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Class 10



Welcome to Class 10

Mrs Lloyd

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Tennis 16.6.17

The class were fantastic and walked all the way to and from the West Bridgford tennis club- it was quite a way and they were so good. The children played a few games and learnt some new skills. Thank you to all the mums who walked with us too. Ihave put a few photos in the photo section.


Happy Father's day this weekend - we hope you like our sunflowers we sent home. If you could plant them ouside and let us know how they are doing , we would love to know if any flower. We have measured them and watched them grow over the last few weeks.

The children used fimo to make an unusual flower to add to the pots.

We have written amazing instruction on how to make a dragon fly/breathe fire  this week and solved mathematical clues to get out of a castle, we were locked into 5 rooms and had to find a code for the key. Just like Fort Boyard!

Week ending 9th June   Welcome back to our last half term! 

We have started our  new topic on Castles and have named important parts and found out what they are used for. We drew a castle in our books that look great.  We have loved watching a short film called the Dragon Slayer and have written all about it using amazing adverbs. 

We have checked on our sunflowersand are really pleased to see they have grown, some have been nibbled a bit! We will measure them again. 

We had our last tennis session today with coach Hugh from the West Bridgford tennis club, he would like us to join him next week at the club off Wilford lane, letters will come home tonight about this. We would like some parents to help walk to and from the club! 

Week ending 19th May

We have been doing our Year 2 reading and maths SAT papers this week and  I have been so impressed with the children.  We have a few more to do next week and will be writing more stories too. At the moment we are reading Mrs Armitage.  We have had fun doing dance with Mr Smith and Miss White has taught us more netball/ basketball skills. When it stopped raining we have been outside inthe school garden to repot our sunflowers and sketch some of the plants. We have painted our own flowers and they look lovely and bright in our classroom.

Next week is the Year 6 Fair on Friday, don't forget to bring some money to spend on the stalls!

Week ending 12th May

This week we've been looking at the book Oi, Frog! to help improve and extend our sentences. We've tried to use different conjunctions (and, but, so, because etc) to add detail and interest to our work. We've also looked at asking questions and how to punctuate these. In our maths we've been looking at word problems, trying to find which key words in the question tell us what to do. We've been carefully showing our working out to check that we haven't made mistakes. If it's a two step problem, we've ensured that we have written out both steps as number sentences. We've been enjoying our science too, looking at the different conditions that plants need to grow. Some of our cress seeds aren't following the normal pattern that we'd expect - how interesting! In art we've been painting our own flower pictures using bright, contrasting colours and they look really wonderful!


21.4.17 Summer Term

Welcome back everyone. It has been lovely to see you all again and listen to your exciting stories about your Easter holidays. We have done work all about Spring this week and because of the nice weather have been outside measuring water in ml.