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Class 3


What a week!! 13 treat squares on Friday tells its own story.

Sports day was fantastic and you all supported and competed with great enthusiasm. Well done to all the houses.

I have been really impressed with the way you have handled maths this week. One of the most difficult things with maths is retaining all the different learning that you do over a year but you have all coped really well. It is at times like this that you can see the connections and the links that will help you be successful. Suddenly times tables, factors, square numbers, angles and all start to come together and make sense. Next week will be a little bit of a pick and mix again with some more shape and space learning including perimeter and area and reflection.

In English you have been showing off your Year 5 credentials with great skill. Bringing together all the different sentence structures will make your Ruin based writing really fly. This week we are going to write the sequel to it. What could happen next? What will the main character do next? What could be the action sequence? Remember, this is the piece of writing where you get to show off exactly what you can do.

We should get chance to do our mountain, volcano and earthquake presentations this week. Your job is to ensure your presentation teaches the rest of us exactly what we need to know about your topic. We will also set-up and then check the results of our science investigation.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Mr. Ellis


It was a great first week back with all the excitement of the butterflies. The final cocoon was looking ready to burst as I left on Friday so I think we will be ready for the big release on Monday. I wonder if we could work out the forces that are at play when a butterfly flies?

You did really well with your persuasion this week and employed many of the different techniques for your chosen Maya object. We are moving on to two weeks of fiction writing now and I am hoping that it will lead to a piece of writing that absolutely shows what you have achieved in Year 5.

In maths we are going to spend the next two weeks going over all our learning this year to refresh your memory. I want you all to keep in mind those non-negotiables for the end of the year. These are the things the Year 6 teachers want you to be able to do so lets make sure we can.

All times tables to 12 X 12

Basic fraction, decimal, percentage equivalence

Short division

Short multiplication

Column subtraction

Multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000

Those times tables are so important and now TTRockstars is back up there is no excuse not to be working on them. Short and regular practise is what is needed.

We will be starting a science investigation this week which will give you a chance to plan, carry out and write it up. I wonder who can remember the different sections needed for a write-up?

We will also have sports day on Tuesday - weather permitting. At the moment it looks good so we will be racing and cheering like mad on Tuesday.

Have a lovely Sunday. The weather looks great.

Mr Ellis


Welcome to the final half-term of Year 5! I hope you have had a great break enjoying some good weather and some time outside. I also hope you have managed to do some good research in preparation for next weeks topic lesson. Your group will be relying on you to have good information so you can put together the best presentation you can on mountains, volcanoes or earthquakes.

In English next week we are going to look at persuasion related to our Maya topic. We are going to have a focus on non-fiction to ensure we can write to purpose and with the correct formality and tone appropriate to our writing.

In maths we re looking at translations. We have done a really very brief look at this but now we can investigate how this works practically. Remember, X is a-cross, Y to the sky.

In science we are leaving living things and biology alone and moving on to physics and forces. In computing we are going to use the great work we have done with Robomind and apply it to something more real. I think you will enjoy this.

I apologise for the lack of updates on the exciting tree and caterpillar growth. My real-life got in the way and so I had to leave the tree to defend itself and the caterpillars in a care-home........ It will be exciting to see what has happened tomorrow.

Here is the tree though. Prepare to be amazed.



The last week of the penultimate half-term of Year 5 is upon us. We had another great week in Class 3 with clay and caterpillars being the highlights.

The masks on Friday looked great and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished, painted masks. We will do all we can to save the masks that were a little too thin.

It will be interesting to see how much the caterpillars grow this weekend. I suspect you will be amazed. Can you remember what this stage of an insects life-cycle is called? What are some of the less attractive versions of this stage in the insect world?

In English we will continue with our Medusa related work but will begin to bring a more non-fiction focus to this thinking about how we could write a biography of the gruesome Gorgon.

In maths we are going to be looking at some problem solving and multi-step problems. You can all do the maths, it is just understanding what the question is asking us to do.

In science we are going to bring together all our life-cycle work and compare the different life-cycles of the different living things; plants, mammals, insects, amphibians and birds.

There is more movement on TTRockstars but Sugar Santana and Ed Hunter are still hogging the top places. Keep practising to knock them off.

The second exciting instalment of my tree is below. This is going to be the best thing on the internet soon!

Have a good weekend all,

Mr. Ellis


It's another beautiful morning and I hope that you are all planning some quality outdoors time.

Last week we finished our Alchemist's Letter unit and I am looking forward to reading all your versions. I know how hard you worked on those sentence structures and punctuation so I am sure they will be all be great. We are not totally leaving Myths and Legends behind as this week we are going to be looking at a biography from an interesting point of view.

