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Class 1B

Welcome back to a new year at JG.  Class information will appear here shortly.

For contact please use the school e mail address:

Week Beginning 25th September

What a fantastic day we had at Beaumanor on Wednesday. The children joined in all the activities and we came back sounding like the real thing! We also learnt lots of new facts about pirates that we can use in the classroom.

The pirates have also been busy in the clssroom and if we look through the portholes we can see some pirate ships sailing across the back wall.

It was a tricky task as the children had to do their own design and all the cutting and sticking themselves so well done Class 1B what a super start to your cutting and sticking skills! Please pop in and see them after school

Thank you for your donations for Jeans For Genes Day. The final total was..... nearly £500 so didn't we do well in helping other people

This week in our English we continue with our story of Goldilocks and are going to be rehearsing and writing out some short sentences. We'll be doing lots of checking to ensure that our letters are correctly formed. A huge well done to everyone with their first spellings.....lots of sounding out and blending. Spellings for this week are in the planners to practice...thank you

In Numercacy we will be looking at place value, what does a 5 look like and what does a ten look like. We will be using lots of objects to help us recognise and draw our numbers

Having recognised the names that we use when grouping materials we are going to explore the classroom and the playground to see if we can identify objects and what they are made from for our Science

 On Thursday we are having our LANGUAGES DAY ASSEMBLY


 Can you find a way of saying "Hello" in another could write it down and the country that it comes from and practice saying it so you can tell us....and if you wanted you could draw the flag from the country as well. I'm looking forward to seeing how many ways we find.

If you're running in the Mini Marathon on Sunday, I might see you so I'll give you a cheer....Good Luck...if not see you on Monday...lots to do but you're really getting the hang of being Yr 1 now

Lots of Love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 18th September

We have had a super pirate day, Ayaan really liked reading our poem, Clemmie enjoyed making her pirate for the back wall and Bethany thought that dressing up as a pirate was GREAT!

Thank you to everyone who came to support our Pirate Recital with Year 2 at the end of the afternoon, one week in and they're settling in and working hard.

Percy the Pirate and Polly  the Parrot have starting coming home with the children. Thank you for looking after them and seeing them back into school. Well done Maria forbringing your photos in to showus what Polly had been eating for her tea!

This week saw the children thinking about positional language and they had to prove to me that they understood all the different terms, well done for being sensible and having fun!

Next week we are going to be recognising and ordering numbers in our Maths work

In Literacy we are going to be looking at the story and the characters in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Remember that when you write use good clear letters and finger spaces. Over the next few weeks we will be reading some traditional tales


See if you can look on your bookshelves at home or pop to the library and bring a traditional story into the classroom for us to share during our story time. It might be your favourite or one that mummy and daddy have told you, let's see how many we can collect.

Don't forget our visit to Beaumanor on Wednesday. Lunches will be provided for those children that normally have a dinner. Also we need to see you in your Pirate costumes again

Friday is Jeans For Genes Day so please wear your jeans but don't forget your donation to go towards the charity we are supporting

Lots of Love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 11th September

End of the first few days and we've made it to the weekend. A big well done to Class1B, we've had to make new friends, find our carpet spaces, find our table places and even sort out the line for going to assembly. On top of all of that we've been following the school theme of HATS. We have decorated our class hat.... a delightful little number that I wore to assembly! We've read some stories about a naughty fish who tried to steal a hat and made our own fish with hats on.

I hope you were impressed with our Roman Legion that emerged from school at the end of the day...we're going to march on through the year, working together.

We put ourselves in the frame and I reckon we're going to change a lot over the year....we'll have to keep checking.

Next week we start working on our Literacy and Numeracy but we are going to tie our activities into the PIRATE topic to get us all excited so we will be reading and writing pirate stories and sentences. In Numeracy we will be using directional language and finding out how the pirates were able to navigate.

We begin singing with Mrs Walton and games with Mr Smith

We look forward to seeing you on the afternoon of Friday 15th in the Infant yard at 2.45pm for our Pirate recital and songs

Don't forget the MEET AND GREET on Monday afternoon at 2.45pm. This takes place in the classroom and will give you an opportunity to get to know me and to introduce yourselves. Please enter through the main reception.

You should all have received through Parent Mail the information regarding the visit to Beaumanor on Wednesday 20th September. Please could you let me know if you are able to help on the day. Thank you.

 The children will probably be a little tired as they've all worked hard and had a go at everything I've asked them to do so you should feel very proud of them all. See you by the gates on Monday...big smiles please.

Love from Mrs B XX


Here we are at the start of the new school year 2017-2018

I hope you have had a lovely summer and relaxed with family and friends.....I've been really busy and have lots to tell the children about. Thank you to all the children who sent a postcard they're sitting at the front of the room ready for us to share in the morning. Remember to bring your PE kit into school this week and your water bottle. 

I hope you have also remembered that we are going to be lining up by the side patio gate and yes I expect to see a big smile on all your faces to welcome us all into Class 1B. We have lots of small tasks to do this week, remember I have got to learn all your names first.....I know you might be nervous but so will I, so be smart and ready and I'll see you in the morning.

Lots of love

Mrs B