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Class 12



And finally, it's the end of the year. What a great time Class 12 have had. Lots of hard work and play and WOW! haven't they all grown.... It has been an absolute pleasure to share this year with your lovely children and I will definitely miss them all next year. Thank you so much for your support, laughs and patience as we've worked and giggled together! Last picture of us having some lovely playing and sharing on our last day.

A huge thank you for the wonderful cards and gifts, I've definitely been spoilt. Keep in touch on the yard next year

Lots of Love and over and out!

Helen Bettle


Last Few Weeks..Stop Press News

 5 days to go......


Thank you for your support with Mrs Wenborn's Party on the Patio...she was a little surprised and overcome but loved every minute and I think when she gets home will enjoy looking at the photos



We're hoping to clear the walls today so there should be lots of pictures coming home




Books and art work are all home and I hope you've all found reports safely tucked into book bags. The classroom is looking very bare at the moment. Looking forward to our Medieval Day tomorrow, don't forget to dress up.


Didn't you look fantastic! Lots of Knights and Ladies and Princesses...after a damp morning we had a lovely time on the yard with the Medieval sports, there was jousting, target practice, chasing the peasants and carrying the water from the well. Well done Class 12, everyone joined in and it was great fun

Friday we have two special assemblies for our Leavers so it's back to uniforms and the children needn't bring their Red Reading Bags into school. Where has the year gone? I think we'll all be a bit sad to say cheerio to Year 1 tomorrow.

See you in the morning xx

Thank you for visiting Class 12 today on our Open Afternoon...the children were really excited and it's lovely to see them sharing their learning with you and a last opportunity to see the classroom as everything will be stripped down next week and dare I say it...coming home to you!

And so to our last week....I'm not sure where the year has's flown by.....

Monday and Tuesday will be normal working days as we do final checks with Numeracy and Literacy and Reading to be passed on to Mrs Lloyd

Wednesday: Don't forget own clothes, some tasks in the classroom during the morning and then joining Mr Hassall's class for Picnic in the Playground in the afternoon with games

Thursday: Medieval Day for the Year 1 and 2's...I'm looking forward to your costumes, in the morning we have some art work and in the afternoon our Medieval Sports. The little ones from Foundation are coming to see us and give us a cheer!

Friday...and it's back in uniform as we start the day with our Year 6 Leavers Assembly and our goodbyes to members of staff


 Can you make a poster called:

 Best Bits!

Draw some pictures and write some sentences about the best bits of Year 1, you might remember a funny thing that happened, or somewhere you went or something that you felt you were very clever at. See if you can remind me of some bits I've forgotten

Have a lovely weekend

Lots of Love Mrs B XXXX


Wednesday .......and the sun finally came out...lovely pirate action in our new ship...ahoy there me hearties!

We had the unveiling of the plaque on the KS1 ship today.....although we got a little wet Mrs Wenborn was really excited. Thank you to the JGA for supporting us. The children will all be having some play sessions before the end of term


Week Beginning 10th July

First of all I  have to say a HUGE thank you for supporting us on our Sports Day on Wednesday. It was soooooooo HOT! The children did so well in competing on the round robin of events and we were very proud of them ( Photos to go on the website, I'm sitting at home updating and forgot to download them from the i pad! )

This week will be the last week of full curriculum lessons and we still have a lot to complete

In Literacy the children are going to spend the week creating a non fiction booklet on Castles and Knights using all the information that they have researched during their topic work. We are hoping for interesting covers that entice the reader to find out more and lots of written facts as well as pictures some of which we are hoping they will label accurately. For those with some really technical knowledge a GLOSSARY can be added.

In Numeracy we have some check sheets and tasks that the children are going to complete to show us how quick they are with their maths knowledge. They will be competing against themselves, with a partner and in groups.

Science is completed with our last look at SEASONAL changes and how the environment and our lives are affected during the SUMMER


Can you bring in a bag that we can't see into, 3 items that are to do with summer, but don't tell us....write out 3 clues that you can give us to see if we can guess...just like this

It's usually cold  

It comes in different flavours

It melts in the summer

What Am I?

We are going to watch the Year 6 production and have been told it's very lively and loud and rehearsals so far are going well.

