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Class 2L

Welcome to Class 2L. 

Beaumanor 21.917

We had a fun filled day at Beaumanor. We were greeted by two pirates, Angry Amy and Loopy Linda who took us on a pirate treasure hunt, we looked for clues and solved the mathematical puzzles. We had a visit to a pirate cave and heard some pirate tales and looked at some pirate objects. We ate some ginger bisuits , a pirate treasure! After lunch it rained, but as we were all pirates were weren't afraid of getting wet! We played some games before getting back on the bus. A fabulous day out. Look in our photos!

Weekly challenge: Treasure

Can you make me a list of items that pirates would take for their treasure. You could draw or make me a treasure chest full of pirate treats.  

Pirate Performance 15.9.17

Thank you everyone for being amazing pirates today and starting off our topic. We have enjoyed reading different pirate poems this week and have writtten a class one together and one of our own. In Numeracy we have been reading coordinates on a treasure map and given directions using north, south, east and west. 

Next week we will learn more pirate facts and start counting our pirate coins in 2s , 5s and 10s. Practice counting at home in 2,5, and 10.

We have enjoyed our first three days together reading three books by Jon Klassen, I want my hat back, This is not my hat and We found a hat. They have lovely illustrations that we have been sketching and  printing. We were also able to have good discussions about sharing and not to take things that are not ours. 

Next week we start our pirate topic! I look forward to meeting some parents on Monday at 2:45pm and on Friday afternoon for our pirate performance ( just a little poem and song).

Weekly Challenge : Parrots!

Can you find out if it's true pirates liked to have parrots. You could draw me a parrot or tell me any facts about pirates and their parrots.

Do you know the name of the pirate from a book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson who had a parrot?


Meet and Greet 

It was lovely to meet some parents this week, I hope you found the information useful. have attached the powerpoint below if you were unable to attend the meeting today.


I have also attached a copy of how we form our letters in handwriting lessons this year.