In maths we looked at volume and just as with area brought some algebra into the equation. l X w X h = v so we know we can solve problems with missing numbers. Next week we are looking at capacity and then onto some line graphs. It is good to see so many names on TTRockstars and I would love to see some movement in the chart positions. Let's see who can knock Sugar Santana off Number One.

We will be looking at The Maya in a bit more detail this week once we are comfortable with the geography and we will also be doing our clay masks. Please remember to bring an apron or an old shirt in.

In science we will be looking at another type of life-cycle and should hopefully take delivery of something exciting to demonstrate this particular life-cycle. Dramatic changes can be expected!

Speaking of which......I promised you an update on my tree on a weekly basis (I know. Life is THAT exciting in Class 3) and so here is the first picture. Let's see if I am correct about its growth rate by the end of summer.

Have a great Sunday,

Mr Ellis



It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. Class 3 have had another fantastic week and I owe you treat squares on Monday. Don't forget to remind me!

Last week saw some more fantastic writing and the work you did on Friday was again of the highest quality. If you can take all those brilliant ideas and sentences in to your writing this week there will be some really fantastic myths for me to read. We are continuing to look at The Alchemist's Letter and then Thursday and Friday you will write your own version. Remember that variety we need. Short sentences. Longer sentences that provide the detail and interest the reader wants. Including as many different starters as possible. Make your writing sing.

In maths we are going to bring perimeter into our measure unit. Perimeter, like area is not a complicated idea but confusion comes when we have area and perimeter together. Which is which? We will find a way to ensure you all remember!

Don't forget the TTROCKSTARS! We have a new leader of the all time earnings record. Well done Jazzy Hollywod! If you are not using it yet, why not?? We need to practise and what better way than becoming a rock legend?

In science we are going to look at a famous scientist who worked with a close relative of ours that lives in Africa. I wonder if any of you know the name of the scientist.

We will do our topic lesson this week looking at the geography of the Maya and continue with our art, beginning to bring our mask designs to life.

It is great to see some of our tomato seeds shooting up and I am shocked that the bindweed has not done so yet! Perhaps I need all of your help killing the bindweed in my garden.

Speaking of which.......

Have a lovely Sunday,

Mr. Ellis.


Happy May day. I hope you are all having a lovely long weekend.

I have had the pleasure of reading all your Arabian Nights stories and what a treat that has been. You have all managed to create a world a long way and a long time from now and included action, adventure and suspense. You have also included all the types of sentence structures we are looking for but far more important is the story. Well done!

We are moving away from those Arabian Nights now but have a magical next unit in English. I know you are going to love it.

In maths we are staying with measure but moving away from conversion of units of measure and looking at perimeter and area. The trick is to not get confused between the two!

I have seen some of you have been enjoying Times Table Rocks. Special mentions to Jerry Snoob, Strike Stone and Bella Koda, three legitimate rock Gods! I really do encourage all of you to get involved - the more you practise the better you get and you NEED your times tables to be instant.

We have our first proper topic lesson next week looking at the geography of the Maya and we will also try and fit in our next art lesson. Science is looking at mammals and keeping an eye on our propagated plants.

Enjoy your Monday,


Mr. Ellis


A great first week back. We were all a bit shell-shocked on Tuesday and it took us a little while to get our brains into gear and remember how things work in school but by the end of the week we were exactly where we should be and you stood out for all the right reasons in the assembly at the end of the week.

It has felt like a busy week. In maths looking at measure has been challenging but you all stepped up to it. I feel like we are reasonably comfortable with metric to metric conversions (good old powers of 10!) but struggled a little more with impreial to metric. One easy thing to remember for length is that one foot is the same length as one of the school rulers and you all know those in cms. Don't you?

Next week we will continue with measure and using both imperial and metric and that will lead us in the coming weeks on to perimeter and area.

I was really pleased with the writing you did yesterday. I feel like despite a somewhat controversial start with the first stories 'interesting' ideas about gender equality, the individual stories have now grabbed you. I had some great simile and metaphor yesterday with blankets of darkness and a real sense of suspense. We will continue with these stories so that you can write your own in the next week. Remember those targets for Year 5 and make sure you are varying sentence starters and structures!

Science was fast but effective - we learnt about the parts of the flower, different ways that flowers are pollinated, planted a tomato seed and then reflected on our learning. Next we will be looking at asexual reproduction and how we can propagate plants in different ways. I'll have to get into my garden and see if I can find some weeds (I bet I can) so we can have a go at growing our own.

We will start our topic next week. It will be a good one as we have a great hook for you all.

Mathletics homework has been set and will be for the next 5 weeks so make sure you are checking in weekly and make sure you are working on spellings and reading on a daily basis. I am looking at more interesting ways to remember times tables but while we are waiting just keep practising.

This is an important term and the time when you can really fly.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the sun! I am off to look for weeds.

Mr. Ellis



Welcome back to the Summer Term.

Mr Ellis

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