Don't forget that Friday this week is OPEN AFTERNOON so the classroom will be open for you to come and share your child's art work. If it is nice the children can sit with you in the playground and look through books, but remember these will all be coming home to you next week. More importantly you can go and visit Mrs Lloyd and the classroom that the children will be in next year when they become 2L

We have spent the day planning for the Autumn term and there are some really exciting activities planned so I'm looking forward to it although I shall miss being with Class 12 as we have had such a good time this year, always interested and excited by everything we do! 

Have a lovely weekend, I'm hoping for a bar-b-q

Lots of love Mrs B XXX

Week Beginning 3rd July


What a superb PILGIAMGE WEEK we have had in Class 12. We started with the CHALLENGE information and that helped us to understand what the word PILGRIMAGE meant. 

We joined with Year 6 on Tuesday to take our Pilgimage walk around the school and complete some tasks that got us thinking about forgiveness and love. Great shared work and thoughts from everyone. 

Over the rest of the week we took a jouney on a magic carpet to think of special places and people, and then compared sacred places such as the Christian Church and the Jewish Synagogue.

Please look in the events section of the website and the Gallery containing the RE photos. There are some lovely ones of Class 12 working.

I would like to say back to a normal week but this week is slightly different as well. On Monday we take the children on the field to get a feel of the activities they will be involved in on Wednesday for Sports Day and put them into their mixed house teams.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday afternoon and cheering us all on as we run, jump and show off our athletic skills. Please meet us on the school field after 1.10pm.

We are working on a review of Year 1 to show off our writing skills this week and also to compare how our handwriting has improved.

In Numeracy we will be looking at tables and counting and our speed in solving problems mentally.

The beans are beginning to show through so in Science we continue with our bean diary.

William The Conqueror is the important man in history that we are going to be investigating this week


Can you find out why William The Conquorer is important in British History and what famous battle took place. You might even find something unusual about how the battle has been recorded.

Please don't forget that FRIDAY 7TH JULY is INSET DAY

We'll be busy with lots of planning ready for next year!

Have a lovely weekend, don't come back too tired as we've lots of things to do next week and remember those special words from this week:

Sorry.....Thank you.....Please.....I Love You

See you on Monday

Lots of Love  

Mrs B  


Week Beginning 26th June

What a GREAT DAY we had on Thursday with the Partake Theatre group sharing all their activites with us and we've learnt so much more about life in Medieval times.

We made medicones from herbs and learnt how they could cure the illnesses that the knights might come back from battle with. 

We used all our energy up before dinner finding out about the games that the children used to play and how some of them helped the boys to become really skilled when training to be knights

We looked at some illuminated writing and had a go at writing with a quill pen and ink, it was quite tricky and scratchy!

Hamish represented Class 12 and was dressed as a knight, he said it was very hot and very heavy! We looked at artefacts and decided that some of them were useful in disgusting ways and played a game where we had to sit really quietly and not give any clues to the donger! 

A great day and the children all joined in with entusiasm and I am sure they can tell you something new they found out...  

So you would think that this week we would be back to normal...but's RE WEEK...and we have lots of sessions with visitors and with other classes. Our theme is

Pilgrimage: More than a journey

We are taking a journey on a magic carpet to find out about exciting places and feelings, we are also going to research some sacred places. We'll pop some pictures on to show you what we've been doing each day so keep looking!


See if you can find out what the word Pilgrimage means and draw a picture to show it happening. Dur to the extra sessions that we will be having for RE most of our Literacy will be cross curricular. 

But we do have to write our own version of Nat Fantastic that we have been working on this week. In Numeracy we will be assessing our knowledge of coins and notes..can you remember all their values? 

Have a lovely weekend 

Hopefully it will stay a little bit sunny

See you on Monday

Lots of Love Mrs B


Week Beginning 19th June

It's been a warm end to the week but we had some lovely shared play last session on Friday with Mr Hassall's class. It's lovely to see the children co-operating over the bikes and equipment and playing together.

We have planted our beans this week so having decided that the beans need sunshine, water and to be looked at every day, it's now up to the class to keep a close eye on them and to see whose shoots through the soil first!

We have looked at the castle jobs and realised that your life in the castle was only pleasant if you were the nobleman or the noblewoman, everyone else seemed to be kept busy with all the jobs.

