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Class 3TH

Welcome to Class 3TH.


Thank you for getting on with your homeworks this week!

Spellings for Tuesday, Mathletics for Thursday. Literacy for today! Phew!

I gave out passwords for  ttrockstars this week. It is for you to enjoy while learning your times tables. It is not homework but would be a great way to practice your times tables which are part of homework.

Learning this week has been great- designing houses with Victorian feature and starting to think about patterns.  We know all about Flemish brick bonds now. First writing and editing lesson in Literacy. Remember we can ALL improve work to make it better. Our understanding of number and place value is becoming secure.

The thing we need to work on is to follow instructions and show respect to each other when we are not sat at our tables. This will make sure we are all getting on with each other and our work.

Next week;

Maths- estimating where numbers go on a unmarked number line using our place by comparing them.

Literacy- Adverbs and using dictionaries.

Topic- Why are there lots of Victorian Houses in West Bridgford. Using Ipads too!

Science- Investigating permeability and durability (All will be explained!)






WOW! A busy week. A BIG thank you to the 4 mums that came to help on Wednesday for our walk. Not even a torrential downpour could stop the children from being excited to look at in detail houses they pass every day. It has got the children's interested and engaged with the topic which was the objective.

Apologies- I have forgotten to send home the paper copy of the homework with children. There is a copy in year 3 resources to the right of this page.Maths homework has been set electronically also.  Login details have been stuck into planners. It needs to be completed by next Wednesday so I can check results on Thursday please. 


Maths- comparing and ordering numbers. How do we know which number is bigger? What strategies can we use? We will use the symbols <  > to compare. We will be looking at problems, working out numbers from the clues in the digits.

For example;    Use the clues to find the missing digits:
The hundreds digit is double the tens digit. The tens digit is 5 less than 2 x 4 The ones digit is 2 less than the hundreds digit.

Literacy; We will be writing about Jim and what he thinks and feels about the situation he is in as a class supporting each other. At the end of the week we will be writing independently about Jim's sisters and what they think and feel. 

Science; Making rocks? What? How? Just wait and see!

Topic; A closer look at the features of a Victorian house , like bay windows and Flemish bond brickwork!

Have a great- hopefully dry- weekend

Mrs T  x




Morning! We have had a hectic 3 days. Lots of getting to know classroom routines and expectations activities as well as using our imagination and creativity to design and make our 'Enchanted Caps'. Parents will be able to see them on Monday when they come for Meet and Greet event on Monday at 2.45pm. I will try and post some photos on here too. Do not worry if they cannot attend or are going to visit another class, we will put information on this page that they have missed. 

It is hard starting back at school after a long holiday, but many of you have made a great start following the new class code. I have already given out 14 Superstar points! Fabulous! Make sure that next week you continue to make as much effort into settling down to your learning.

It will be our first Year 3 learning week.

Maths- Number and the Number system. We will cover;

  • Understand place value in numbers up to 1000
  • Write numbers up to 1000
  • Read numbers up to 1000
  • Use zero as a place holder in numbers up to 1000

We will be using following vocabulary. Do you know what the words mean?  Place value Digit Hundreds Tens Ones Estimate.

Literacy; We will start reading and discussing the story Street Child by Berle Doherty. 

Science; Rocks. With Mrs Hazelden you will be finding out about the 3 different rock types and grouping them. 

Topic- We will be going on a walk around the local area on Wednesday. Thank you to Joe's and Marianne's mums for volunteering to come with us. I do need 1 more helper if anyone can spare an afternoon. Please email me!

PE kit needed on Tuesday and Thursday.

Don't forget to read and record reading this week in your new planner. Do not forget I will not be teaching on Friday morning next week. I have one of my extra meetings. 

Have a great weekend Class 3TH. See you next week.

Mrs T. X

Useful resources can be found in the Year 3 Autumn Resources folder. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need to pass on information.