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Class 1WV

wc 11th September

Ooh ar me hearties!!

The children have had a wonderful as we launch our new topic 'Pirate Adventure!'.  All week we have been taking part in pirate themed activities.  In maths we have been learning about directions, navigating using a compass.  In English we have been enjoying lots of pirate stories, thank you if you sent one in.  Also we have written our own pirate poem and started to write simple sentences.

Thank you if you were able to join our Pirate recital, also for the wonderful dressing up the children wore on Friday.   We had a really super day!


Next week:

Remember we will be visiting Beaumanor Hall on Wednesday.  Children are to come into school at the normal time, and will be back by 3pm.  Pleae see the letter for details. Thank you to all parent helpers - we couldn't do it without you!  

wc 6th September 2017 

Welcome back after what souds like a fantastic summer for you all!  We have been making our way through the wonderful postcards you have kindly sent into school - it has been a lovely way for the children to share their experiences and get to know each other better!  We are making sure everyone gets enough time to share these properly so we still have lots to look at over the coming week.

This last few days has been based on making new friends and getting to knnow the classroom and the Year 1 'golden rules' and routines.  We would love to take this opporunity to say how well each and every child has embraced the new class activites and tried their absolute best.  They may be very tired by the end of the week as they have all been busy showing us their amazing behaviour, effort and kindess.

Amongst other things we have really enjoyed drawing and collaging self portraits which we have displayed in the classroom for everyone to see!

Our welcome back mini-topic has been aroud hats.  So we look forward to seeing everyone wearing their hats tomorrow!

We have been looking at a series of 'Hat' related books by an author called Jon Klassen.  The children have loved enjoying these books through making their own hats, role playing the story and making up their own endings.  


Just as a quick reminder, if all PE kits could be in school asap, as our full timetable will be in action next week.  We look forward to enjoying our new topic with the children of 1WV!

Mrs Viggars will be teaching Monday and Tuesday, Mrs Wood; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  If you need to contact us for any reason we are more than happy for you to email us if you are unable to see us in person and