In Literacy we have completed some really hard comprehension tasks. Once we had read the text and talked about it we had to answer questions both verbally and in a sentence in our books...really hard ...well done Class 12 ...your concentration was superb. This week a bit of light relief in the form of Nat Fantastic, a super hero who gets into lots of castle adventures.

We have concentrated on lots of number work to do with the 100 square and counting so next week we are looking at values of numbers and completing addition and subtraction sums.

On Thursday we have our visit from the Partake Theatre group and we be immersing ourselves in all things "Medieval"    agh...I'm not sure what to expect, we'll pop some pictures on next week to show you what we've been up to! 


More Medieval fun!

A knight had to be really careful how he got dressed before he went into battle. Draw a picture of a knight ready for battle but tell me why it was so important that he had his linen vest and his big underpants on!

Have a lovely weekend...think we'll all have chance to get the

bar-b-q's out and have some time in the garden.

See you Monday..bright and breezy!

Lots of love

Mrs Bettle


Week Beginning 12th June

Wow! It's been like art attack in the classroom this week, we've been seeing how successful we can be drawing knights and castles...pretty impressive so far!

The castle pictures will be up on Monday so if you want to pop in at the end of the day and see them please do

We've nearly finished the castle on the back wall you'll have to come and see it when we've added all our information and characters

This week in our topic work we will be finding out about the people who work and live in the castle, some of them had disgusting jobs.....



See if you can find out what these words stand for....the clue is they are all different sorts of jobs that people had to do in the castle. When you've found out you could always draw a picture to share with us!

An attilliator, a carter, a cottar, a gong farmer and a sapper 

Good Luck!

For our Science we will be planting and starting our bean diary, once we've decided what the right conditions for growth are it's up to us to look after them each day

In Literacy we will be working on our Phonics at the beginning of the week and also reading and comprehending Castle text. We have started to realize the importance of answering a question with a sentence not just a yes or a no! 


For our Numeracy we are going to revise the numbers in our 100 square and then concentrate on counting on past 100, we are going to spot missing numbers and count forwards and back

Have a lovely weekend

Don't work too hard

Love from Mrs B




Week Beginning 29th May

Here we are at the half term holiday. Where has the year gone? You'll soon all be moving into Year 2

We have an exciting half term ahead as we come back to our topic work on Knights and Castles, lots of facts to find out about and our Theatre day as well.


Can you find a book about Knights or Castles either fiction or non fiction ready to share with us in the first week. See if you can find an unusual fact as there were some rather nasty things that happened!

We also have to plant our seeds in the first week back for our Science work, you'll have to look after them and make sure the conditions are right for growth 

Using our theme of Knights and Castles we return to some non fiction writing in our Literacy . Can we write clear factual sentences and research some unusual facts

In Numeracy we are looking for speed in adding those  number bonds together so keep practising.

Have a lovely holiday and hopefully the weather is going to stay dry, it's been very warm this week but you've all been sensible and kept in the shade as much as possible and had lots of water to drink. Remember to bring your water bottles and PE kit back

See you on Monday 5th value is RESPONSIBILITY, see if you can find out what it means and how we can show it during the day at school?

Lots of love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 22nd May

 I hope the children have been telling you the stories that we have been learning from the bible in our RE workshops this week. We have had a great time looking through all the different children's bibles that have been bought in from home. We found out how God sent plagues to Egypt to make the Pharoah realise that the way he was treating the slaves was not good, we thought about how Daniel felt when he was thrown to the lions, we acted out the story of the Good Samaritan and finally found out how God had to persuade Jonah to do the right thing in caring for people.

We have been using our value of the month EMPATHY to think about how all the different characters felt

In science we have had some great garden designs and found lots of unusual features that could be added.


In Science this week we are going to learn to identify different trees and what shape their leaves are. We are going to have to hunt round to find the tree shape and the leaf shape and name them.

See if you can find the names of five trees that we find growing near us in our parks and gardens and see if their leaves are differnt could start with the Horse Chestnut as I bet you've all been out collecting conkers in the Autumn time so might recognise the big leaves on this tree. Draw the leaf shapes or even bring some in to share with us during Show and Tell on Monday!!

