our latest Ancient Greek focus is 'Ancient Greek warfare and weaponry' - we have learnt today about the battle formation which made the Greeks so successful in war. Can anyone come and tell me this specific name? We have also designed and made our own personalised shields.

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In maths, we focus on negative numbers and finding the difference between negative/positive numbers. The children will also solve problems involving negative numbers.

In English, we are describing characters through appearance and personality. The week will end with the children introducing a new character into Hugo Cabret...

Keep up the focus and positive attitude, 5DM!

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Week commencing 25th September 2017

Class 5DM - we have both been really impressed by the standard of writing in our class so far. We continue to base our narrative work on the novel 'Hugo Cabret' this week, focusing on varying our sentence starters. Can you explain to your parents what DADWAVERS stands for and how it can help?!

During our maths sessions, Year 5 are studying the BAR model to represent maths calculations. This method encourages children to visualise a problem, showing the WHOLE as a solid bar:

Image result

Once children are familiar with the method, it is there as an 'option' for use in the future, across a range of concepts.

Science - Please could children bring in a photograph of themselves as a baby! This is needed for Thursday's session on Human Lifecycles.

Spellings/Mathletics will be checked and reset on Tuesday - a huge well done - at the moment, we are all up to date!

Week commencing 18th September 2017

Firstly, let's reflect on a brilliant launch session to our new topic: The Ancient Greeks!

It sounds like the children had an amazing whistlestop tour of Greek traditions, including: fashion, sports (Olympic Games), food, music and dance. Hopefully this has inspired us all ready for a term full of Groovy Greeks!

Weekly overview:

Our English focus this week, is on writing grammatically correct sentences. Once we have the building blocks firmly in place, we can make our descriptive writing exciting, gripping and easy to read! Aim high, Class 5DM - let's make all our verbs, adjectives and adverbs A++.

In Maths, we will cover a range of concepts, such as: Factors/multiples, prime/square and cube numbers and place value.

During Art lessons, we will study Ancient Greek pottery and begin to look at different sketching techniques.

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Parents/Carers, three key documents were sent home this evening: Autumn Term curriculum map, homework letter and Autumn Term key dates. The three documents are also attached to the foot of this page. Thank you!

Week commencing 11th September 2017

Please note: PE is on a Wednesday/Thursday and Spellings will be set/tested on a Tuesday - the Meet and Greet attachment has been updated - thank you.

Many thanks to those parents who came along to today's Meet and Greet, it was lovely to see you all. For those of you who were unable to make it, please find an overview of the session attached at the foot of this page. Further information with regards to: homework, diary dates and our new topic, will be sent home on Friday. We are starting to get into our normal timetable/routines this week and details of the children's fantastic learning will appear on this page soon.

Welcome back Class 5DM! We hope that everyone has had a great summer break and you are now ready for the new school year ahead. We look forward to hearing all about your holidays and seeing how many challenges from the 'summer bucket list' you managed to complete!

Here's to a 'daring and magificent' year together as a new team - (5DM)

We can't wait to get started....    Mrs Durkin and Mrs Moore :)

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