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Class 14 FS2

Welcome to Class 14 

w.c 10th July 2017

Such a wonderful week of sports last week - thank you for all your support!  the children and staff had a super time - we hope you enjoy the wonderful photographs on the site.

Literacy:  Review of the year, the children will spend some time refecting over the year thinking about ther highlight and things they have learnt.

Numeracy:  We will continue to develop our counting in 2's and recording their work.


w.c 3rd July, 2017

What a wonderful week this week, learning about and exploring faiths.  The children enjoyed their pilgrimage aroud school, enjoying being thankful to nature, learning to say sorry and forgive and spending time reflecting about people who need help.  It has been a wonderful experience they have all gained lots from. We also made a beautiful display for school, where the children used paint and collage to make animals and a giant rainbow from Noah's Ark.


Next week is Sports Day on Wednesday - please make sure the children have their PE kits in school.

Literacy : Role -play the story of Noah's Ark

Numeracy : Counting in two's and recording practically.

w.c 26th June 2017

This week we will be involved in the school wide 'Reflection week'.  In Foundation Stage we will be learning about Noah's Ark, exploring the story and taking part in many speaking and listening activites.  We plan to retell the story, using all the wonderful writing skills we have been learning. Also we plan to utilise the opprtunity of counting in 2's - learning our 2 times tables in a fun way painting the different animals from the story. 

w.c 12th June 2017

We have had a super week practising for our first Class Assembly.  The children worked very hard and should be really proud of themselves!  We reall hope you enjoyed the show!



Next week we will be learing about 'What the Ladybird Heard' - making a story map and learning about doubles in Maths.




We have had a super first week back - and have been exploring our wild area and nature gardens.


Next week we will be reading the story 'Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell' and using adjectives in our English.  We will also use the book for our mathematics too, by exploring repeating patterns.



Image result for mini beasts

Welcome back for our last half-term! This term we are learning about mini-beasts.

This week we are looking at The Hungry Caterpillar and the life cycle of a butterfly. We'll be having some little visitors in school to see the process for ourselves. In Maths we are looking at symmetry!

                             Have a super week everyone!



This week we are focusing on our independent writing. We have done lots of draft work leading up to our writing which will hopefully be on Monday and Tuesday. We will be visiting the wild area at school for a bit of inspiration!

Literacy: Independent writing

Maths: Counting in 2s and 10s.

Phonics: We are looking at consonant clusters e.g. think


This week it's the turn of the birds! Specifically the Finch Family. We already know about Green Finches thanks to our class buddy 'Gary' and we'll be looking at the others in the group. 

 Image result for green finch

Literacy: This week we'll be labelling the parts of a bird and we're going to try our hand at writing a story all on our own. It will be our first try at this and we're excited to see the results.

Maths: It's our last week on Subtraction this week and I'm pleased to say lots of the children are feeling confident taking away.



Image result for hedgehog


This week we are learning about the humble hedgehog. Where do we find them? What do they eat? Why are they in decline?

Literacy: In groups make a poster about how to make your garden hedgehog friendly.

Maths: Writing our own subtraction sentences.

Creative: Making clay hedgehogs.

2.5.17 Subtraction (and more badgers)

This week we are continuing to learn about badgers - we started making non-fiction books last week full of badger facts and we've got so much information to put in them we need another week! 

Maths: Subtraction - we are using Numicon to help us subtract and we'll be trying subtraction from 2 digit numbers. This means we'll have a little look at tens and ones (used to be called units). 

Literacy: Carrying on with our non-fiction badger books.

Now the weather is improving (a bit) we are trying to take our learning outside as much as possible; this week we have made a recycling centre in our shed. We had a look round school (behind the scenes) and found out how we dispose of different waste at school. 


24.4.17 Badgers!

Image result for badgers


This week we are learning facts about badgers; what do you know about them?

Maths: We are making sure we can put numbers in order and say what is one more or one less.

Literacy: Writing a fact about a badger.



Welcome Back! We hope you've had a lovely Easter break and are looking forward to the Summer term.

Image result for british wild animals pictures

Our Topic this half term is British Wild Animals. We will be looking at where animals live across Britain and focusing on which animals we may be able to find in our own gardens.

This week 18.4.17

Maths: This week we will be sequencing numbers to 30+ and recording them.

Literacy: We'll be sorting animals into where they live and trying to label them.

Have a wonderful week! 




Mrs Bailey and Mrs Wood

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