In Literacy this week we are going to be reading some more classic tales but this time we are going  to be using our comprehension skills. Can we read them and then find the information to specific questions and are we able to answer the questions both verbally and in a written form...tricky!

In Numeracy we are practicing our multiplication and our division but this time we have to read the word problem and then work out how to solve it by writing the sum down

Don't forget it is the YEAR 6 FAIR on Friday so you can bring a small amount of money with you to spend on the stalls. We are not going to visit until just after dinner so put you money safely in a purse to keep in your book bag

Have a lovely weekend, I can't believe that this time next week we will be on our holidays....

Lots of love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 15th May

We ended the week with some choosing on Friday afternoon as we were unable to have the bikes out so spent the afternoon playing with friends using the construction kits, painting and making some story books.

We had a lovely session in the school wild area where we had to map where the objects and plants were and our challenge was to find and name the flowers we could spot.

Our next job is to design a garden so we will be deciding which features we would like and then adding them...I'm looking forward to seeing how many different gardens we have at the end.

In Numeracy we have a lot of small activities planned to help us with our assessment before half term. We will be checking careful counting and writing of numbers to greater then 100, number bonds, names of the days of the week and the months of the year and using our mathematical symbols in calculating.

In literacy we are revising past tense when using verbs and recognition of conjunctions and how the sentence has to make sense. We also will be using our Literacy skills for our RE Workshops when we will be writing, discussing and acting out stories from Christianity and Judaism. We are going to compare and contrast our stories and see if there are any themes that are the same.


Can you find a story from the Bible that you know and bring it in for us to share. You could draw a scene from the story to help you, or bring in a book that might have the story for us to read together

We had our first session of games in the sunshine this week and enjoyed running about and practising our skills of throwing and aiming at a target with our partners. Can we please check that all water bottle are in school as we are a few short and hopefully if the weather improves we will be needing them more and more to keep us hydrated

The half term seems to be running away with us, we've nearly completed all our flower pictures, we've had a go today at some abstract flower explosions!

Enjoy the weekend, I've just got wet in that heavy downpour as I got home from school...ugh...let's hope it's sunny tomorrow

Lots of Love 

Mrs B


Week Beginning Monday 8th May


Thank you for sharing our class assembly, we got very excited at the prospect of having you all in the audience. It does make a difference when we have someone to perform to. We completed the afternoon with a performance to KS1 and another after break to KS2, so we might be tired ! I hope the little dragons don't give you any trouble tonight!

We had a lovely morning after the assembly, we completed our spellings and then had a joint session with Mr Hassall's class outside on the patio and playing on the bikes....we had some super gardeners who set up a flower shop and a dinosaur island.

We also shared a session with  Year 6 from Mrs Soulsby's class who are busy working towards their SATs next week. We paired up and had a general knowledge Treasure Hunt around the KS1 yard. Class 12 you did really well answering lots of the questions.

Having worked hard on our Speaking and listening skills, verbal rehearsal and choral speaking, this week we concentrate on our accurate sentences. We will be trying to retell the story of Peace At Last, first of all through story telling verbally, then through a story map and finally in a big write. I'm looking forward to giving you lots of GREEN TICKS!

In Numeracy we review hours and half hours on a analogue clock, we will also look at the changes in the day and what we do at certain times.

Science sees us back in the school garden and Wild area checking out the plants and flowers, we've started another flower painting and are going to put the details on this week, we're not using paintbrushes, just our finger tips!


In our PHSE session this week we are going to think about all the people in our community who help us. See if you can make a list of people you can think of. Perhaps you can group them into those who help at school and those who help in West Bridgford. Choose 2 of them to draw a picture might find they wear a special uniform when they are helping us.

Have a lovely weekend, the weather should be nice enough to be out and about, but it might be a bit windy!

See you on Monday

Love from Mrs B XX

Week Beginning Tuesday 2nd May

Another 4 day week coming up for May Day Bank Holiday so another busy week to complete all our tasks!

Flower Power has already begun in Class 12 and we have looked carefully at how we can draw different flowers. We also blew bubbles to create some bunches of flowers. Pop in and have a look if you want. This week we are going to carry out some finger painting to create petals on a stem

In Science we are going to investigate the Wild Area and see if we can identify and name some of the wild flowers that are growing there. Thank you for the tadpoles, they've all been released into the pond so we can check them when we're up in the Wild Area.

For Numeracy we will be looking at repeating patterns and seeing if we can spot them in both objects and in numbers. We will also be trying to solve the mystery of the missing numbers in some of our addition and subtraction sums

For our Literacy we are having to practice our assembly, we are rehearsing our clear speaking skills and adding actions and some drama to our words. We are also hoping to be in good voice as we have some songs to sing to you.

We're hoping for a prompt start on Friday at 9.10am so hopefully if you're popping in before work you won't be delayed by too much time

Games continues outside, this week we did get caught in a lttle bit of rain but it didn't deter us from a really good game of dodge ball where we only had one doctor who could get us back in the game if we'd been tagged!


See if you can find some old magazines and make a collage of a flower, remember you might have to draw it out first and then cut your paper into small pieces and fill in the lines. I reckon a great one to do would be a big brilliant SUNFLOWER

You should receive information about the JG sunhats, I've washed them all ready for the summer term as it's easier than sending them all home and collecting them in. Hats will be worn for all breaks from Monday 8th May. There are one or two that look a little tatty around the edges so I might grab you on the yard next week to see if you'll pop to the office and buy a new one, thank you

Have a lovely long weekend

Hopefully the weather will stay fine with not too many April Showers

Lots of Love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 24th April

What a busy first week back and no slacking...Class 12 have completed some brilliant work this week.

We have started reading Peace At Last and even tried adding some of our own ideas as to where Mr Bear could go to try and get some sleep!  This week we continue learning the story and adding new sentences using conjunctions and a variety of sentence openers. We will also be using some of our time to practice our assembly and are going to use some of the dragon ideas from last term

 In Numeracy we will be using our number bonds to ten to help us speed up when we are adding numbers together and we will be checking our subtraction skills

In science we used our computing skills to make a pic collage in the school garden we were looking for branches, twigs, trunks, leaves, petals and even roots. This week we continue our Seasonal changes unit and find out a little more about the Spring months.

It vwas lovely to get out onto the yard for our PE we played a game called "Bananas" Some of us got caught and had to be released! With Mr Smith we are completing our Dance Unit so by the time we get to the Summer disco we should be able to show off our new moves!

We made some bubble pictures this morning and are going to use them in our art work to make some flower pictures that look like big hydrangas. We 're going to put them on our back wall we'll let you know when they're done.


Now you've got to remember something from your phonics first, what are all the vowels of the alphabet?   then see if you can find two flowers or trees that begin with each of those might help you if you look around your garden!

Please practice your new spellings, they're quite difficult as most of them are the tricky words we have to learn in phonics.

Have a lovely weekend...well done Class 12 for coming back and settling straight into all the hard work

Lots of  love

Mrs B


Week Beginning Tuesday 18th April

Here we are approaching the Easter weekend, I'm looking forward to my Easter Eggs on Sunday, I think I'll have earnt them as we've done a lot of gardening over the last few days.

Next week we begin Numeracy by looking at patterns and the word "Tessellation" Lots of doing...if you're good at jigsaws then I think you'll manage the challenges. 

In Literacy we begin a new unit looking at a classic story and revisiting how to write accurate sentences, we need to think about connectives and sentence openers

For our topic work we are beginning the half term  by concentrating on our artistic skills and linking our drawings in to our Science unit on plants.


See if you can find a picture of a daffodil and any facts that tell us about it...are they always yellow?

See you on Tuesday...don't forget your PE kit as it will be games with Mr Snith after morning break!

Lots of love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 3rd April

We've made it to the holidays...and what a great last week of term Class 12 had. We found out all about volume and capacicty , we designed and built houses thinking about structures and proportions and we tested our prediction of the older you are the bigger feet you have....we were wrong!

Now it's time to have some rest and family time. I hope you have a lovely break whether you're at home , visiting relatives or venturing abroad.

The teachers had a very successful day on Thursday planning all the exciting activities that you will return to. A newsletter will come out straight after Easter giving dates and a summary of the work we will be covering across the curriculum.

Keep your eyes posted on the website towards the end of the holiday as there will be a challenge to get you started!

Thank you to all  mums and dads, grans and grandads, for your fantastic support of everything we do in Year 1. Have a lovely Easter break, don't eat too many Easter eggs. 

See you soon

Lots of love Mrs B


Week Beginning 27th March

A great RED NOSE DAY in class 12.

Thank you for all your donations. We don't know the final total yet. We spent the morning using the patio and moving through different play activities and we all painted another picture for our city theme in the coast to coast work. They're not quite finished yet as we need to edge them with some black felt tips. This time they're a little bit quirky as they've got eyes and mouths!

Well done to Stanley and Oliver who were Class 12's representatives in the Red Nose Day Sing and Dance Talent Competition. Superb performances from both of you with Oliver taking second place overall.

As it's the last week before Easter we have a lot of bits and bobs to finish off next week. Literacy sees the conclusion of our Dragon topic and we are going to look closely at one of our books and interpretting it through drama and role play

 In Numeracy we will be looking at the symbols that show greater and less than. We will try to use them accurately in number sentences  

We are also having a volume and capacity workshop so there will be lots of predicting. See if you can find out what capacity  means. Continuing with our units of measure we will be getting the scales out and investigating heavier than and lighter than.

Wednesday is DT day so please keep saving your cereal boxes for the big street build. Hopefully we are going to learn some techniques for adding windows and doors

In Science we will be looking at changes that take place with our bodies


Can you draw around the feet of the members of your family and then cut them out. See if you notice anything and be prepared to let us know what you've found out........

Friday 31st is our last day before the Easter holidays and we will be using this as our TREAT DAY Well done Class 12 you gained all the marbles in the jar at the beginning of the week but it was difficult to fit it in this week with it being Red Nose Day. Have a think about what you might like to do and being me some ideas.

Have a lovely weekend, the sun is out!

Lots of Love from Mrs B


Week Beginning 20th March

Could we ask for your help over this next week in saving your empty ceareal boxes. We will be having a DT workshop day on Wednesday 29th March when the children will be using the boxes to create a city street. If possible before the children bring them into school could you turn them inside out  as they are easier for painting and attaching house features such as doors window and chimneys to. Thank you

A quick note about spellings until the end of term. We have completed looking at the first 100 words in the Year 1 curriculum and over the next two Fridays the children will be tested on a group of random words that we have noticed mistakes have been made within both the Year 1 classes. Lists will be sent out weekly when we return after Easter.  

Lots of fun in PE this week. We had to work in teams to complete some challenges. We found out that sometimes it's better to take your time rather than rush as you don't make as many mistakes!

We've had a go at our Dragon stories and they've been living in all sorts of places, some friendly and some with some rather bad habits. Lots of improvement in having a go and thinking about accurate punctuation. Next week we are going to be looking at the words we use and how we use our phonics knowledge to help us spell. we will be using suffixes on the end of our words and checking that we can remember all those tricky verb endings...


See if you can remember what a VERB is...what sort of word is it? Draw  6 pictures of you carrying out the verbs, we can then use them to check what happens when we add the ending on

In Numeracy we have completed our week recognising coins and adding amounts of money together. Next week we concentrate on addition and how knowing our number bonds to 10 can help us to add numbers together at speed.

We have completed a city skyscraper collage as a class, you'll have to pop in and see it. We've made a really big city with buildings going back as far as the eye can see...

Art next week continues with the city theme but we are going to get paints out and make our buildings a little bit quirky with faces on!

Don't forget, last weekend to practice your RED NOSE ACT for your class vote. We've already had 2 songs from Erin and Alice

Keep working hard Class 12 as we've nearly filled our

Marbles In The Jar

.......the Treat Days getting closer......

Have a lovely weekend

Lots of Love

Mrs B


Week Beginning 13th March

It was lovely to see so many of you at the disco last night....great moves on the dance floor. Hopefully your nose is feeling a little better Raffy after your knock with the lamp post on the way. You can tell us all about your Friday night on Monday!

Thank you to all the mums and dads for coming to Parent's Evening and although there is not another formal meeting, I am sure they'll be lots of informal chats between now and the end of the year to let you know how the children are all getting on.

In Literacy this week you are going to be planning and writing your own dragon story so have a chat to mum and dad about what your dragon might look like, has he or she got stripes or spots, big wings or little wings....and does your dragon have good habits or bad he or she going to be helping people or causing them some trouble with their mischief!

In Numeracy we will be recognising coins...I think most of you will be able to spot them now and order them according to their we will be moving on to adding values and using them in problem solving

I'm looking forward to our topic work on the city this week as we are going to be drawing and painting some skyscrapers. We need to find some more wall space to display them so mums and dads you might get an invite in by the end of the week to see our drawing skills. 

We are going to be collecting data in science and then displaying the information in graph form. Hopefully we will be able to ask each other questions and use the graph to answer them


Tricky one this week!

Can you make a list of fruits finding one for every letter of the alphabet? I wonder if you'll find anything for those tricky letters at the end of the alphabet.....

PE was super this week, we're showing lots of control using our bodies to balance as we move the balls both individually and with partners.

We ended the week by getting the bikes out and making use of the patio area as the weather was kind to us, it's lovely to see the children engaging in lots of role play and using their energy , although some of the bikes might be breaking the speed limit down the slope!!

Don't forget if you want to sing or dance for the Red Nose Day Talent show, use this week to practice at home ready for the class sessions beginning on Monday never know it could be you representing Class 12 on RED NOSE DAY

Another week that has just flown by...enjoy the weekend and see you on Monday

Lots of love from Mrs Bettle


Week Beginning 27th February/6th March

What a super book week we have had!  

We completed lots of reading and the reading log below will help to fill your grid in ..... 


Monday 27th Feb: 20 minutes

Tuesday 28th Feb: 20 mins Pair and Share

Wednesday 1st March: 25 mins Buddy Reading with Yr 6

Thursday 2nd March: 25 mins Pair and Share with mums and dads

Friday 3rd March: 30 mins Library  Reading

It was lovely to see all the costumes on World Book Day and a big thank you to all the mums and dads, and grandmas that came in to share our books at the end of the day...the classroom was buzzing!

Back to a normal week next week

Literacy continues with our Dragon theme but we will be learning some poems for some choral speaking...we need those clear speaking voices We had a fantastic visit from Paul Cookson and he got us all in the mood for poetry


In Numeracy we will be using the division sign in our sums and learning how to share equally, both objects and numbers

For our Coast to Coast topic work we are moving into our city work, we will be thinking about where we live in West Bridgford and how the buildings and facilities change when we find out about NOTTINGHAM


Can you find out some places in Nottingham that makes the city famous, either write them down or draw a picture to share with us on Tuesday when we start to look at some photos

For Science we will be thinking about what we eat so start thinking about the different meals you have for breakfast, dinner and tea

I'm looking forward to meeting mums and dads on Monday and Tuesday evenings. We've got lots of work in our books for you to look at and I've lots to tell tyou about the progress made since before Christmas

Have a lovely weekend

Hope it's not too wet

Lots of love

Mrs B


Don't forget that it is


Have you sorted your costume for Thursday. Check if your mummy or daddy, grandma or grandad is coming to join us on Thursday from 2.45pm for our Pair and Share session, perhaps they have some books that we haven't read.Remember we will be doing some reading everyday for your READING LOG, so have you asked mummy and daddy to sponsor you yet. On Wednesday we are going to have a shared reading session with theYear 6's so hopefully they can help us with any tricky words. On Friday we have a special assembly with a visiting author called Paul Cookson and then he will be coming into Year 1 for a workshop. It all sounds very exciting!


See if you can find out a little bit of information about Paul Cookson, does he come from Nottingham, has he always been a writer, does he always write about the same thing or characters? You could also find out the titles of some of the books he has written so we can see if we have read any of them

This week has whizzed by and we're all back in the swing of working and learning. Well done Class12

We've completed so much Literacy and Numeracy that we've had to start some new books! We've started to recognise and use the multiplication sign in our workings. Next week we are recognising 3D shapes, we're also going round school with the i pads to spot some of them in the garden and the playgrounds, we'll need to be wide awake and have our eyes open!

In Literacy, continuing our dragon theme we will be comparing dragons, looking at what they do, are they good or bad and how can we recognise if they are friendly or not!


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